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Dingo in Canuckistan
Dingo in Canuckistan

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who needs more than 4 horse power?
Never underestimate the power of the Amish.

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not a bad photoshop.

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I ended up with the ones of the right! :)
Did you know that having twins is not genetic? People have always said that twins skip a generation and this is common talk. But, it's not true!

Whether you would think twins are the cutest thing or you would be exhausted taking care of two infants; knowing how to conceive twins will help you. You can either use these ideas to your advantage or use them to avoid twins. It is up to you!

#twins   #babies   #womenshealth   #sperm   #healthcare   #healthnews  

Not sure about the new interface for +Google+, might take some getting used too. 

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Need this in #yqr  

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Things are going to change! Number 3! I wonder where steeevie was? ;)

Going to an eye checkup, the first one in 3 years. Here's to hoping im not blinder than before! 

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This just goes to show, that the personal automobile isn't always the solution.

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What is in the box! Beer from BC :) Good friends.
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