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G+ Search Update April 15
We're continuing to improve Google+ search this week with another update (on Web, Android, & iOS) that removes nearly identical posts in search results. These occasionally show up because two different branches of the same company have posted similar content. With this update, we're tracking down such near-duplicates so you shouldn't see them popping up in your search results anymore.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them.
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Sara d
Excellent news !! Thank you
Here's a regular reminder that the search constraints (from me, to me) are still missing :( Are they going to be implemented? 
Is that multi stream in portrait view??? Why don't my iPad have that????
+Rick Dickson the web preview changes based on resolution. iPad is a fixed resolution and two columns is way too tight at that size. We implemented it and removed. 
Another recent update: the (I) information circle is now "About" in Profile view (Android app). I approve of this, words are more meaningful than icons (I also note that the BLACK BAR OF DOOM across the bottom of the screen uses both icons and text for controls).

On Search:

1. I'd very much appreciate being able to temporarily remove a profile from results. This occurs for various reasons, though one case (posted and feedback sent) involved a search for an unusual term ("Emergy") matching several commercial Profile/Pages, and for which they flooded results. My solution: block the profiles. This might not accord with G+'s ultimate objectives.

I'd previously discovered multiple accounts spamming various printer model strings (probably printer ink sales) whilst researching an issue. Similarly annoying.

2. There are cases where multiple posts are precisely what I'm interested in. The former "Ripples" feature allowed looking at multiple instances/reshares of a given post, though the UI/UX was admittedly horrible (Yonatan mentioned that this pretty much literally was a weekend project/experiment). Despite the abysmal UI the information was useful. Currently, even in Notifications, if I click on the information that someone's re-shared a post, I am directed to their profile rather than the re-share. This is poor design on several bases, most especially because it doesn't provide the useful function (direct me to the re-share), and duplicates readily accessible functionality (accessing a profile page).

Algorithmic enhancements can be useful, but the algorithm doesn't know, nor does it inquire, as to current circumstances. The algorithm is an idiot.

(I've submitted this post as feedback with direction to read comments. As previously, Luke's posts should be used as feedback.)
I keep hoping for gmail like search filters... Imaging looking for an old post here and being able to use

from:+PetervanderWalt and date range 
Do you think e-mail-reminders for subscribed collections will be fixed? 
Hello +Luke Wroblewski
Please review the following article and let us know your thoughts about it:
It is useful and faster to save Google+ user's time.
Thank you for updates.
Appreciating your cooperation.
Mention brands or people is a real disaster on Google+ only the fake ones show up (and there are a lot of them) Can you fix that +Luke Wroblewski? Thanks. 
I'm having a big issue with posts I want to track, to find out who shared them and where. These are not viral posts, but specific ones which can expect 50 to 150 shares max. 
They turn up in  Search, but only two or three of them max (under "Best"). When I change to "Most recent", they get sorted by date, but the number never changes. 
I used to get all those pots listed before January, but since then, only the "best", because those received a further share or two.
Imagine you did that in the SERPS, +Luke Wroblewski ...
Like if they were in to google website must be sign up for plus put down the name and picture and post and views for yourself put letter right something soft nicely about every thing 
I think this is a really bad idea! especially since you removed the Ripples feature, how else will I be able to find reshares of the same post? There are times when seeing near duplicates is exactly what I want! Because it's not just about the information in the post itself, it's about engaging with different people on a subject we're all wanting to discuss.

(submitted as feedback)
+Meirav M. Re-shared posts are re-shared by different people, so they are not near-duplicates because they have unique authors.
+Luke Wroblewski there is super annoying bug on web that i can reproduce anytime at chrome, X OS.. I start playing embedded youtube video from g+ stream, I make it full screen, it changes to full screen and it stops, then it turns off full screen on its own and reloads my stream, jumps to the newest post. Any clue about it?
Please make a app for Windows app store (universal app for desktop, mobile, tablet, alptop and 2-1 units)

almost all my network have windows laptop for work and Android phones for privat
I have a Android phone, but it's niced to have apps from the Windows store on my laptop (netflix, games, vlc and more)
did you try in browser on your windows laptop? It works very good for 99% of people. Time of desktop apps is gone, behind... 
When searching for at company it would be niced to have the possibility to search for a domain name in the search field: example: (the domain is linked to there website) i'm searching after EA games but can't find the official EA games page because there are a lot of other pages called EA games.
+Luke Wroblewski Hey Luke, I have a quite important bug which I wanted to tell you personally:

Always when you "+1" some comment you cannot take that "+1" back immediately then (at least, it doesn't show you that the "+1" has gone). So you believe you didn't press it correctly and do it again thus resulting in a final "+1" for a comment you wanted to give this +1! Really annoying. You should let look into this! 
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