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G+ Web Preview Special
As a special Friday treat... we worked with the Google identity team to make sure people's full "About" information now shows up on profiles in the new Google+ Web preview. More layout and design improvements will be coming as well.

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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+Luke Wroblewski​ Google identify team? Is that confirmation that Google+ won't be responsible for my Google identity?
+Luke Wroblewski​​ What's difference between profiles and pages on new Google+ version? In the classic version it is possible to note some features that differentiate pages of the profiles.
+Kenny R. Thanks, but it's not exactly what I would like to know. In the classic version, it is possible for example, note that pages allow you to confirm websites links and profiles not. Are this characteristics well what I mean.
i'm not sure if this was intentional, but when viewing someone's about page, click on someone in the "people in common" section and their about page will load instantly, without taking you first to that person's profile. when you click off of the focused window, you will still be on the initial person's about page. i like this feature that doesn't clutter up my time with unnecessary page loads, but now g+ needs a way to go directly to that user's profile. (posting feedback now.)
I liked it even more when I had the Tabs for "About me" "Posts" "Photos" "YouTube" and "+1". 

The new "About me" style looks very unnatural. It still looks like you leave the person's profile. I'm getting really disappointed slowly, even though I was a big supporter of the new G+.

The crucial thing that makes me sad is that there is no info whether there are some thoughts about if functions will come back, or not, or maybe.

Collections are good but only if ppl use them and sort their posts correctly. I unfollowed some collections of my contacts cuz the posts in there were not interesting. But I never start to follow only collections of ppl.

Can I get an answer why you don't want to get back the tabs nicely implemented over the Collection previews or maybe on the bottom of the Header?
Possible to download a vcf card or add to contacts?
To see whether you have them in your contacts/circles already?
Follower count and the ▶◀
+Eddi Szilard Usually, Google doesn't comment about why they add or remove a feature, neither when they'll do.

Personally, I'm not happy with the current way Google+ manages profiles, especially when editing it.

I recommend to send feedback using the button in the left sidebar.
I forgot to say. If I want to see my G+ "About me" from a different point of view, maybe what public ppl see or ppl in certain circles, I can't do it anymore. 😕
+Eddi Szilard​ used to be an option to see a public and circles profile view 😖

TBH breaking things away from Google+ has been a retrograde misstep IMHO. 
+Lunix Watt why would I want to go there? These sorts of features I've mentioned could be part of the aboutme 
Why take it away in the first place ... Seems like everything is coming back ....
+Mike McCarthy it's true we're adding things to our Web preview that are already in the Google+ Classic Web version.

Last year we completely re-wrote both the G+ Web and G+ iOS apps from scratch. Rather than rebuild every nook and cranny that developed over the four year history of G+, we started with a clean slate of the features people used the most (based on our data & research). We then released this preview version to collect feedback and find out what people missed the most of what we left out.

Not every feature/setting will return but we are actively collecting feedback, reading it and releasing updates to address it. That's the process you are seeing now. We are also working on new stuff as well and when that's available, I'll be sure to let you know.
I miss being able to view photos that people have shared. Photos was one of G+'s strongest points, and there is no way to do that now.
+Luke Wroblewski I looked at the new version but stayed with Classic. Two things that would change my mind is to have a 3 column option, from a design point of view looks a lot better in my opinion..... And maybe have the option to not have you collections front and centre, maybe a setting option (maybe it's there)
What would be really cool 😎 is if these results displayed when someone Googled us...! Like places and business do. Any chance of that +Luke Wroblewski​​.? 😀 
+Luke Wroblewski With so many changes its hard to keep on top of it tbh. What does "For very wide screens" mean? I took a look a while back with this in mind but I didn't see that as an option, I do remember this change at the time.
Great news! Can we now also bring back HoverCards. The lack of Hovercards makes moderating Requests to Join my G+ community a very time-consuming job!

+Luke Wroblewski does the mean the data in the Story section that currently appears in the Classic G+ page is now fully visible? That information isn't accessible at, so I'm confused by you saying that is where you manage your About information given that the at page doesn't allow you to see the Story text. Is this because the update has not rolled out to me yet and there is an update to that is part of the update?  
Any word on when reviews will show and can be left?
+Heidi Anne Morris​ that has more to do with the search team, and privacy team. You see the knowledge graph for yourself if you have personalised results on for Google search.
And you will see it for famous people. 
Huh. But how does one edit the 'introduction' section? Because if I click on 'about' on my own profile it takes me to and there is no such card there...? Or am I missing something?
Thank you. Now this is useful and something I'd hoped for.

(And I'll shut up now....)
When we get (back) in New UI, 'People' Card showing "In your circles" and "have you in circles" as in Classic?
How disappointing!!!  There isn't the about information on pages.  Even on profiles, I don't see the text that I do in the classic version.
Looks great, I'm so happy to see this back! Now for photo albums within Plus... ;-)

+Margaret Tompkins I do see the text on personal profiles (e. g. yours starts with "I'm a photographer, learning, teaching..." Going to the Mentorship Program page, I also see all our text there. What are you missing?
I am missing the feature that shows the profile when hovering over the profile photo in any post.
+Margaret Tompkins I see everything in the new UI for you that I see in the old one.  Maybe you need a refresh/cache dump.
+Luke Wroblewski​​​ :
What I miss so hard is the little tick or icon which shows whether somebody has circled you or not, and vice versa. It's missing in both the mobile version and in the new desktop layout for G+. That's why I still use the old Google+ ...
Are there plans to re-invent this little thing again?
+Alex Lapidus I see 5 blocks, personal contact info, education, work history, places, and gender, bd and more. Where is the "story" section?
I still miss seeing VIEWS on about pages 😡
Sean S
Needs "Other names" field like the classic Google+ so people can find you by maiden name or other names you go by.
+Margaret Tompkins I see About, with subheaders Tagline and Introduction (which is your long story), then People in Common, Contact, Work & Education, and finally Places.
Mai es pic ko kaise okai g+shigal app chahiye mix app nhi chahiye adawartament Ki Mobil PR TV. Se jyada ha google Ho yahoo se Dekh hi nhi pastaaye 
+Luke Wroblewski, why asking for feedback when the usual behaviour of Alphabet/Google is 'feedback &> /dev/null' except it may help better selling us out?
Is it to give the commodities a little feeling of being heard before vending?

OK, last try.
1) Video HO's are still rendered useless since all major functions making them useful are gone. I myself and a lot of people once switched from Skype to G+ Video HOs because your product was better. By now, you fell back to Skype 2005 version.
2) It's still impossible to see at a glance who has circled me / circled back when visiting a profile.
+Luke Wroblewski - Any chance that local information will come back to the about region? - Support active businesses :)
+Luke Wroblewski​  That's great news! But some people here including me have an issue with Google+ notifications. We can't receive non of our notifications (By any slight chances we only receive up to 4 or 5 notifications within 2 or 3 hours tops.) Plz fix this issue. I've been having it for more than over 2 weeks now. (btw hangouts doesn't appear anymore in this new update for the computer, is it possible to get it back? And also the viewing?) 
Has this still not been implemented? Because my profile doesn't show the full description. 
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