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What You Missed
We recently rolled out a new feature for Google+ on Android, iOS, and our new Web preview. "What You Missed" finds great older posts that you haven't seen yet and shows them in your Home stream with a clear "What you Missed” label, so you don't miss out on content you'll love.

As with every new feature, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item in any of our apps.
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If we were shown it why would we have missed it.
Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was simply a new post notification since the last time logged in.
If the app is keeping track of which posts have been seen, then it can also prevent posts from being displayed multiple times. 
To echo +Elizabeth Hahn​. As a user, if I don't want this, how do we disable it? And while you're at it, give us the option of disabling seeing what other people plus (though I'm quite certain you've already received thousands of official feedback requests submitted on that particular topic). 
You guys are insufferable.

Are you really asking for a setting to turn off a few pixels?

Anyway, great feature, it's really useful on Twitter and it will here too. 
Tim P
+Sean Heffernan lol, you can forget about that plus one thing. I've mentioned it in every post he's made and he just ignores it. I've been providing feedback on that for over a year.
+Tim P I know. Sigh. But please, by all means, keep providing feedback via the "Send Feedback" menu option black hole. :-)
+ec gonzalez no. We're asking for a setting to turn off seeing entire posts that some of the people we follow (who are into some really weird shit) plus, which google then forces into our Home steam.
I want a chronological time line, not what Google (or $insert_company) thinks is best for me.
I agree 100% with what +Marco D. Rassau​ said. Be like Twitter. Just give me a chronological feed of everything that's happened. Don't algorithmically decide what you think I want to see.
If you don't want plussed posts, unfollow or ask person to see if they will turn it off.
Twitter and Facebook are the same, showing liked posts... and adverts
Tim P
+Mark Stronge that would be more work than having an option to turn it off or on, or being able to specify which ones we actually want to see. Your suggestion just won't work for people who have thousands of followers.
Tim P
This isn't Twitter or Facebook, which is why we are here.
+Tim P I found most of mine were coming from about ten people, I dumped them - they were using it to promote what they wanted me to see. Once they were gone I only see the occasional ones now and I follow 4000 people. 
+Paul Pavlinovich​ why would the power of some users to promote trump the power of users to control what's in our stream without having to unfollow them entirely?

Or a more real world example for me .... I follow a couple of people that post some really interesting stuff. I like seeing it my stream and I often engage. However, thanks to their plus 1 sharing being on, I also now know that they're into certain fetishes. I'm not here to judge. All the power to them, whatever floats their boat, but I shouldn't need to unfollow them entirely in order for me to safely browse my home stream while my kids are in the room.
+Sean Heffernan don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to turn it off too (or make it a circle by circle setting) but after a year of it I've found other ways to deal with it. Interestingly I don't think I ever see them on mobile only on Web. I seem to remember a chrome extension that got rid of them. 
+Paul Pavlinovich that's all anyone has ever wanted. By all means, Google can leave it on as the default, which is going to apply to the vast majority of users. But for those of us that know and care, just give us the ability to turn it off.
+Paul Pavlinovich I see them on both mobile and web usually at inappropriate times.

I also had that extension but removed it - it also excludes the posts of people I do have circled, yet am only seeing because a third person plussed it.

Just give me the option to see only posts of people I have circled. Period. Preferably in chronological order.

+Elizabeth Hahn​ ah Murphy's law, the most inappropriate content will be matched to the most inappropriate time to see it :) 
One solution +Elizabeth Hahn​ is to put all people you follow in to a single circle and only read that. If I remember correctly I had to set the sort order on the desktop version. I always see every post with the newest at the top. I never use the home stream for the reasons outlined above.
+Greg Kerr that's a heck of a lot of work. Especially since they removed circle sharing. I have a lot of circles. 
Plus you won't see Collections you follow or community posts. 
I see collections and community posts when I am a member of the community +Elizabeth Hahn and I have never missed seeing a message that I am aware of. But then I wouldn't know that I missed it I guess because I din't see it :)
Is this why I keep seeing old posts I've already read on the top of my feed?
By putting them in a circle it is implied that I have them circled +Elizabeth Hahn. I just checked my acquaintances circle and the first post I see is a collection post from a person that I follow. I decided to check just in case I was talking crap. For the record I also can no longer find the location that allowed the sort order of a circle.
I feel certain that I miss more when I look at the home stream with the added bonus of seeing the same post multiple times and a lot of extra garbage that I have no desire to see. My way is much cleaner even if I miss something.
I have no collections that I follow without following a user. If I like what a user posts then I follow them and if they have a collection that I do not like then I unfollow that collection.
I just want the option to choose what's in my home (And circle) streams. I shouldn't have to do so much rearranging and hacking to get to what I want to see.

I do want a few communities in my home stream, but have zero wish to circle everyone ibn the communities (even if I could circle that many) And there's quite a few collections I follow without following the person. 
+Greg Kerr nothing wrong with that approach but it works the other way too, I've got lots of collections that I follow the collection but not the person and I know plenty of people do that to me too. I've got collections with follower counts two to three times my personal follower count. 
Straight chronological order would be great. I can see your problem +Elizabeth Hahn ... :)
New? Fucking new? This is old af.
+Elizabeth Hahn that's what circle streams are for. Add people to a circle. View that circle stream and it is in chronological order. Home stream has been sorted by relevance for years. 
+Luke Wroblewski but - circle streams are such a PITA. And I can't set it to default a view to a circle stream. And I've disliked the "relevance" every since it came out. There's nothing relevant about it. 
+Luke Wroblewski relevance works if you're facebooking over here on the plus with family and friends. It doesn't work if you follow large groups with like interests. We miss so much. Before I got into create I thought all those people I circle in 2011/2012 in the heady growth days were gone because I never see anything from them. More I know they're posting like they did then but I never saw it. The relevance algorithm made the ghost town true lots of us ask over and over for years but deaf ears. Give us the option please, relevance on the home stream or chronological. Default to relevance for new people but please support the power users with chronological. 
Tim P
Ignored again
It would be great to have a setting to disable or set the timeframe. 
Oh come on! Just show me all the posts from people I've followed. That's why I have, you know, followed them! G+ is just getting worse and worse in every iteration. Both UI and content system. Go back to basics.
Had to add a point: I really feel an accusation when I read this. "What you missed!!" resp. for I should feel guilty. This is not a thing I want to read when I visit my feed. No one should ever question my habits, not even G+
I discovered this some weeks ago in Android's G+ feed and every time I read this I whispered quietly a "f*ck off" to my smartphone. This didn't change until today, I find this distracting.

Addendum: I left Facebook and Instagram because of the curated feeds. Most of the time the algorithms didn't match what I want to read, same for Google and Youtube Search - "Did you mean...?" - "NO, I MEANT WHAT I WROTE"
Sorry for ranting, but this is getting serious for me and I can't believe that everyone wants a company or app, which always think they know it better than me.
I just want to be able to include images in my replies most people in 2016... :P
This morning, I was presented with a post under "What you missed" (in the Android app) which I had not only seen, but +1ed.
+Luke Wroblewski it will be better if the most liked photos will be first posts in a communty or collection. it will be organize posts order by moderator. there is no any feature on Google+ for now, right?
Not a fan, I'm with +Elizabeth Hahn ~ how can I disable. It's a bit like Amazon showing me similar products to the one I dismissed/wasn't ever going to buy the last six times I logged on.
Just noticed it, don't want it, how do I get rid of it?
so i supposed google has just decided this is what we they want whether we like it or not. well there are some who think this is a rather large annoyance. so, google. how the hell can i disable this "what you missed" feature. it's stupid! just put my posts in reverse chronological order and be done with it!
I don't like it, I like to start at the top and scroll down not somewhere in between. This feature is annoying, please give us a way to disable it.
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