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G+ Web Update Sept 9
We're rolling out two new features on the Google+ Web app today. First, when joining a Community on the recommended communities page, we'll reveal a number of related additional suggestions.

Second, search autocomplete suggestions are now significantly faster and include personalized recommendations like collections you own, communities you've joined, and more relevant results specifically for you. Of course, you can still access full search results in addition to these autocomplete shortcuts which are intended to get you to what you're looking for faster.

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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Was the jump to top on new posts finally removed?
+Luke Wroblewski Luke, some feedback about Spaces:
1) why the limit abou creating a text post? I try to create a post about some topic for my University, and I get shocked about this limit, really don't like it (I had to create a document on gDoc and share it).
2) When are you gonna add a Space shortcut on the shortcut tray (the squares beside the notification ring).
But when will mobile or even the "new G+" allow us to move posts in communities?

It forces everyone to keep using old G+ because features that are in classic are being taken out of the new one.

Why give people less?

Expand on things so people can run communities more smoothly. Give people an actual reason to like and enjoy the new G+. Not just force us to update by some point.
+Luke Wroblewski​ fix the tags, I used to tag Motorola in a lot of posts and now they changed their name to just moto, and I can't even find them in the list anymore.. make frequent mentions stay near the top
Can the mini Google+ in the Google notifications bell be updated? Now that the new G+ is out of preview it's falling really really far behind (see pic for reference... which you can't see in the notifications)
I would like to see the Communities pages diverted into different topics!
Is one of those search options "search my stream for that post I saw yesterday"? Or "find that post I commented on"?
Oh no, much more suggestions... I want to search one thing! Not thousands of useless collections! 
Still waiting for hangouts and events. Don't tell me to install hangouts through extension because it is blocked in our company. Google+ is not blocked so I need hangouts with it. Until then I'm not moving to the new Google+
Please bring Events to the new Google+. I like the new design, but these missing features cripple it for me.
Yep, still waiting for Hangouts and Events to be restored to their former glory. 
+Michael R+Michael Freeman​ You'll be waiting a while. They've separated Hangouts and Google+ into two distinct products. Events on the other hand...needs to come back.
+Tobias Dettinger I don't. I'm more than happy that it is it's own entity. Makes more sense. But I'm not overly happy about the direction they're taking Hangouts on Air. Actually the direction is fine, just not the execution so far. 
+Michael Poke makes no sense for me. I have to open two tabs and two different things which i can put at once in the old version. It's so much easier in the old version. 
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