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Don't believe the "Android is not secure" hype

The vast majority of mobile malware is written for +Android. Thats a fact.  Its a side effect of the open-garden.  Anyone can write apps, even malicious ones, and distribute into the wild without the approval of a curation system.

But to the everyday user, does it matter?  I have been looking for posts, on forums and social media, about people whose mobile device have been infected and need help.  All I have found are blogs posts about Mobile malware, no personal stuff. 

Charts and statistics can be misleading and the effect is massively intensified when you only refer to percentages rather than hard numbers.

People can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.

In my quest for hard numbers I found this article thats estimates mobile malware infections to around "11.6 million mobile devices" and "Android devices accounted for 60% [~7million] of total mobile network infections"  I believe these numbers are world wide.  At last count Android had crossed the Billion device mark and activates 1.5 million devices daily. 

With those number and a couple of others i made a chart of estimated Activated Android Devices compared to estimated infected Android devices. The sheet with math and sources

It is quite easy to avoid malware infection on Android.  In a nutshell, don't sideload apps [disabled by default] and the vast majority of people will never have to worry.  If you decide to sideload apps  
+Chris Hoffman has a nice write up on how to keep yourself safe.

more good reading by +JR Raphael by +Emil Protalinski by +Jerry Hildenbrand by +Gordon Kelly by +Steven Vaughan-Nichols 

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Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a brief update on iOS 7's adoption this morning at WWDC, while also slamming Android in the process - even "joking" that Android..
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Correction, it's a side effect of 75%+ market share. And a huge adoption rate in emerging economies. 
+Quinton Stevens That post that claimed that iOS 8 sent Android back to the stone age pissed me off so much i blocked the OP so i wouldn't need to see his crap on my feed.
Just today I was wondering if the Lookout app on my phone was actually doing anything... And yes, it takes picture of people trying to access my phone with wrong passcode, and emails them to me. Which is fun. 
It's sad to see Apple resorting to bashing on other platforms with misled information. Now half the people I know think Android sucks because it's filled to the brim with viruses. I've had Android devices for three years, downloaded shady apps, installed a ton of stuff from outside the Play Store, you name it. Still never caught a virus.
There's an Android Security AMA with the authors of the Android Hacker's Handbook on June 12th that you might be interested in. More details on
Tim Cook spreading the FUD, and tech journalists eat it all up. Good post. 
If Android is so secure, why does every app have the permission to track me? After 5 months with Android, I feel like I'm being observed every time I carry my phone with me. There's just no way to disable tracking on per-app basis. Ridiculous.
+Melanie Brands you can disable on per app basis actually. Try researching before bitching about what you don't know about.
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