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G+ Web Preview Update Feb 25
This week we've got a few updates and lots of bug fixes rolling out for our G+ preview on the Web including:

* 206 bug fixes
* Easier access to profile information
* About information always visible on Communities
* Shortcut to create a Collection when making a post

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them.
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Casey G.
Any update on Events coming back to Communities?
I've sent feedback a few times but please consider adding web Notifications and coloured Android Notification bar on web G+ please 😋
Live comments, come!
Notice how they always skip over EVENTS/HANGOUTS/CIRCLES (The G+ Base Functions)  but always seem to find the time to update Collections.  smh
It's been a real pain to access any user's pictures these days. Can you do something about this ?
The single most aggravating part of creating a post, regardless of desktop or mobile, is having to click the "More" button to get to the list of all my Collections. The one that I want is in the first pop-up list less than 25% of the time, so it's just adding more stupid clicks. Just make the whole list pop up every damn time and save me the time.
"Google Notifications" is still refusing to open. I need to F5 most of the time. And by the way, why is it not called "Google Plus Notifications" when that's what it's about?
Thanks for the updates. Always wellcome.
I agree +Charles Payet. The collection or person or community that I want to post something to is very rarely in the short list so it is almost always extra unnecessary steps to create a post. I assume you have submitted feedback on that.

This is exactly the type of thing that I keep pointing out that makes the new G+ experience so frustrating. In the interest of simplifying the interface, they have made it so everything takes longer and requires more extra steps to accomplish what you used to be able to do quickly and easily.
+Luke Wroblewski Good to know about the updates, moreover i have 2 incident issues, they should be fixed soon,
when a profile added me i don't get notification for both Gmail messages in the promotion tab and google notification button too.
and i would like to ask for an updates related to Google URL shortener.
Thanking your cooperation with anticipation, we remain.
Please bring back email option for community owners. When I make a pinned post on our community , it is generally for important announcement. I share it with circle of community members. Before I was allowed to send email to same circle along with share. Now that option is taken away. 
Translate option is not available for comments in android version. It is very much necessary.
Still waiting for Polls and for single column view to be widened, once those are done... the world will be a better place
Looks like old good Gundotrian times. But the more updates, the more people complain today...
+David R Robinson I agree with you and +Charles Payet​, it is very inconvenient to click on the more button, then position the cursor on the text field if you want to use the text search with autocompleter, then after selecting the target collection position again the cursor in the text box so you can finally start typing your post.

The ideal solution would be that when selecting collections, the autocompleter field would be visible with focus, and the drop down list had all the Collections communities listed without the need of using a more button. 
Now if we can get back the little circle/box that shows if we are in their circles too! Thanks for all your hard work +Luke Wroblewski & the Google+ Team.
Greg M
Tonight I repeatedly clicked on Home in Google+ Preview edition on my desktop. Google+ is using the single columnar display and the repeatedly clicking in succession resulted in new posts showing up in my main stream. Shouldn't the same posts always show up especially in such a short period of time?

+Greg M no the algorithm changes it up every once in a while, the posts will appear later on definitely, but they won't stay at the very top because you've made it clear you aren't currently into them
Greg M
+Kenny R. I am talking about clicking on Home button 4 or 5 times within 5 seconds. After leaving Google+ alone and trying it the rapid clicking of the home button did not change the posts. Its this inconsistency in Google+ which made me stop using it every day and go back to using other social networks.
+Jose Navarro Hangouts is here: it's not coming back to Google+, so learn how to open a new tab. However inconvenient that might be for you, Google would be foolish to tie the success of their popular messenger service to their unpopular social network.
+Jose Navarro Indeed! take your pick. 

As far as I can see circles are still here. Is there some feature in particular you're missing?

Events are in the new android app so I assume they are also coming to G+ for the web. 
+Daniel Higginbottom Do me a favor.  Try creating a new Circle with the "new" google plus using an ios device.  Go ahead, go.  I'll wait.  Also, notice how circles are no longer a default option.  You need to hunt for it in the Android App.  I'll see what your excuse is for that.
+Jose Navarro Sorry, I don't have an ios device handy. From what I hear G+ for ios is terrible. It appears to be a few generations behind the android app. Still, hard to blame G+ for having an 'android first' attitude. 
+Daniel Higginbottom I don't complain just to complain.  I'm trying to point out obvious missing key features that made this app so great.  Trust me that I'm a heavy proponent for G+ but man with this new team they've been making even me look elsewhere.
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