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Approved Posting in Communities
Today we're rolling out a highly requested feature for Community owners and moderators. On the new Google+ Web, iOS, and Android apps, Communities now have a new "Hold Posts for Review" setting.

With this on, all new posts will be held for review and not visible to Community members until approved by a Community owner or moderator. The MODERATE button will indicate when there's new posts to review. Each post can be approved or rejected manually or each member in the review queue can be banned or auto-approved. Banned members will be removed from the Community and not allowed to join again. Auto-approved members will have their posts automatically show in the future (no approval required).

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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This is great for professional use. Thanks a lot 😊
Great idea. So glad someone is watching
How about you fix it so photos in comments show up in the notification. Thx
Is there a way to link this to specific users rather than holding all posts for moderation?

EDIT: Oh. It's there already. That's ... nice. Thank you!
Thanks for this update! Great job!
The (left-hand) menu is expanded every time I visit a Google Plus address. I want it closed by default. I ask you to let us choose its default display. Why would I want to see it all the time and have it move some posts from the middle of the screen to the right?
I invite people to vote on this.
Google Plus menu
Hopefully this doesn't make communities completely useless.
I understand the reason for asking for this function very well. But it also makes me wonder... this is roughly making it very simple to just censor opinions which you do not like or people etc. Which is something by default i do not agree with.

And also comunities i will not join. 
+Linda​ excuse my ignorance i do not understand what ya getting at.
+Sander Takens​ Based off what they're doing to YouTube, I'm honestly in the belief that freedom of speech is the last priority on their list.
+Sander Takens you are right, but I can imagine (professional) environments where the publication of information needs to be monitored... It's good this option is available now
+Sander Takens pretty positive Linda is a bot... or non-English speaker using Translate to try and communicate.
+Vera wait a second. If I make a community there is no freedom of speech. You can decide to leave the community at any time.
But some have to be moderated. Oh and spam is one thing! People that ruin communities are another.
A community is no democracy. You can't e.g. not go into an astronomy lecture and whine about the new Google+ 😃. If you do chances are you're being walked out of the building.

You can say what you want in your own community or where the community moderator thinks it's okay.
+Hans Vandeveire​ i agree. It is a good thing to moderate to keep the insane troll out. But I feel a bit uneasy about this. And what bothers me about the whole thing is this:

Lets make a group and talk shit and kick everyone out that does not agree. And hide the shit talk in a group.

I can honestly say there are 0 people on my ban list and do not delete posts. I stand for what is say and if you disagree by all means let me know.

I write crap shit sometimes. And in a way i like that history. And so i can be held accountable for it.

+Ryo Cook​ interesting so if you make a community your way or the highway ... lets say interesting

Write something and and stand for it. Very simple.

But +Ryan Lestage​ notifications on desktop are classic notifications. Not new notifications. 
+Kamal Tailor Do they realize how tacky that looks. When every where else on Desktop and Mobile you see the picture in the comments. But when you view a notification and someone has posted a photo, it is just a link? That's all, just clean it up all across the board.
I think when they transition notifications into the new interface then it will show, they won't implement new features on the classic interface. But yes it is annoying that you have to open the post in a new tab to see them
This was desperately needed to stop the spam. This is extremely beneficial in helping eliminate that problem. 
+David R Robinson​​ isn't that like a moderater job to figure that one out in the first place? Before granting access without just clicking "ok" ... I so miss the point of this whole deal.

To me it seems more like a google has to fix a lack of moderating
Fair play, Google+. Fair play. This new feature gives me even more of a reason to check on the communities I help moderate & own quite frequently now to make sure all the spam is removed and every other post is being seen by other members.

This new version is not that bad...
+Luke Wroblewski 
This feature will be more effective, only if it is turned on default for ownerless/unmoderated communities.
(feedback sent)
So that means no freedom of speech of the moderator disagrees with something you say .... interesting..
At first this freaked me out but then I realized there won't be any grafic porn featuring women I really don't want to see so go ahead I think its a good long as we all stick to pleasant context I can't see a problem and certain things shouldn't be on google+ anyway but enjoying everything so far
+Paula Hillock that's always been the case. He owners and moderators of the community can do whatever that wish so long as it is in the bounds of the ToS. There is no such thing as freedom of speech on the internet when you're playing in someone else's sandbox.
This update is so much more useful than... Moving the "new posts" toast to the bottom in the app.
+Jannik Lindquist​ Why? You decide yourself what you post in your own collection, so what would be the point?
I think it is a great idea. I have experienced posting the wrong things that were made available on an Instagram Site. I found out that Google+, evidently has stricter rules than Instagram.
Great.... but it would even be better if Google stops stripping out slowly everything what made g+ great in the first place 
Hell. I don't think I will post anything to the+. The almighty+ will shut you down for your posting of pics of ladies in swimwear.
+Jannik Lindquist Comments in general, then. I hate those people that just comment "Hi", their name or some Arabian crap.
I think it is great and useful
Okay, so happy about the pictures being included as a update and this as well. But I would love to see this feature for pictures being uploaded to posts in a thread. For example, before I can upload a picture here, I will see a message stating my picture is pending approval from the OP. I'm already getting annoyed with photos in popular posts. This would help
+نکات دیجیتال Please check the list of sites & services banned in your country. We've looked into it on our end and it's nothing we are doing. Sorry. 
+Luke Wroblewski
Thanks for checking and getting back to me.

But are you sure? It's strange... because when a service is banned in our country, every part of it would become inaccessible. But in case of G+, stream and +1 works fine, other parts don't.

Anyhow, I'll try to get info whether it's our government's doing...

And, I guess other services like Google Developers has different agenda, right? (as it gives 403 error)
So wait... you removed circle sharing and TRANSLATING for THIS?!
Are you KIDDING ME?!
This new update will only HARM communities, ESPECIALLY the very large ones where people posts around 100 to 200 posts every DAY
How the heck are they going to approve or disprove all of that and NOT end up getting some lost?
What's even the POINT of communities if you have to wait for hours for your post to even show up on the community if it shows up AT ALL?! How will those posts get comments, likes and reshares?
How to know, Please, this default made on?
+Luke Wroblewski, are the reviewing functions already available for Android app (last version)? We switched on the option in a private test community, but the posts held only appeared on desktop UI, and we’re wary to switch it on in the main community we moderate if it doesn’t work yet on mobile.
Nice feature, but I would prefer it if the dev team would work on features that have been repeatedly requested like being able to move posts in between categories from mobile, which would enable moderators who work exclusively on Android to moderate their communities. 
+Luke Wroblewski​​​​​​​
Nice feature, but in real use the Moderate button indicator will always indicate that we have some request or spam or post for review.. which means that we always need to check do we have a new one. E.g. I miss something in spam because the button always indicate that I have some request on hold (and my indicator never turns off in real use).
Separate buttons (or indicators) looks like a better solution in my point of view..
The choice between new and all is permanent?! Big problem!
No it currently isn't permanent but it will be at some point in the future +Claytonian JP.

Ensure that you send in feedback on what you like or don't like about the new interface, and what you think is missing.

To activate the Feedback Tool type an @ symbol outside of a text entry area, or click on the link at the bottom of the left side menu.

Be sure to send in one feedback for each feature you're talking about so that it gets sorted correctly.
If you send in feedback about multiple things it may only get recognised for the one thing.

Here is where you can find out more about feedback and see your past feedback

Feedback is being actively monitored for users thoughts on the new Google+.

Here are some of the changes that are happening

To return to the Classic Interface follow the link at the bottom left of your web browser screen when you open the left side menu. This option will not last forever, so sending in feedback on the new interface is important.
I'm talking about the choice that moderators have to make about screening posts. Not the interface.
I'm not talking about classic or turning something on/off. I'm saying the choice to screen "all members" or "new members" comments is one you can't change later
No it's not permanent, it can be changed or turned off
How can I change between the two options "all" and "new". Once again, I don't care about on or off.
To change between new and all switch the setting off and on again.
Lil LG
This is a horrible idea for large communities and has been since this has been implemented. Sorry. So many people's posts and polls go unnoticed and wrongfully rejected. When your running large communities this is extremely hard to keep up with even with decent mods. This and changing the category from most recent posts is really hurting G ➕ right now. 
+Lil LG​ I help run the Google+ help Community which has over 1million members.

We manage it just fine.

It's actually a really good idea. And it works well if the moderators are doing things correctly.
Lil LG
+Kamal Tailor​ you know every since these recent updates from the past 3 months google ➕ hasn't been the same and I know you've heard that flack about the post order change, owners and mods weren't feeling it at all. Ever since these changes troll spammers have been having the upper hand. Peoples post aren't showing up in the community. Polls aren't getting voted on anymore with a lot of people. These updates have made a lot of us practically invisible to g ➕. Now we're starting to have problems with our new followers registering in our profile. G ➕ either needs to go back to how it was or needs more work because i wasn't having all these problems before these "updates"
The only changes I'm upset about is post order. Other than that i'm good with the Hold For Review and other changes to help manage communities.
But what about if the moderators/owners are inactive? Does that mean my posts will never be uploaded?
Lil LG
+Megatron Tutti​ Lol yes that's exactly what it means. With every up date they do, It seems to take more and more away from the Google ➕ experience. Over 1/3 of Google can't even get their posts noticed because of the auto review thing. If the owners and mods are inactive and you're not on auto approve. You're screwed.. 
If the moderators are inactive or non existent then leave the community and find a better moderated one, or create a new one. 
Lil LG
+Kamal Tailor true but if you've been in a 50k or better community for a while, its extremely hard to get those numbers especially if you're not extremely active where a lot of people know you. Some people go on Google Plus for the entertainment of polls and a variation of communities that already suit their needs. Some are on there to work to get noticed and start communities. It's doesn't work for people who are here to enjoy Google Plus they expect these large communities that meet their preferences to already be suitable and enjoyable with 200k to 1M member's but they aren't. The largest communities are ran horribly now because of why? Every post goes to auto review did majority damage to the large communities that mods and own aren't online especially. It's like y'all only thought about community owners and not the Google Plus guest with that. 
You've got to start somewhere, and if the moderators are inactive then you just tell everyone to shift to the new community. 
Can we have a feature where all members of the community are listed in alphabetical order, please? Yes, I'm aware of !!! but that only works for single-instance view. Or when a member has been banned, the list doesn't jump back to unordered view? Thanks.
+Kamal Tailor Why still there is not any feature to schedule our post on google plus ... its great feature to update our friends and family . this must be in ..

Not built into Google+ no, try using something like +Friends+Me. That's the only app I know that can do it for profiles.
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