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G+ Web Preview Update Feb 5
Today we're starting to roll out several fixes and new features on the Google+ Web preview including:

* 101 bug fixes
* View large profile images in a gallery
* Improved people search results
* An updated design for the Following screen
* Ability to see who you've muted and un-mute them in the Activity Log (found under Settings)

As always, keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item. We are continuing to listen and make changes.
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Flora Fang
Lol, muted Mark Zuckerberg ~~
I still miss auto refresh or something similar...
Hard to use it on a daily basis but I'm willing to check the progress each update :)
How do we definitively know if it has been "rolled out" to us?
Good to see improved people search, it has been abysmal.  I have to confess I’ve reverted back to Classic mode! 
+Luke Wroblewski my personal wishlist: Bring back "New posts" badge, move the and change the arrow in the image viewer to an X in the top right corner like every other page on the web.
Thanks for the update +Luke Wroblewski will the auto refresh make a return giving a notification on the left of the stream?

I tried profile pic out. I clicked the profile pic. It popped up on screen then screen went white. There is a bug maybe
+Luke Wroblewski VERY happy to see you can finally click a profile photo. (Not sure how that was overlooked at launch since it is also the tiniest photo ever. If you could also increase the size of the photo, it would eliminate the need to click on it) Looking forward to future updates!
+Lynsey Eve Valdez having a section to see tagged photos is a huge request from people. It's what people are familiar with and used to from any other social network. Frustrating that this is the one network that doesn't follow suit. 
Unfortunately I will have to hold on to the old G+ till I can search for posts within a community. But I'm happy to see the progress!
Mo r

Fullscreen image viewer, the click area of the arrows is too small.
Would suggest adding click on image to move to the next one, and scroll out to get back the the post view.

Another small thing, when resharing a post, the 'original posted' text moved to under the post itself and the text is smaller. It is less noticeable then the current post sharing view. 
I can't zoom on the picture of this post (mobile web version), and do the same you did with profile pictures to the cover picture.

I find the web version superior to the app because of the black bar, idk, maybe I'll never get used to it. 🙁
Thank you very much for showing profile pictures in LARGE!!!! As it should be.... -.-  ....
Thank you for editing followers/following!! As it should be in a social network....
When will search return to communities. And what is the future for events and Hangout on Air?
+Luke Wroblewski Good to know about Google+ recent updates, and it would be more recommended if there is timeline for both profile page & Activity log for profiles that have numerous of posts and other logged activities,
Moreover showing the number of posts to G+ user during accessing the activity log is a plus like the Collections. and good for Communities.
Before the end, I hope to see the views and Extended circles,
Thanking your cooperation with anticipation, we remain.
Tempting, but still can't switch away from Classic until the ability to order search results by "most recent" returns.

It's like if Twitter didn't have the ability to switch between "Top Tweets/Live".
Britney Spears talks too much, I agree on that.
+Luke Wroblewski The Block list in the activity log takes more time to know the suspended (Blocked profile) account, the classic Google need one second keeping the mouse cursor over the profile name.
+Luke Wroblewski, the new UI still has no way to search community members so that you can remove or ban a bad community member. I moderate +Science on Google+'s community with over 600,000 members. Are we supposed to scroll through that list to find someone to remove or ban? Where are the tools for moderating communities?
+Chad Haney I consider newer options to be added to Google+ user's community rules, like permission for members for post, comment, limit posts, and more highly level security options to be increased.
+Luke Wroblewski Love G+, it's been my main social network since the day it opened for the public (I wasn't lucky enough to get an early invite). That said, for the love of all that's holy, can we PLEASE get a better way to find an exact account when I plus someone's name. Even being able to plus their account number (or URL if they have one) would go a long way. It's a total crapshoot when I hit plus and start typing someone's name whether I'll find the account I'm looking for, and sometimes it's downright impossible.

For whatever reason, it's SLIGHTLY easier on mobile. When I'm on mobile and start typing a name, it seems to weight someone that's in my circles over the masses of other people. What I end up having to do, even though I'm sitting on a normal computer with the G+ website open, is picking up my phone, creating a private post there, just so I can interact with it on the main page. I find it sometimes completely impossible to get someone's exact account when using the website.

Now I know from a UI standpoint, UI experts must CRINGE at the thought of typing someone's full account number, but in a situation where there are multiple people with the same name, how is the system to know which John Smith I'm trying to create a private post for. At work (I'm an IT guy supporting people at GE) I run into the problem with multiple people with the same name ALL THE TIME (there are a ZILLION Ashish Guptas, for instance) and the only way I can get our systems to know I'm talking to one person over another is to use their unique SSO number. It's not elegant, but come on... you guys are engineers at heart, you can understand my desire sometimes for function over form.
Hahahaha muted Mark Zuckerberg😂
+Luke Wroblewski, allow me a question.
Google is one of the most sophisticated search engines available. Why on Earth looking up someone or something on G+ is still such a mess? It's nearly impossible to find someone e.g based on location.

Even if you design crap more shiny it'll stay crap. I suggest fixing the basics instead of disimproving things that have worked rather good before in the name of so called progress.
As always: Please bring us functionality back, we've already head: Drag and drop (and) support for uploading more than one image.
Not to forget that all the shiny new "improvements" simply killed the most valuable part of the product, the video hangouts and rendered it to uselessness.
+Luke Wroblewski the profil photo tap is greate news, these minor steps are not that big in my eyes.. and new? well...hardly. Sorry to spoile the party, but I can realy remember the photo-tab before..
But G+ is finally improving bit for bit.. slowly but I only wish you guys could use your energi more on some vital things around our beloved G+, such as improved share/collection buttons and a cleaner surface.. mens: remove the green/blue/red enourmos banners at top
these things have been greate to have just in time before the new layout comes around in a ... year or two??
It's getting better. Two wishes.
Like in the iphone app I would like the web version to autohide the menu and the top bar (search etc) when scrolling the stream. I also miss the big landscape showing of pictures over all two or three columns in the stream as is in the old version of G+. 
Ok, i I was getting this real time indicator yesterday but today I am not, and I had the updated follow design under people yesterday too, but do not today... did you take these updates away or is there something wrong with my G+??
Still not seeing the update followers design under people
+Luke Wroblewski both. I follow people I don't know but like what they post, I circle people I know personally or socially or celebrity etc. 
In the browser +Luke Wroblewski. On chrome and safari...have tried it on both Mac and Windows and a chrome looks as it always does 
+Luke Wroblewski I check my fathers account and he did not get the new follow design either. He is following people and has circles too. 
+Luke Wroblewski thanks, I also asked some their people in a community and they also are saying they don't have the new design, so apparently it's just not me. Thanks! 
+Luke Wroblewski I figured out why I wasn't getting the new follow design, I had my follow circle set to "Include when sharing with "Your circles"under the circle settings. Once I turned that off I refreshed my page and I had the new design. So if anyone else isn't getting the new design that may be the reason. Wish i could post a screen shot pic in this comment to show u.. hope u understand what i'm saying... 
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