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Blurring the Lines – Changing your Launcher Workflow

Klinker Apps, Inc. is extremely proud to bring the wraps off of our latest project, a launcher that evolves the way you’ll interact with your device from here on out.

Introducing Blur – A Launcher Replacement

The concept is simple – Google had a great idea by providing access to Google Now in their Google Experience Launcher and guess what, people started using it more often since it was so convenient. The problem with this is that the user had no control, what if they didn’t want to use Google Now ever, or maybe wanted access to something else that they thought would be more useful?… That’s where we come in.

Our launcher builds upon the Google Now concept by giving you quick access to any supported app that you want by swiping to the right on the screen and opening the pages. You’ll never have to leave the launcher to quickly reply to a text message, see new tweets, get quick device info, read news articles – the possibilities are endless!

Of course, we’ve included a few different pages that users can apply (up to 5 at a time can be added for quick access) and take advantage of, but the coolest thing is the API that we’re publishing as well so that other developers can start making pages and integrating with the launcher. For devs, the transition is simple and straightforward to convert your current fragments to fragments that are usable on a user’s homescreen and we’ve open sourced some examples to help guide you through this process.

Pages aren't the only thing you can create for Blur though. Everyone loves Google Now and its quick access to the information that matters most to you. In reality, there is only one company in the world - right now - that could ever create a service like this, and they have already done it... But we wanted to bring some of that functionality into Blur as well. To go along with the Pages API, we are also publishing a Cards API. This will let any dev easily create and manage a cards based info system on our Blur Info page. While it may not be Google Now, we have done our best to bring you that simple info and given the user the opportunity to morph it to their likings.

As a two person team that has a ton of apps already to maintain – and adding another to the list today – and school to keep up with, Luke and I are busy these days, which was our main reason for making the app so extendable! We can’t think of everything and enjoy seeing what others come up with using our products, which was the same mindset I had when creating the theme engine for both EvolveSMS and Talon for Twitter. I hope this new API will be picked up and taken advantage of as heavily as that theme engine was. It’s also a great way for new developers to get a foot in the door and start learning the ropes, we all have to start somewhere!

Along with the expandable pages and cards that we’ve created, there is also an extremely rich feature set that you’ve come to expect from custom launchers. Everything is highly customizable including grid sizes, custom icon packs, unread counts, dock choices, gesture control through swiping up and down, font choices, home screen scrolling effects, and many other things.

The best part? Blur is completely, 100% FREE! So go download it now, ‘cause why not?

Be sure to check out the Play Store description for some tips and help getting started with Blur!

Hope you feel the power of this system just like we do. Time to change the launcher game and Blur the lines between launcher and app.

Blur Play Store Download:
Beta Community:
Developer Resourses/API:
YouTube Video:
Blur - Unread Download:
EvolveSMS Download:
Talon for Twitter Download:
Talon (Blur Launcher Page) Download:

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i'll give it a spin!
Downloaded (and +1'd) just now...
Thanks for your work!
Any word on tablet support? 
Installed and gave it a test run. The application of a set of custom icons pack failed to skin all app icons. Most were left without icons.
Klinker brothers killing it again. +Tim Malseed this API/ability would have been a nice addition to Shuttle :D
Not compatible with my note 10.1 2014 edition!
Giving it a test drive now. All set up and getting used to it. Excellent concept, loving the look. 
Can't be installed on nexus 7 2013
Like it, but I'm not seeing any unread counts for evolve. Anyone?
Always love trying new launchers although Nova is tough to beat.
Got the unread counts, but not seeing all my conversations in evolve.
Very cool concept....I'll definitely keep an eye on it's development, just needs some apps to work with the pages and you'll have a hit.
Can't be installed on Nexus 10 or Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Would love to try!
Great app, but I think you're confusing "expendable" with "expandable"in your post!
+Luke Klinker Looks nice Luke. Going to try it out now. Just wondering also what app are you using for your lockscreen and popup notifications? Thankks for the your work
It won't download from playstore on my pentaband s3 rooted with the latest PACROM. I have Nova launcher installed 
+Holmes Jr. Lol I think you missed the point, that is not at all what that post meant.

CM straight up tried to emulate the google now launcher and it did not work all that great. We made our own and it is working quite nicely. That post was 100% a teaser for blur and what could and should be possible in a custom launcher.
Love it so far. Only request would be the ability to move the pages to the other side. Say have evolve on left swipe with talon on a right swipe. Other than that I love it. Can't wait for devs to start creating more pages for it. Great work +Luke Klinker and +Klinker Apps
Having trouble adding cards and pages, just allows three calc and blur pages. How do you add other things like weather or other widget stuff?

+john hubley add cards to the info page from the card picker. Other apps need to create pages to get more of them.
+Holmes Jr. What's the point of widgets on pages when you can just put them on the homescreen?
Nice pitch, I'll give it a shot.. 
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