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G+ Web Preview Update Mar 16
We're starting to roll out two more features and loads of bug fixes to our G+ preview on the Web today including:

* 220 bug fixes
* 3 accessibility issues addressed
* Search for posts within a Community
* Ability to re-order multiple images in a post using drag & drop

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them.
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Please, add a option to add pictures on comments
+1 for the Ferrari Community!🙌
I've been waiting for search posts within a community. Thanks!
I don't see it yet, so I can't try...but does the update include naming the album or telling it to add said images into an existing album? Love that about the old version. The new version has made it difficult to keep things better organized.

What about the "add image" screen? Currently it shows a small dialog box, which is odd for a desktop version, but it just shows the images already shared or from Drive with no organization applied to it. So it makes it really tedious to find images.

On that note... In the old version, if you reshared an image it basically copied that image. If you're sharing to multiple communities or keep a reaction GIF to can get frustrating seeing multiple copies of the same graphic. Seems redundant versus displaying them from a single source.
Thanks for Community search.

I'd still prefer:

1. Lots of search improvements, previously mentioned. By user, date, Collection/Community. Posts vs. comments. Own posts.

2. Ability to specify communities to search from the global Search dialog.
Oh please someone get the Google+ Dev team to make the bottom bar cleaner, and not that ugly gray color.
Friendly reminder: if you have issues/requests please use the Send Feedback menu item to ensure you get heard. Our support teams don't track comments in my posts. Thanks. 
+Luke Wroblewski It would really great to see Hangouts start to take the kind of weekly update inititive as Google plus has. It's been amazing how much G+ has been updated lately.
The photos box of G+ is not so convenient. If I want to pick one photo from my backup album, I could only scroll down to find it. I think the search box and albums system should be added to the G+ photo sharing box. 
No EVENTS category is found, still. Back to classic I go.  Oh, and If I was an employee of Google on the decision making team, and cared about my company, you can bet I would be checking out the post in the communities where most of the actual USERS are communicating . I've done feedback, and still dont see EVENTS, and am sure there have been many that have gone that route also, because I've seen them in various communities.  Feedbackers feedback when they get fed back what they feedbacked. What's that mean? means that effective communication is a two way street.  :)
For issues that require help from another user the following may help. 

..::||Help Us, Help You!||::..

The Google+ Help community has Top Contributors dedicated to helping users like you (read more about us in the About this Community card)! 

When seeking help in the Google+ Help Community, help us help you by providing the following details:

Provide the subject of your issue or suggestion in one sentence, or give your post a title in Bold.

So we know immediately which Google+ feature you need help with.

Give as much details on your issue or suggestion as possible.

The more details you give us, the easier it is for us to provide you with a solution.
It may even help to give us a step-by-step detail of what occurred leading up to the error, or the feature you want to see implemented.

Extremely useful details to include:

Links to any Profiles or Pages involved
Browser (and version) and OS you’re using
Android or iOS App
Any extensions enabled
Does disabling extensions help the issue?
Time issue last occurred
Error messages you’re receiving

Please try to be civil and courteous when seeking help; we understand that you're upset, and we will try our best to help you out as quickly as we can.
Support in our Community is driven by the community Members, with backing by the Top Contributors (TCs) and Google Community Managers (CMs).

If you have any concerns or further questions feel free to ask in the Google+ Help community, via the link Below.
Sorry, if I have missed something, but will gif file cover photos be coming back?? I love those!! They really add a lot to a profile page. Please!!
+Michelle Bley it's probable. But Google is usually tight-lipped about future product releases. Send in feedback via the left side menu or via the app to request that it returns
Hurray for Searching Within a Community!!!
+Kamal Tailor I use the app mainly. Do I use "send feedback" in the right-hand menu on Android? Thank you for your thoughts.😊 
Already submitted my share of feedback for today, let''s hope it gets looked at!
+Kamal Tailor So I use this for suggestions as well as problems then? I didn't realize. Thank you for pointing this out. I really appreciate your response. =) 
Polls, events... lost forever ? =/
They are in the mobile version, so I keep believing.
I want to believe ! 😊
+Michelle Bley you're unlikely to get a response directly from the feedback team, so if you do require one it's best to go to the Google+ Help Community and ask your question there as I have laid out in my first comment. 
Please, please add seach within a Collection. Thank you
Picture reordering is YUUUGE. Thank you so much and bring that to the Android app. My wife is going to be so very excited. 
Slowly getting closer to the feature set of Google+. What a joke.
Thanks +Luke Wroblewski​, good to see more improvements in G+. Thanks to you and your team. Great job at all. 
Thank you so much. I have sent feedback on community search about 20 times now! Thank you very much for bringing it back. It was really the main reason I was going back to the Old version. Thank you
I have a gripe with community search. What good is it if it doesn't search the comments? Feedback has been sent.
+Lars Fosdal Is that really a problem a lot of people are having?  I somehow doubt it.  If it's less 1/10th of 1% of people wanting that feature, there may just not be enough demand.  But yes, good on you sending feedback.
+Eli Fennell I have a 7k member community that deals with programming topics. If I remember reading about a tip - f.x. "immediate evaluator", but can't remember who posted it - or on what thread it was posted - it can't be found.

That is kind of ridiculous - particularly for a solution developed by a search company. I can't think of many other types of "forums" that won't let you search the entire threads.

IMO, it should work the same way for collection searches. If I search a collection - I would want to be able to search the comments as well.

If we can't rediscover the gold in the information provided by others than the original poster - we might as well post with comments disabled.
+Lars Fosdal As I said, if this is a 1/10th of 1% issue, it may just not have enough demand to warrant including.  I, for one, have never contemplated Searching a Community for its comments, and i'm a power user so I suspect there's just not much demand for it.
+Eli Fennell That you have not had any use for it, is really poor argumentation. Declaring our own behaviors as representative for millions of users, is a bit of a fallacy.

The question is: Is it or is it not desireable to be able to search in comments?

My argument is that it is hard to find any form of community software which does not support that.

Any kind of post where the comments can contain information which is not ephemeral, i.e. any kind of knowledge oriented information - would benefit from being discoverable.
+Lars Fosdal I'd argue that 'but everyone else does it!' is itself a poor argument, especially for a Google.  Everyone else charged for their Operating Systems... Google gives them away for free.  Everyone else was charging for more than a few MB of email storage, Gmail gave ample storage for free.

Google will do what there appears to be enough demand to do, even if the absence of something pisses off a very small number of power users.  It's just how they are: they design products to scale to a billion users, not to satisfy every single power user.
Woooo community search is back!
+Eli Fennell Every other mail system that charged money for it, enabled you to search among the replies to your emails. When Google did GMail, they enabled us to do that too - not because everybody else were doing it - but because it is a good thing - a basal feature.
You are right that Google may do it if there are enough people asking for it - or they deems something to be a good idea.

Well, I am asking for it. Are you requesting that they don't do it? I find it odd that you have a need to shoot down the mere suggestion of being able to search in comments, simply because you never do that.

If you are going to argue, argue from the point of why it would not be a good idea.

Will it raise privacy issues? The posts already are public (or private in a closed community).

Will it create performance issues? Google serve searches for millions of users at the same time. They know how to scale.
+Lars Fosdal​ My main argument for why some features may not make sense is Feature Creep. Look at Microsoft office... they cram in every damned feature anyone asks for, and the result is a bloated, confusing, ribbony mess.
+Eli Fennell That's another strawman argument. In what way would including comments in search be a "bloated, confusing mess"?
I'd actually argue that not including them is a confusing mess. It is not consistent with how Google does search.
+Lars Fosdal Google Search and Google+ aren't the same thing.  And there are many ways it could be bloated or confusing... for example, if 99.9% of people don't expect it to Search Comments, they may be confused that it does.
Does everyone else have stutter when scrolling google+? 
+Eli Fennell Search is indeed context specific.

Are there parts of the world or levels of detail that are not searchable in Google Maps?

Are there parts of your Google Photos that are not searchable on keywords - mind that the keyword is recognizable in the image?

Are there parts of Google documents that are excluded from search? Hint: It will search your documents internally. Even PDFs.

Are there parts of a conversation in a community or collection that should be excluded from search?
IMO, no.

We could do pointless back and forth on this forever, so let's just conclude:
You never have had a need to search a community for a set of keywords and have the comments included, and you don't need it nor want it.

I really need it and really want it.

Let's have Google decide.
Google should describe what happens to our feedback after we submit it. Who reads it, how you handle non English languages etc. Or even award the best ideas. Wouldn't it encourage us to write more?
+Lars Fosdal​ Well of course Google is going to decide. I have no power over that. I'm also not blanket opposed to what you're asking for, I'm just pointing it's not really a foredrawn conclusion that they should.
Reordering pictures would be usefull.
I think we all want Hangouts in Google+. Not seperated.
As +Kahil Nettleton  said the G+ upload is not very organized. Only for uploaded images. I wish i can add multiple images to G+ as it was in the old version. Still using the old version cause of this missing feauture.
Upload / album management is basically gone. It used to be VASTLY better, and it's pushing people out. I tried to get my GF on Google+, and the album thing specifically enraged her, for example.
Great to see the functionality improve, thank you them!!!

I am all for links and images in comments.  it will create a more social exchange, especially in communities
Not quite there yet, but on the way. By the way - trying to use the feedback function is tricky, because it's buggy in itself. When sending feedback on the profile page - it re-formats the display, when sending feedback from a collection, the collection title photo is shown fullscreen rather than the post grid. Inside of full-screen image display there is no "send feedback" function.
Searching for post within community was so badly needed! 
+Luke Wroblewski​ They are not working on Android ap. I see that they are back on the web and for laptop. Is it possible to put it back for Android also? Also, I don't understand the link. I am on Android now.
Jon Lee
+Michelle Bley​.... '' You Are Absolutely Right About The Above Trey Pitsenberger Link On Android.... Even 2 weeks Ago There Was No Animated GIF ln His Profile Header Via Android ''.. !!! 
+Jon Lee okay, thank you.😊. I was being a bit lazy, and not checking this out, but I suspected that this was supposed to be an example of an animated profile or cover photo. I appreciate your reply. 
Jon Lee
+Michelle Bley.... Most Welcome Dear...
....Yes U Are Correct, Previously lt Did lndeed Have An Animated GiF As Profile / Cover Photo, For Quite A Long Period Of Time. !!

'' Michelle... To get An Official Reply / Response, lt Will Be Best For U 2 Once Again Put ln Your Suggestions / Queries Via The Send Feedback Drop-down Option That U Can See On The Top Right Header Bar... When Using The Android App. ''.. !!!

All The Best,
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