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Links & Images in Comments
We're starting to roll out the ability to add images and links to comments on Google+ for Android, iOS, and the Web. When leaving a comment with a link, you'll be able to select a specific image or post without one. You can also remove both images and links before posting your comment and we'll warn you to make sure nothing gets lost.

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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Need to still update the Chrome Extension it would appear
Saw the post about this yesterday, but wondered when we'd see it. Good to know!

And it looks like old clients and non-enabled users are just seeing the photo URL, which is a fine fallback, I suppose.
Definitely need to update the notification dropdown yet. (For a few reasons, line breaks don't work in Edge in the notification dropdown comment box, but do on the website.

Like this line. Would not have the space above it if I typed it in the comment box in the notification dropdown.
Please add a Google image search button to make the process easier. 
En la versión web, al intentar traducir el texto al cual adjuntaron un gif (Ejemplo el primer comentario de esta publicación) no lo hace y desaparece el comentario.
Pretty cool but the image padding and the increased size of the "Add a Comment" box is disappointing
Yeah, lovely, just need integrated image search now 😂
Please, enable you can select the image from concrete album of Google Photos
Hopefully the new notification system they tested out will make an appearance again, it worked so much better and looked nicer.
Hopefully this works its way into the notifications drop down. I only see links there. But I'll take this for now. Nice to see finally.
Oh, they also don't display yet in Gmail. :/ My primary way of reading comments and notifications.
Is there anything to be said about the Android app's incompatibility with Chromebooks?
Most of the stuff I read comes through notifications on desktop.

The images do not appear in the comments in the notifications drop down.

One thing that would be nice is to keep the drop down window open until I click on the Bell again. I've had too many unintentional clicks outside the drop down that closed it.

I'll send this in the feedback section as well.
They don't display from the notification icon / tray either.
If someone posts a better photo than my photo in my post....grrrrrr.... :)
Bring it on!
So, you are really rolling this out, without working in the notifications? Great job...
this is a nice feature, but we do need the option to select the image from an album of Google Photos (I'm having tons of images there) and the same for when we post an image...I was sending feedback so many times...nothing in terms of this till now!
cool didn't know videos work.
I like that the 2nd iPhone screenshot has Android nav buttons. 😉
I refuse to use that feature and the new version overall until everyone on here has no other choice but to let Google+ force us to use it.
How do I block these a) from my own posts entirely; and b) from seeing gifs animate on others' posts?
+Marsha Leigh oh thank you, will try this...then I still need it for the new web version, it would be so much easier to select my images from a particular album, I'll send feedback on and on...
Am I the only one who thinks this is bad ?
The pictures show up as links on the classic G+. This is just retarded.
+Ryo Cook no. The new G+ looks like something designed for a 12 year old girl. You can't just let somebody get used to an interface for 4+ years and then force them to move to this one.
+Bromon655​ Evolution. Stubbornness doesn't keep new UIs from developing. Adapt or extinct.
I think the new interface is so much better and I never would go back. But that's just my opinion.

All this whining... You decided to use the old interface. Okay.
But don't expect any new features getting backported to an old, unsupported interface. Sorry
+Ryo Cook the only thing that truly bugs me is how you have to press a button that brings up the entire comments screen instead of just being able to hit a textbox at the bottom of a post and comment quickly.
So I got an involuntary rollover today (with the "Back to classic" link, no harm done) but first impression is that the new desktop brings a lot of mobile design sensibilities with it. Desktop is not mobile. On the weekend I'll put it through a "normal" day of Plussing though. Jury's out.
Sadly doesn't work on notifications yet, but YES! finally!
Always thought I wanted this now I'm not sure (havent seen it yet) Comments can become a huge mess
Notifications been broke for ever but you still adding new features, congratulations you played yourself.
please, please, please no autoplay!!
Events are dead. 5 people use it...
it is way better if you add a search feature to the uploader. Google image search and from your Google photos/drive.
+Ryo Cook I qualify my agreement with the fact that even good upgrades become tiresome if they are too frequent. We should be able to continue our conversation without having to learn a completely new language every few years (oops! months now, is it?).
+Jeff Diver​​​ grammar nazi anyone? I think you got the point 😁

Jokes aside.
The old Google+ has quickly failed. As a plusser since the beta started I was sad to see that. The redesign came to late as it seems.
The old was too complicated and bloated for non techies, and the direction lacked a very important point... The target.
Now Google has it, but the latest episode of TwiG nailed it sadly. You can't reverse a social network.
So of course some few people used Google+ for specific things. Understandable that they are not okay with losing these features.
But it had to be redesigned to be more simple,clean and especially remove dead services or services that are doomed to fade.

Google has to kill services that are not used enough. Nobody wants Google to go the yahoo way! They maintained dead services for years and burned money. That doesn't match the fast living Internet.

I live the new Google+. And I hope people will use it enough so Google will not terminate it.
Honestly I think Google+ will be a tool for business users together with Hangouts. Both have no meaning for the mass market anymore. Sad.
+Ryo Cook Anybody who had any experience with or memory of Nazi Germany would not use that word so casually. Grammar is important. But not as important as civility. I am offended by your reference. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make that point!
+Jeff Diver it's a common term in the internet. I'm not quite sure, but are you American? If not, please consult Wikipedia to look up the term grammar nazi. But okay... Please keep on ignoring the things I'm writing and argue about the style and grammar. That's okay if you have no interest in discussing the core problem.
I'm not sure why I can't see it on my samsung s4 even it's the latest version. Looking forward to it :) 
I have a Sony Xperia E5 and G+ ver 8.6 isn't available to me. Is there any reason a for this? Am I not doing something wrong? Is so please tell me. I'm also having the same problem on my Samsung galaxy tab 3 (8 inch). 
The web version worked super fast even on 10 year old laptop that has been clearly slower than my 3 years old Chromebook. It was almost useless in using You Tube and Google+. Now at least Google+ pages and profile switches are so fast it is almost like i would turn pages of magazines. Even my new smartphone may have time to "relax". I have used Google+ since the service was open without invitation and don't remember it never been this fast on slow laptop.
Dear +Luke Wroblewski, please start listening to us who used G+ from first hours and give us back circles. I cannot follow my best people on mobile any more because someone messed the circles filter all the way. Crazy.
1. Now try to find them in the new mobile app. I found them, but only a few, not all are there.

2. Why do I have to enable them in settings? Are you missing space on hd desktop? Seriously, on the day you did this, you've lost at least 40% of intensive users I knew around here.

3. Just in case you want to understand us (the pioneers of Google +), I'll add a link to an interesting post with long comments stream from this year in few moments. 
+Dusan Vrban hey don't speak for me. I'm a so-called pioneer from early Beta and I'm not against progression. It just took too long to make these changes.

I'm all for progress always. Adding FB options is more like copying, not progressing. If during the process you take out what worked, may be actually degress.
+Dusan Vrban Market showed: It did not work. And clearly users want pictures in comments.
We, the techies, are not the majority. There were two option: Restart with new focus, or shutting down Google+. I'm glad they picked the first option.
When happy, excited or sad etc I just wish can have few simple steps to select and post relevant sticker or gif quickly. Anyway thanks for bringing more features in. 
+Ryo Cook what did market exactly show? Do you have some advanced report available that would show users want Circles excluded?

I'm not against images in comments and I would love a serious html editor within (to at least avoid bolding with wildcards). But how did circles make users unhappy so that they have to be switched on in advanced settings? That's a mystery to me. Not to mention I had to switch to old interface to add someone to my TheBest circle. Because in new G+ you can only follow.
+Dusan Vrban you can add people to circles in all Google+ apps. Circles however are an advanced organizing feature that most people don't need and therefore don't use. 
Well +Luke Wroblewski I've tried to add a person yesterday to my TheBest circle from web interface in Google+. Had only option of follow her button on her profile page. Had to switch back to old G+ interface to get the circles option.

Do you have some statistical data on usage o circles? And why most people do not need it?

Somehow I may be a tiny percent of users that relied on circles to had a good filter of the stream.

On the other hand, as it seems, G+ is part of Alphabet model now. Money and profit, which is of course down to poor content and cat sharing photos. But of course that's only my experience. I am sure there are other experiences as well.
I'm now getting an error message when trying to "share" a picture from my Google+ stream to Google photos. "Error, can't up load media" Used to do it all the time. Stopped working about 5 or 6 days ago. Anybody else with this problem?

Nexus 6p
Could you please fix timestamp links in the original post? In Classic G+ these would jump to the timestamp in the embedded video. In New G+ it just opens the video on the YT main site and completely ignores the timestamp. 
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