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Mark Your Calendar

So tomorrow, +Jacob Klinker and I will be releasing our newest project, Blur - A Launcher Replacement.

Yes it is free, and yes, it is, in my opinion, amazing. The possibilities are endless. You will see what I mean tomorrow though. I can say though that I think it is the coolest project I have worked on.

This is our way of giving back to the community that has given us so much. Thanks for the support for the past year and a half. Without that, our apps would never have gotten to where they are now.

You guys has given two 20 year old kids their start and a bright future. We are just hitting their stride, can't wait for what's to come :)

So see ya tomorrow guys, and no worries, I get up early. Hoping for a smoothish launcher, a lot of time has gone into this one 👌
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Sounds awesome. I'll definitely be trying this out
The fact that evolve sms is baked into this launcher is in itself an accomplishment and milestone. Thx for the hard work and dedication! 
Free. Wow. I look forward to this. Thanks for giving back guys and thanks for the great apps.
I've been checking G+ and the play store every hour since your first teaser waiting for that kind of post ! Can't wait !
By the looks of it, I feel that it allows Google Now launcher like swipe option for apps. Just a guess. Tomorrow is not far away. 
What can we expect from this launcher? What sets it apart from the other ones? I guess I'll have to wait for tomorrow and try it out.
Good thing I get up tomorrow early for work. Cannot wait for this to come out. Everything Klinker touches is awesome. 
Can't wait you two really do great work I love EvolveSMS and Talon. Look forward to seeing if Blur will be able to dethrone Nova and become my everyday launcher. 
Sounds good, looking forward to seeing what you have achieved
The price is going to be right, so I'll give it a shot, I don't think I'll be disappointed.
You guys are awesome. I am extremely happy you're doing well and I look forward to funding your future projects. 
Man I so pumped up for this release. You guys do amazing work! This could be the one to replace nova launcher.
Can't wait fellas. I look up to you two! Here's to this toppling nova launcher!
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