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To +The White House +Barack Obama


Well when I was at New England National Park in Australia
I found +Barack Obama doll sitting there on the sign.

also at Nymboi-Binderay National Park. 
Watching the State of the Union Address: Our Orion spacecraft will take our future astronauts beyond the International Space Station to an asteroid and Mars. More:  #journeytomars #SOTU  
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An asteroid, designated 2004 BL86, will safely pass about three times the distance of Earth to the moon on Jan. 26. From its reflected brightness, astronomers estimate that the asteroid is about a third of a mile (0.5 kilometers) in size. At the time of its closest approach, the asteroid will be approximately 745,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) from Earth. Get all the facts: 
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Twas the night before launch, and the +SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft were prepared to liftoff to the International Space Station to deliver cargo that will be sent aloft on the resupply flight. Launch of the SpaceX CRS-5 mission is scheduled for 6:20 a.m. EST Tuesday from Florida. Live NASA TV coverage starts at 5 a.m. To watch, visit: #ISScargo
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Yep that's my video. Check out +Tenterfield Tourism for more info.
Stunning 360 sunset on the Kildare Rd & Mt Mackenzie Scenic Drive! Stay tuned to see the road become a cycling trail!

#Sunset   #Granitecountry   #Newenglandhighcountry  
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To +The White House

If only I had gotten that +Kickstarter campaign off the ground

I could have gotten "China 2.0: #onemaninchina" out of "post production" and into cinemas in time for.
#oscars #oscars2015

James Ord asked +U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Twitter what President Obama is doing to reduce income inequality. Check out his answer. #AskTheWH #BigBlockOfCheeseDay #OpportunityForAll
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What are the most significant risks the world faces? The 10th edition of our Global Risks Report draws on the perspectives of experts and global decision-makers to highlight the key risks, their causes, and potential solutions. #risks2015
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Hubble Goes High-Definition to Revisit Iconic Image: Although our +Hubble Space Telescope has taken many breathtaking images of the universe, one snapshot stands out from the rest: the iconic view of the so-called “Pillars of Creation.” The jaw-dropping photo, taken in 1995, revealed never-before-seen details of three giant columns of cold gas bathed in the scorching ultraviolet light from a cluster of young, massive stars. Details: #aas225 #hubble25
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I love auto-awesome. 
You know, just an ordinary guy.
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