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G+ Web Preview Update Feb 10
Today we're starting to roll out several improvements and bug fixes on the new Google+ Web preview including:

* 102 bug fixes
* Search for members in a Community
* Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam
* Upload multiple images at once (from your device) to a post

Please keep sending us your ideas and issues using the Send Feedback menu item. We continue to listen and make changes.
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Multiple images at once!!! Sweeet.
Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Josh Gray
Any comment on drag to upload images like we had before?
Please head up the Hangouts department too, this momentum with the updates and listening to us would be marvellous if it also happened with Hangouts.
The multiple image post update is terrific. Thanks
Please fix support for photospheres. Sometimes they work and sometimes (most times) they don't.
Google updates! It's the equivalent of having an older brother take all your stuff then be happy if when he gives you back a little. 
+Jose Navarro Hi Jose, it's true we're adding things to our Web preview that are already in the Google+ Classic Web version.

Last year we completely re-wrote both the G+ Web and G+ iOS apps from scratch. Rather than rebuild every nook and cranny that developed over the four year history of G+, we started with a clean slate of the features people used the most (based on our data & research). We then released this preview version to collect feedback and find out what people missed the most of what we left out.

Not every feature/setting will return but we are actively collecting feedback, reading it and releasing updates to address it. That's the process you are seeing now. We are also working on new stuff as well and when that's available, I'll be sure to let you know.
Solo les falta restaurar hangouts y hacer un mejor perfil y devolvernos las 3 columnas en todo y me lo lo digerire a gusto
+Luke Wroblewski thanks for the update, it's great to have the opportunity to talk with you directly. Maybe you could make weekly polls on particular features, to check what people think ?
today, we are plussing comments on your posts and sending feedbacks through embedded feature in G+ web interface, but without you, we wouldn't have any feedback on our feedbacks 😊
G+ is an awesome way to collect and share ideas. Go on using it with us 😇
+Sebastien LOPES Thanks for the suggestion. We've built a pretty robust way of reviewing, sorting and managing feedback but it works best when there's a single channel (the Send Feedback action) for that feedback to come in. Too many different channels (comments, posts, polls, etc.) and things get lost.
Some people just don't get it do they? Google never took away features, at least not for the web app. You still have the option to use the classic G+ if you're not content with the new one. Think of it as an elder brother who provides you with better versions of your stuff free of charge from time to time while letting you keep the stuff that you already have. You wouldn't be so ungrateful then would you? +Jose Navarro​
+Luke Wroblewski sure.. then would it be possible to have a kind of dashboard to see where our own feedbacks are located in the backlog / to-do / planning ?
I mean, I ask for polls, drag'n'drop pics, and some other features for a while and don't even know if I'm alone asking this in the darkness, or if we're tons of users waiting for it, you see what I mean ? 😇
+Sebastien LOPES, I left dozens and dozens of feedback messages when it first came out. I got an automated response poll about one of the features I recommended. In the months since, I've seen maybe 5% of the features/suggestions get re-instituted. 
+Brendan McMullan as it's been said before, G+ offers the previous interface to do what we need to do. But I would enjoy having feedback on my feedbacks, like you =)
I already said I still use the old one, but have no option on my phone. I'm stuck with the new one.
+Ariful Islam​ you must not be on ios. How do you go back to classic once it updates? Answer that question hurry. And the new is no where near the good stuff we had before so settle down and quit conforming for anything. 
+Jose Navarro​ I specifically mentioned the web app. The new UI is supposed to be faster, cleaner, more responsive & less bandwidth hungry. But hey if you still don't think it's better, no harm done. Just use the classic G+
one more thing, +Luke Wroblewski​ =)
When I'm on my phone, reading a post including a web link, it now opens in a kind of "G+ embedded chrome browser"... I like Chrome, but on my phone, I would like to use the browser I choosed (i.e. Link bubble).
Is there a way to disable this annoying feature please ?
And also, when I'm answering a post in a comment, or creating a post by myself, naming another G+ user, I cannot go to the next line or add a blank space after name the user without loosing the URL link to the user's profile. This is not user friendly =) I understand it's not in the new web interface of G+, but if you can push it to your friends of mobile G+ team, it would be great :D :D
Thanks again for the precious information you bring to us !
+Brendan McMullan yeah, but on the phone, we did not loose many features, like on the new "beta-test" web interface. Which looks to be normal, since the web interface has been redevelopped from scratch, like +Luke Wroblewski​ says, while the mobile one is an evolution, if I understand correctly. (btw, I'm french, so maybe I miss some english things when I read :p)
ok thanx +Luke Wroblewski and +Danielle Buckley we are going in the right direction and it looks like we are going together...and that's nice. I don't find the new updates to mutch to cheer about, but something has happened to all spam members in the communities... looks like they are gone.. you moved them Luke?? could I have that tool please?
Still waiting over here for real improvements not just something we had before. Feels like open the same christmas-present 2nd year in a row. But I am positive! I think it's improving slowely, and suddenly we are back where we was before...
+Marian Cimbru it's titled as the web preview version, which I don't believe is given version numbers like the apps 
I'll continue to ask (and send feedback about) this: dragging and dropping content in new posts... pretty pretty pretty please
+Mark Stronge try it on desktop, you may be using incognito to open links which would generate an error
+Luke Wroblewski​ I have hundreds of SPAM comments. Near half of my time in Plus is deleting comments and blocking people.
How about a way to approve comments by post, or globally, or by "best commenters" ou "approved commenters"...
Google Plus is growing in Brasil, and our people, unhappily is even more dumber...
Thank you for attention 
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Community search is not the same as before in the classic design. It's not possible to display all the content of one person which was postetd in a community. A click on a search result (a person) only links me to the profile of the person. That's not really a benefit.
The "click twice" and the "wait for ages" until collections load when sharing to a collection issue still persists. The old feature worked seamlessly.
User management in communities needs to be a full page and not a popup.

We can't send feedback on broken display/functionality for a popup - as it disappears when you try to activate the send feedback link.

Yes, I did send this as feedback as well. :/
Awsome update!

Please bring back the events :)
+Ralf Zimmermann The post says specifically that the search is for community members. It is an important tool for moderators. It is not intended to be the more general community search.
+Luke Wroblewski Any chance you reconsider the "Answer to comment" mechanism (I already wrote this)
Now this action makes a new comment draft with the recipient at the beginning. This is not nice because of two reasons: If you already have the cursor in the comment it asks whether you want to lose this comment. And the same happens if you want to answer a second person (so you basically have to enter his name by hand...)
If the action instead would simply add the + mention on the position the cursor is right now in the comment or open the comment window as it is now if the cursor is not there then these problems would not appear.
And I cannot think of any case this has disadvantages.
Any word on this?
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Custom URLs for communities!!!! I have requested that via Feedback many times over the past year.
I have just discovered +Luke Wroblewski​​​​ that clicking on a link in a comment Now brings up an in-app browser rather then allowing you the option of which browser to open it in.
Even when clicking on the 3 dots it only allows you to open the link in chrome, no other browser.

Can you at Least please add in the option of other browsers?
Many of us do not use chrome as our main browser and keep our bookmarks elsewheere.
So if we want to bookmark a page, we have to go through the following process -
Open link in the in-app browser
Select 'open in chrome' option (which isn't obvious)
Then select copy within chrome browser
Then paste and go in our selected browser, once it is opened
Then and Only then can we bookmark it.

Quite long winded I am sure you will agree
Thank you
+Luke Wroblewski the feedback feature needs a way to attach your own screen shots (multiple if necessary). As others have mentioned here, there are a lot of features that you can't provide feedback on because as soon as you click to go to the feedback link, what you want to provide feedback on goes away. If we could grab a screen shot ourselves and then attach it to the feedback, we could provide much more meaningful and useful feedback for some of those types of issues.
+Ariful Islam regarding your statement: Some people just don't get it do they? Google never took away features, at least not for the web app. You still have the option to use the classic G+ if you're not content with the new one.

I assume you do understand that the old G+ interface will eventually go away. If you are not using the new G+ interface at some point you will have no choice. So yes, unless Google adds 100% of the features in the old interface back, they will be removing some features. The question is how long is it until they decide to flip the switch that removes the old interface and how many missing features will they have implemented by the time that happens.

My speculation would be that there's a deadline on someone's objectives list at Google that includes turning off the old G+ interface before the end of the year.
+Luke Wroblewski,

We've worked very hard over the years to build our community as a place to have discussions more that share links, despite G+'s inherent behavior to let posts sink out of site, and thus quickly out of mind for most people, terminating conversations prematurely and discouraging more input.

We desperately need the ability/option for post replies to bump a thread back to top of stream, to remain visible and live longer so they die off more naturally when discussions have fully run their course. This is even more true now with the new design, where posts sink out of sight faster due to the more linear layout.

We don't want a community designed to encourage swoop and poop behavior, which is pretty much the way G+ is now. But being able to bump threads back up would go a long way to improving that one big issue.

Otherwise, in all honesty, we'll probably have to parallel to a good 'ol web 1.0 bulletin board system, as it can provide for our needs better. Old school is good school. ;)
+Luke Wroblewski​ I am Unable to find this setting -
Within G+ or Chrome, on my tablet
Is it possible to show me where please ?
Please bring back the option to make polls.
I'd like to see a search in the mobile app for your community
"We continue to listen and make changes!"? Duh!!
Can't even view photosphere in google+, simply because, you forcefully want me to go to google photos?

+Luke Wroblewski you want feedback? There you've got one.
THANKS for fine tuning for us rooks
+Luke Wroblewski Would be cool if we could add multiple videos to a post. Maybe some good looking snippet for added Youtube Playlist to a post would help. We can't make a new collection for every new 4-5 videos topics.

ps: Or something like Twitter has, linked posts to each other that we can see in one row and read at one page.

Google+ Collections idea should evolve.
And translate did nothing there
Bring back photosphere, plz.
+Sepehr Nilgoon
قابلیت اپلود چندتا عکس باهم که گفته بودی رو اضافه کردن
+Javad ‌
سپاس عزیزم. بالاخره منهم میتونم از این نسخه استفاده کنم. درود بر شما جلوداران آی تی. :-) 
+Luke Wroblewski any updates on fixing hover cards and profiles so you can once again easily see who has you in their circles?
Also need community search for posts (not just search for members)
+Jose Navarro​​​​​​​ Speaking the TRUTH!
Google updates! It's the equivalent of having an older brother take all your stuff then be happy if when he gives you back a little.
Need drag and drop support for pictures and videos like in the previous version. As it is now, it's unusable if you want to add multiple photos.
+Luis Ornelas ultimately, we need reintegration of Google Photos. Forget the internal Google politics and reintegrate the two.

The current feeling is so disjointed.
Most of us started out with Google+Photos and now my albums and photos are scattered in silos rarely seen by anyone.
+Luke Wroblewski I am so hopeful about the multiple images feature, I can't wait to see it. I miss the old photo albums, it's hard in real estate to post about our properties when we're individually clicking to add 20+ pics each time we want to make a post about our properties.
+Shannon Fox absolutely... my organization helps military families PCS, and we used photo albums for on post housing pictures. That connectivity with our G+ page is gone.
Can you still not Search inside a community in the new G+? Or am I doing something wrong...
Sean S
Now it would be great if the multiple photos would display in the correct order and give us the ability to rearrange the photos before sharing the post.
+Sean S I was once under the belief that separating Google+ photos was for the better, as long as they kept the general integration intact.

And that was how it was sold to everyone... that nothing would change, and that all your photos would be saved... but the reality is that they stripped Photos and ALL its greatest functionality out of Google+.

Where are my Albums, my AutoAwesome features? My ability to arrange my album and choose a cover from within my posts.

+Luke Wroblewski​, I hope you are willing to fight the fight, and make the case for Google Photos integration into G+...

You can keep it separate for everyone else to use, but integrate the features we all grew up on back into G+.
+Duane Harris I agree with you 100 percent. But unfortunately, photos is as good as dead. They're already killing off Picasa and still don't even have its basic functions in the new Google photos. They've come in and hacked everything to pieces. All we're left with is beta versions of once great apps. 
Can you please explain to me the best way to get reviews on Google My Business Pages now that the layout has changed? There does not seem to be an easy option for this anymore. +Luke Wroblewski
+Lisa Hopkins Your reviews are visible on Google Search and Maps listings. You can link to your local listing’s review page on Google+ but the ability to create & display reviews aren't coming back to Google+ profiles

I really like the whole new feel, just currently too many bugs to be used full time though. Hope to see it working perfectly soon! :D
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