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Further Search Improvements
Today we're rolling out further improvements to Google+ search that should return more topical results in Collections and Communities when you look for specific interests.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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Please add a sort by date, add option to clear all previous searches, and option to search for a post from a followed person.
All I have been asking for since the first week of Google+ is to be able to search my own stream, so I can find the post I read this morning, or last week, or last year.
Wang FY
search my own posts
+Wang FY​​​ Adding my name to the search query works every time for me. Just like Google search. :)
Hello +Sterling Alvarez
Your request is highly recommended, It looks similar to our shared thought mentioned here: that requests an additional features and options to G+ Community which, it has been already sent to Google Feedback for last year ago.
Thank you for review.
Faithfully yours
You could real time date stamps back to posts
+Luke Wroblewski​ why app shortcuts not implemented yet for Android 7.1? If I want to directly open Locations or Notifications or Profile from the launcher, why the option isn't available yet?
+Luke Wroblewski​​ What about mentioning sites and people in the comments? It would be really awesome if you guys can fix this since the verified sites and people should be displayed first if I want to mention +FC Bayern München​​ or +Manchester United​​. It shows me first irrelevant people or sites and I have to scroll down until I find e.g. ManUtd.
+Luke Wroblewski​ This is cool and all but can you guys get rid of the ridiculous amount of porn spam in every community? 
+Meirav M. AFAIK, it still does. I guess the search prioritizes results relevant to you (your's) above other John Smiths's ones.
Yeah...that's great...but....why does clicking into the search bar open a completely new page? No one has been able to address the logic behind having it do that. Honestly, it makes it so that I am less likely to use the feature. It is frustrating when you click in the search bar and start typing just to remember....oh yeah, it opens a new page and the search results you just got are for only a few characters you just typed. You have to then type it all in again. So....the logic behind this is what exactly?
we should not forget that you have a log's , and it has all the necessary tools to search for how notifications, comments, pros and posts.
* Big Is Google +*.This world of new improvements to Google+. Is beautiful, and it will be very appreciated every day, and I find that, +Kahil Nettleton, was really right, on this story of new nail, which I can not solve, is at the moment of the opening of 'A new page and I hope that this program is not accessible in your country, I dream, really, to participate in all the programs of Google+. With my friends and everyone, I simply share in the sharing that enhances positive participation, even if I do not use these programs, if they are not admitted to certain parts of the world, I think that Fierte is to pass it on, for those who love these sources and increase their ways, to more sharing, which realizes the positive results, in the end, thank you, for our cradle, Google+, which is an incontestable portal for the visions of technologies Within our era.and * Congratulations***.
+Brian Holt Hawthorne sorry, looks like I misunderstood you. I know that problem very well ("remembering a post, but not able to find it anymore"), and unfortunately that's something only Google+ can offer.

Didn't know that the "inurl" parameter is working in the Google+ search as well. Very interesting news, thanks for that!
+CircleCount The -inurl has been working since almost the very beginning (since we only had numeric profile URLs!). I am always afraid that it is going to break someday.
In that case, we shouldn't talk too much about it +Brian Holt Hawthorne ;)
I know btw. that it was working very good in the Google search, but it was new to me that it works in the Google+ search as well.
+Brian Holt Hawthorne I know I'm three weeks late, but you can search your stream. Just go to the Google+ search and type 5 asterisks followed by your search term. Hope it helps.
+Poll Person well first you have to click in that search box, wait for the new page to load, then put in your search terms. First they need to make the search box standard for fast searching. Then it should take you to a comprehensive results page that will include any results from your stream at the top. No one is going to remember or want to use the five asterisk trick.
+Kahil Nettleton​​ Just searching won't put results from your stream at the top, it will just put whatever it deems most relevant at the top, which usually isn't relevant at all. They should have a built in way to search your stream, but for now 5 asterisks will have to do.
+Poll Person I know it won't....but it should. I was explaining a better UX logic for search results.
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