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Happy 5th Birthday Google+
Google+ turns five today. While we may pause to eat a cupcake or two and celebrate, rest assured more of the updates, fixes, and new features you're used to seeing here are on their way.

And as treat for you, here's a few background images you can use to celebrate with us on your profiles.

Thanks & happy birthday G+! #Gplus5
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Dope!!! I've been using G+ since the day it became open to the public and won't stop anytime soon. And to you and your team, tell them I said thanks for all your hard work. It's much appreciated. 
Google+ Events being broken out into a new app soon...? Web Preview replacing classic mode by default soon? 9 months into the Preview... it's starting to feel a bit stale...
Alot of the updates that been made have been disconnected from the plus. Now are standalone apps. Hard to tell when friends are online to chat with them. I am glad that folks can comment on photo's when shared from Google photo's. 
Happy Birthday +Google+​!! You will be always my best buddy to share what I feel!! Love you😘
+Burton Lewis Jr. Ditto! I have met a lot of interesting people online and IRL from Google+! Love this platform. 
Keep being d i f f e r e n t, G+!
Ivan -
Happy Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffday
Happy Birthday! I have been around for, and have enjoyed all five years!
Happy birthday........let us keep it clean, polite, friendly and cool.
Happy Bday +Google+
Wow... I have been using google itself a very long time now! And definitely beats looking in text books... But I mean google has everything that you could want! And amazing job!! Many more wishes ahead!!
Happy Birthday auf weitere 5 oder mehr Jahre 
Yay. Happy birthday, Google+!
After all this bad-mouthing, it's still the place where I share my stuff and communicate mainly.
Thanks +Google+​ team for making this happen 🙌🍻🎂🎉🎖
Thanks for the amazing 5 years! I can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store!
The first time that I knew of G+, I thought "another social network. I don't have time to use it" ; but I started to use it more and more day to day, and I find it amazing!. Just in time that I start to know about Android, and this seems like a old good forum of people that like tech.
Happy Birthday G+, I hope that you keep sharing ours comments and points of view about a topic, and keep adding nice features. 
+Luke Wroblewski​ all the updates and efforts are much appreciated.

That said, when comparing the activity and engagement on the same accounts, posting the same content across networks, g+ falls short.

Great people, with quality posts, and willing to engage back with followers get near zero traction here, while nailing it on Instagram.

G+ was and is my favourite network, but I can't help but feel that it needs something besides updates and bug fixes to keep it alive.

Just my opinion.
G+ is the best social network, but I'm still not switching to the 'new' design until the events are added back in!!
Happy Birthday Google Plus.Already 5 yrs old?Go Google Plus Go.
for celebration, any exciting anouncement ahead?
Any new social features besides that very confusing Space? Still love G+ though.
Happy Birthday, Ghost Town!
5 great years with Google Plus! Thanks Luke and team :)
I am happy to be a member of Google Plus, because we get the opportunity to learn the world's best talent on Google Plus
Great going ...well as G+ is more focussed on collections & communities ...there are few such communities orphaned as owners have abandoned them with sizable members consider options to address such issues ..cheers 
+Luke Wroblewski​ many thanks for your help..ive sent the mentions to get 3 endorsements from members ..hope to get them soon..cheers 
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