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Blur - A Launcher Replacement

Glad you decided to try out our launcher! This community is for all things Blur, whether that is discussion, homescreens, feature requests, bugs, or official announcements.

I will try to keep this post relatively short, but here is just some basic info about the app and things to note. There are also a ton of links in the community description that could be helpful to you!

Current Version
The current version is 1.1.1 (No beta available). Find the release post and changelog here: https://plus.google.com/117432358268488452276/posts/GLV2yiwxyt3

Frequently Asked Questions
We have put quite a bit of work into the "Frequent Questions" section of this app. Before asking us a question, please, please, please, check them out. Sometimes the volume for our apps can be overwhelming and a lot to keep up with! This will help us out as well as you.

To find these questions:
1.) Long click an open space on the launcher and open settings.
2.) Head to the help section of settings.
3.) Open up the "Frequent Questions" section and click the title of the item you want to read about.

Klinker Apps Extensions
1.) EvolveSMS Page:
    - You just need to install the EvolveSMS app from the play store and it will show up under the Page Picker on the launcher
    - Download link: http://goo.gl/i4mzvB

2.) Talon for Twitter Page:
    - Install Talon for Twitter from the Play Store: http://goo.gl/Jfcpzw

    - Install the Talon (Blur Launcher Page) from the Play Store: http://goo.gl/rXRkhG

    - Talon will now show up under the Page Picker

Applying Extensions
Applying pages to your launcher
1.) Long click an empty space on the homescreen, then press settings.
2.) Go to the page picker, and just hit the add button on an open page (swipe left and right to get to other pages)
3.) Next time you return to your homescreen, it will restart itself and the pages will be there!

Applying cards to the "Blur Info Page"
1.) Add the info page to your launcher with the above steps
2.) Go back to settings and click the card picker button
3.) Pressing the "Add Card" button on that screen will then bring up a list of all the available cards

Unread Badge Support (Requires Android 4.3+)
They are currently housed under the "Experimental Settings" section of the app because they are very new. You can get to this section from the 3-Dot overflow menu in settings.  There you will find information about how it works and steps to getting them going.

Here are some steps to get it enabled:
1.) Install "Blur - Unread": http://goo.gl/Gi0x18
2.) Go to "Experiment Settings" and enable the "Unread Badges" setting.
3.) Click on the notification listener option and enable the "Blur - Unread" listener.
4.) Return to your homescreen, it will restart and counts will begin to appear as they come in.

You can note the "Known Bugs" section under Experimental Settings as well.

Developer/API Support
Blur comes with some pretty awesome APIs. But how do they work? We have made a pretty extensive readme on our APIs GitHub page. Here is a link to that:


Along with the apis, we have links to some open source projects that will probably be of interest to you. Check out the very basic "Hello World" examples first, I would use these as a base for any cards or pages you make. Just change the package and start with your coding/customization :)

When you start to understand the in's and out's of the APIs (it is really just fragments and views), then check out the more advanced examples. There are some custom cards (weather, next alarm, and next event) packaged with the Info Page source code. There is also the simple calculator page that has been made available and open source.

The info page is a great place to learn about dealing with custom layouts within your project and the calculator page is just a more advanced generic page.

Please note that compiling the example extra pages (info and calculator) isn't enough to get them to run on the launcher. They are set up to be packaged within Blur, so they do not have the correct manifest tags to be found from the page or card picker in their current state.

Hope you enjoy _Blur - A Launcher Replacement_
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Member #8 Can't wait to try it out!
Funny i found out this was released through Talon! rofl
+Luke Klinker Sorry to bother you and i know your busy but.........the beta opt in says "Nothing to see here" I guess you will be setting up a beta app in the future? or is this it? with all the bugs popping up....
yeah it doesn't show anything because there isn't beta testing up yet, since I haven't uploaded a beta
I just downloaded from play store. Used the link from Evolve app
Legendary thanks for such awesome work guys. Truely leaders is android development
Is there a way to have a blur page on either side of the main page?
+Luke Klinker I'd like to suggest adding the option of positioning the blur page on either the left or right
I have downloaded it as I am using the other apps of this dev team.Hope, it will be as great as other apps in near future.
+Peter D I can see this being cool because I'm a guy that uses only one homescreen. But I doubt this will get through 
+Mike Williams I only use one homescreen as well. For Blur to be useful for me I need to be able to have an app page on one side and the blur page on the other. 
Tee Dee
Liking the Blur info cards, a good replacement for Google Now for me. 
Crashes for me when trying to configure. Nexus 5/stock/rooted
How can I get those extensions in my Blur??
Calculator, weather..?
Crash issue has gone. performance improvement should be the next mojor priority .
Its not working to answer to SMS in the EvilveSMS side page 😞😛
Repeatedly crashes for me if I add the EvolveSMS card. Clearing data in Evolve app allows Blur to load again but if I make any changes Blur will crash until I clear Evolve app data. For now I'm just running without the SMS card to prevent crashes. 
Update on my previous post above:
Some are cards some are pages
Now I'm using this on my daily driver phone. Pretty sweet so far. Keeping an eye on ram usage, though, as my phone sucks.
Huawei Valiant.
I hate to say it but i think some of the other launchers will be doing the copycat thing. I can feel it in my bonez ;-)
This app is getting to much attention right now :-)
Sad that without more "app pages" this laucher is useless...
I've both the Blur launcher and evolveSMS as one of the pages..when i press Home to come to the default page, the keyboard pops up automatically..when i remove evolveSMS from the pages, it works fine
I'm looking forward to testing but my phone keeps popping back here instead of to the play store lol. It has a mind of its own. 
Very nice.... as expected from Klinker apps! Running on Galaxy Note 4.
Hi, am loving the launcher and Evolve, Source and Talon - though the Talon page doesn't load. I have the app and the Blur Launcher Page and have checked it in Page Picker... but there's just a blank page there on page 2 (number one is Evolve sms). Am I missing something? Thanks. 
Have you abandoned this application? Or are you just busy?
I use it every day, but I dont have anything I want to add to it right now, so it definitely isn't abandoned
Just downloaded today, but don't have access to change icon pack, or the unread badges...will that be an update soon? The video on the play store has more options than I have, and I'd like to try the launcher once it has these features. Thanks.
+Luis Gonzalez​ the new update removed some of the features that I didn't think we're necessary or useful. Icon packs will be added in the future, but not currently supported with v2.
+Luke Klinker thank you for the quick response. I look forward to icon pack support and hopefully someone can work on an exchange email page and a gmail page....Thanks again.
Yea icon pack support was actually really good on this launcher and a lot more capable than most at customizing them. I do like the stability of the new version and the it's one of the closest to gnl out. I still keep an eye on it. 
All it needs to be my #1 launcher is icon pack support again 
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