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G+ Web Preview Update July 20
We're rolling out another update to our Google+ Web preview today with many fixes and some new frequently requested features:

* 182 bugs fixed
* 10 accessibility issues addressed
* edit your introduction in About Me
* see related Collections on post pages
* view map in info panel for images with location
* new presentation for original comments on re-shared posts

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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Obligatory chronological order for stream option request :)
Peggy K
I really like the new format for re-shares - it puts the focus on the original post!
how do you get to individual post pages?
+Rick Dickson click on the time stamp or right click and open in new tab from the time stamp.
+Luke Wroblewski
What does it mean. "more visibility in original post comments in reshares?
Can't check it out as I'm on mobile presently. 
Peggy K
+Ellie Kennard check the screenshot - the original author name and number of comments on the original post are now at the top of the re-share, rather than below the image.
+Peggy K​ ah ! Got it! Thanks. Although the original person's name was at the top originally, it's great to have the number of comments there too.
Is that number dynamic or static from when the post was reshared? 
+Luke Wroblewski the top header (the red bar) needs to collapse on the web like it does on mobile... seems claustrophobic while crossing on the web!
The related collections is a great idea, thank you 😁 
The back arrow has stopped taking you back to the right place on your timeline in mobile view - was that intentional?
Events? Add Google photo integration for events?
Like the application 
+Luke Wroblewski the thing I really don't understand is why should the WEB G+ Layout be formatted for MOBILE. That's crazy. Let me give a couple examples: 1) the About section opens a pop-up window (what if... I wanna link it to someone via Web?); 2) clicking on the publication date and isolating a post w a s a great experience in the former G+ Web version: sharing that isolated post with someone via Web is now both graphically horrendous and conceptually illogical. Despite what stats say, Web and mobile are and will remain different things. My two cents.
Communities need sort by filters! Imagine sorting a community of posts by popularity (+1 count) or most recent activity (like a bulletin board forum) instead of just post datetime (currently the only sort option). This would make communities insanely more powerful +Luke Wroblewski​​ !!
+Hagar Spano​​ The other thing is that I have to expand the page to nearly full screen to have both columns for communities and collections. I addressed this before in feedback and not sure if this was a hot topic for anyone else.

Overall, I definitely like the new updates +Luke Wroblewski​​.
Feedback seems to land on deaf ears, but how about an option to make the stream of posts chronological so I can find that post I just saw and am trying to get back to, more easily see what I missed, etc.
+Luke Wroblewski oh? I'll see if I can figure it out. I don't know how many times I've gone back to my feed trying to find a post a just saw and it's gone. Drives me nuts.
The other three are nice, but I Hate With a Passion having the related Collections at the end of my posts. They are not related, they are not relevant, in some cases they are to spammy collections. I hope you allow us to opt out of displaying them (and seeing them on others).
+Hagar Spano Yes. Opt out and default to the most private settings possible. (Such as with showing posts you plus in other folk's stream)
Good to see the updates I will take a closer look.
+Luke Wroblewski Flickr and Facebook now support "photospheres" 360/180 panoramas. It seems with the continuing lack of support on new web G+ (going on a year now?) that G+ will no longer support them. Are they officially deprecated?
Can't see profile views anymore! desktop 💻 and mobile 📱

One more thing: former G+ layout had a far more accurate Exif side panel. When clicking on a photo the new interface no longer shows the LensType record or the date when the picture was taken, just to name a few.
Please see that Community invitations include community Rules - Particularly where "No Links" , "No Re-Shares" etc
With Regards
Notifications tab is still an issue. Its been almost two years that Ive been asking for help and no one seems to act upon this matter. My notifications either arrive late or non arrive at all. Ive checked if I would have the same problem on my other devices such as laptop, tablet, phone etc and also I kept on udating the app, but the issue still stands. Im not the only one with this problem. And To be honest, ever since Google+ started getting these updates or so called upgrades, many issues started to arise. Google+ was just fine the way it was before. +Luke Wroblewski​ is there anything you guys could do to solve this issue?
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