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G+ Web Preview Update June 15
We're rolling out another update to our Google+ Web preview today with loads of bug fixes and some new features.

* 415 bugs fixed (since May 17th)
* 10 accessibility issues addressed
* Add ability to crop photos in polls
* Possible for owners to delete communities
* Possible for owners & moderators to leave communities
* When following a Collection on the Featured Collections page, see related Collections.

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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As always.... please bring back sharing to Extended Circles.
To expand: it was my default sharing mode of choice. It goes to people that know people you know. That's a good way to share to people that you might want to circle back.

Unlike public. I almost never post to public, and don't allow non-circle people to comment on public post the rare times I do, because, well, the Internet is full of dicks.

I almost never even comment on public posts: I'm making an exception for you :)
Please bring back Hangouts and events
and..... integrate + 1 and comments on the google photos
ok; now, circles like classic g+; without circles is like "twitter without 140 characters" o "facebook without blue color". 
Guys, there is a feedback function that you can use to make feature requests. Just thank the guy for posting info about future updates and try not to piss him off with all the complaining. :)
Please bring back the reshare button with Collection together..
Can You, Please, take up +Josh Hendrix or any one
Very much tried to give feed back, as under, both via classic and new UI, but unable (not allowed, telling try again every time), Please
" Ref :: Request for an ' Engagement Log '
Thank You very much, You have provided all at one place 'Activity Log' with our Activities on Google+ (+s, comments, Reshares etc.,)
Requested 'Engagement Log' all at one place with 'Engagement activity' on our Google+ Posts (+s,Comments, Reshares etc.,)
(Based on 'Post Activities', not based on Notifications)
Very Useful to All, Please
Doing Awe - Requested a look into, Please:: +Luke Wroblewski
the FOLLOWING page under People is gone for now?
+Luke Wroblewski​ if I submit feedback for the web from the mobile app, does that reach the right team? Or is it better to wait until I'm behind a desktop pc and then send it?
If it is feedback about the mobile app. Then feedback from the app is appropriate.
If it's general feedback any device is okay.

Just remember to address one item per feedback sent. so it can be catalogued correctly.
+Laurie DesAutels+Kamal Tailor​ or at least give the Google+ API some love and let us provide the analytics ;)
We could do a much better job, if there would be any support for the API. 
Great to see admins can now delete communities.

Now, it would be great to have the previous profile page back (not pop up, but page).

Also, i've been subscribed to my all my contacts new collections by default, and they are shown on my stream now. What a spam :-/
It's like being added to all the facebook groums of all your friends... You wall would be crazy with useless topics for you.
+Luke Wroblewski Well, that's not the behavior I would expect.
A wall is for public sharing, so receiving public updates fro someone I follow is fine and that's what I want when I follow someone. A collection is topic specific. People I follow might have their various hobbies I'm not interested in. So I don't want to follow all their collections.

Unfollowing every collections from any new people I follow is so annoying +Federico Granata . Especially when someone has like dozens of collections. I have someone I follow, for instance, I have the impression that she creates a new collection for ever new topic she discovers (flowers, recipes, teddy bears , you name it...).

+Luke Wroblewski  could their be a switch to decide if we want to follow the public wall AND the collections from someone ?
I know +Pinterest is doing the same way as you do. But there is no public wall on Pinterest, so if you follow someone, following their boards is fine.

Both things (public wall + collections)  at the same time feels awkward.

(It's just a personal feedback about this feature... sorry if I bother you while writing you this).
+Jean-Christophe Lavocat have you ever create a collection?
The owner could decide to put all his current followers as followers of the collection. I create some collections this way because I think my followers could be interested while others are to be followed explicitly. 
A collection is a basic label for posts to catalogue them. It isn't anything you wouldn't have seen if collections didn't exist, the only difference now is, that I'd they're are posts about cats and you don't like cats. You can unfollow the collection that has all the cat posts. 
+Jean-Christophe Lavocat the switch can be set on the other side, when someone creates a collection she/he can decide if it should get automatically followed by everyone who is following the person.

The comparison with Facebook Groups doesn't fit for me. This would be more like getting automatically member of every community a person I'm following is member of, which would be really strange ;) 
Thanks for the precision +Federico Granata +CircleCount +Kamal Tailor  : so it's an "opt-out" feature ...

Still, it's annoying, and I'd rather unfollow people than unticking the new communities they create and force me to follow everytime :-(

Don't get me wrong here : I love spamming people, but I don't like being spammed :-p :-p
For what it's worth, +Jean-Christophe Lavocat, should you choose to follow me but then unfollow all my public collections, you wouldn't see much because I rarely post to "unfiltered public" these days.

On the other hand, if you had followed me a year ago ("pre-collections"), you wouldn't see much more content from me now - a bit, perhaps, because I know that others can turn off the type of content they don't want to see, but generally speaking I post about the same as before.

So, I believe that someone "forcing you to follow a new collection" is a wrong interpretation of how this system works. If you are not interested in all or most of what a person has to say, you shouldn't have followed that person in the first place (but just individual collections). In that case, you really are better off by unfollowing completely.
+Jean-Christophe Lavocat what if they write the same posts without putting them in various collections (not communities) ... I'm asking because I noticed that almost everyone I follow doesn't post MORE but just post more organized so I finally can unfollow the football posts of a friend of mine or the dog pictures of another ... but no one of them post MORE posts than before ...
Traer el número de visitas en tu perfil!!
400+ Bugs fixed but the stream still is a complete mess since 2012. What's the purpose of having my all own posts in the stream, +Luke Wroblewski and also posts from others showing up at the same position in the stream for days in row? Not to mention that the post on my wall are completely messed up by date. Any sorting options; e.g. by date and time?
+Luke Wroblewski One thing that has put me off from the new Google+ web version is the lack of "View" numbers and inability to upload photos to specific folders. Will the View numbers be coming back? Most power users seem to like this nifty feature in the old Google+ while the new one is clearly superior for consuming content in the stream.
+Luke Wroblewski if your collection is not featured, your collection will take time to be discovered. it needs new feature as categorise the collections. if you categorise the collections, this will give a chance to other collections. I have some unique collections ( one has 21K followers). But Google+ doesn't feature them. So how can we be discovered from more people?
Would there be any social feature added?
You're going to have to elaborate +Zorlac Realm​, because what you said doesn't really make any sense, Google+ is a social feature of your Google account. 
+Michel Matton using the feedback function works, you won't get a reply, but it I read catalogued and sent to the correct team to be actioned.
But only send one suggestion or issue at a time not multiple issues. That renders the feedback sent useless for all, but that first item. 
Thanks for the update. Personally, I'd like to be shown the threads with convos from the most relevant people I follow/Friends ..I want that highlighted for me in the stream. I want to go LIVE in all the places -- maybe an HOA or w/Youtube on G+. I want related posts to be grouped together in terms of event, holiday, etc = perhaps on a page sorted by people i know, strangers, verified, etc. ..kinda like a hashtag but better organized to be the most relevant to me. I want to go to someone's page and be able to see their interaction history with me/my posts.. good way to see what I missed in an easy way = bet lots of people don't realize who +1s what posts. Also is trending still around in this version and how can i find it? Contact Birthdays? Social Games/Game Posts too. ty
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