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Chrome Web Browser Notifications
Today we’re rolling out the ability to get Google+ notifications in the Chrome Web browser. In order to enable this feature, you’ll have to turn on the Google+ Web notifications setting and give your Web browser permission to send you notifications from (illustrated in the image).

You don't have to be on to get these notifications. General Chrome browser notification settings can be managed under Content Settings in Chrome.

As always, please send us any ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item to ensure we see them.

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Thank you! Been waiting for this since we got this feature in Drive on desktop. Can't wait to see this for Inbox/Gmail and Hangouts next. 
I see +Google notifications in every Google app, service, tab that I use, why on earth would I want a Chrome Notification? If I'm already in Chrome an why only now? I thought even some websites from time to time asks if you they can give me notifications of updates or am I confused?

+Wilbur Taute the rest of the Web does not have G+ notifications on it. Only Google services with our common header. Chrome notifications are not dependent on being on a Google property to see what's new in G+.
Could you please fix the notifications filter... No matter what notification I check/uncheck, I still receive all types of notifications...
+Luke Wroblewski Oh, I know about the hangouts app, but I just kind of like the accessibility of having google+ open, and having hangouts on the side while im at work, or when im playing games on steam and I have the in game browser to just google+ to chat and check on other peoples posts.

But if the hangouts app is a more improved Ill give it a go
I can't find out where you change all these things.

Great news for the notifications, it's really a plus ! Thanks !
+Luke Wroblewski​, any ideas if Positions will be integrate in the web version ?
Really cool to get these notifications! I would like to get more notifications just to see them coming in my screen!

Just it would be cool to precise before accepting, in the pop-up, that it works even when you haven't Google+ open. It makes the feature better for some, and may make some other reject.
Okay. I don't like the new g+ on the computer, it's to complicated and it really messes with my internet. I'm using the old g+ on the computer until you guys get rid of the old G+.

This is just my opinion, you do not have to reply or say anything to me.
FYI: I did not received notifications for the new comments in this post, despite I enabled the option, and I have Google+ open, and notifications are allowed, and finally despite I received one notifications yesterday.

I'm going to send feedback but it is to help you to know.
+Wilbur Taute In the new G+ version, you don't see notifications unless you scroll up. This will allow you to see notifications without actually actively checking. Other Google products may have their header bars changed as well eventually.
No todo el mundo usa únicamente Chrome, Android e iOs, deberían pensar también en los usuarios que tenemos Edge, Windows Mobile, y potenciales nuevos usuarios para sus servicios, no solo G+.
Yes. I was getting this last night and was confused at first.
Is it possible that if I already have a Google+ tab open then clicking on the notification would switch to the existing Plus tab and not opening a new one?
Thank you, how to get off porn / tons off it/ on time line? If I mute it is... and I cant block ...
Not getting this, another staged rollout?
An excellent presentation - except for one detail. How do you get the "Get Google+ push notifications ..." popup? Is this indeed a staged rollout?
+Luke Wroblewski Aha! It just showed up. Still can't include a photo (screen print) in this comment though.
+Luke Wroblewski I got the push notifications and turned it on. when i go to settings and notifications it says Get Google+ push notifications on your web browser and it's turned off. If i turn it on it just goes back to off again. is it supposed to be that way?
+Richard Clarkson The setting in Chrome "Settings - Advanced Settings - Privacy - Content settings - Notifications" defaults to "Ask ..." - and throws the popup where you clicked on "Allow".

Once you click on "Allow", you will get notifications - such as a notification for this reply. You can use Chrome "Settings ... Notifications" to restrict notifications, if you wish.

My notifications started immediately - and have not stopped. %-)
I wish we had an option to choose what notifications we get within the app. 
+Luke Wroblewski​​​​​​ I'm talking about in app notifications not push or email notifications. I posted this elsewhere. ⬇️

It'd be nice if we could choose what notifications to be notified about within the app. And I'm NOT referring to email notifications or push notifications. Those you can choose.

You see, I'm on Google+ to share my photography and see other's photography. And I really don't care when I comment on someone's photography and someone comments after me. It's not a conversation we're having in the post. But, if you mute a post you should still get notified about a mention. I mute a post because idc what other people have to say but I want to be notified if they say something directly to me. And sometimes on an issue were there is a discussion I don't want to be alerted to every comment but only if I get a mention.
+Luke Wroblewski I appreciate you trying to help me but that will not work. You cannot choose what notifications to receive within the app. Do you understand what I mean? I explained it better in the comment above this. 
You can't choose what notifications to get notified within the app 
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