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Luke Shillabeer
A sprinkle of biology and a smattering of technology.
A sprinkle of biology and a smattering of technology.

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Sweet capes ^_^ 
"I know a good dad when I see one."

Photo by Resgestae/Reddit.

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Diving in Thailand 2012
2012 October 25 DSD David Joanne Luke Cassie (21 photos)
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Grab the nearest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the book, repaste these rules.

It is not completely true because many genes specify non-enzymatic proteins, and some specify functional RNA molecules rather than proteins - but in the form of 'one gene - one polypeptide' it remains a useful tool for thinking about what genes do.


Is there a way to change a post from Limited to Public if you posted it from a mobile?

I can't seem to change it :/

How's everyone finding Google+?

I'm kinda waiting for more of my friends to hop on board, right now I don't think I'm getting the full experience.
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