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Luke Storer

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♔JulietteLovely305. 1 day ago. #buscan a esta persona #maltrato #animal #españa #brasil Tweet this · Retweet this · Share on Facebook · Share on Google+ · Share on LinkedIn · Share on ...
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Luke Storer

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Great news, well done team Peppermint
Team peppermint are proud to announce the early release of Peppermint 7
It's available right now on our main website:
Available in both 64bit and 32bit versions and based on the 16.04 code base, you can read the full release announcement here:

Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy the new release :)
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Thanks +Luke Storer :)
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Luke Storer

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+Dan Nichols - Say Cheese.
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Luke Storer

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That awkward moment when your IT rollout goes tits up.

+Keith Milner +George Doscher enjoy!
A supermarket chain accidentally introduces a 20% discount at 140 stores instead of just at one branch - costing it thousands in lost revenue.
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Is the hand on top of the head a universal sign of error, or is it a way of finding out if it's raining? 
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Luke Storer

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Just found a great guide to removing "pesky" directories on Windows using Robocopy.
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I'm so glad I don't have so many restrictions at home. More symbols available in file names, longer file paths.
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Luke Storer

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+adrian blissett - trying to rationalise aggression is hard when you've got so much in common.
There was a discussion on the UK libertarian facebook group today about how anarchists would deal with aggression in the absense of a state. The first post was a picture of a bullet. I wish I'd seen this earlier so I could've shared it. This is how it works.
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Keep on losing connection. I'll try again tomorrow bro
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Luke Storer

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Luke Storer

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Some mathematically cute poetry for y'all.
A Math Limerick

Here's a math limerick, something I didn't even know existed, sent to me just a bit a go by a friend who thought I'd appreciate it, which I do. I don't know where this originally came from, so I can't attribute it, but I salute whoever came up with it. Just thought I'd share it with all of you on this pleasant Sunday morning.
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Great to see a new version of Slim shipping this morning :)
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Luke Storer

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Great overview / introduction to horizontally scaling a PHP web application
Shipping a website or application to production has its own challenges, but when it gets the right traction, it’s a great accomplishment. It always feels good to see the visitor numbers going up, doesn’t it? Except, of course, when your traffic increases so much that it crashes your little LAMP stack. No matter what time or day it is, the cost of your app being offline is just too high, and in many cases it brings irreversible losses to a busines...
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Luke Storer

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+adrian blissett Heartbreaking or leaving a lot up to the imagination? I can't work it out.
Luke Storer originally shared:
6 word stories. 
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Baby seal walks into a club... 
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