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Talon for Twitter (Android-L)

Well would ya look at that. Got some nice time the last two days. Redesigned the tweet viewer and the timeline so far... And it is turning out better than I would have ever expected :)

If you would like to try... Installation Instructions:

1.) Be on the Android-L developer preview.

This will _not__ work on older versions of Android! By building the app for Android-L, it automatically puts the minimum version requirements to Android-L. As hard as you may try, you will not be able to install it._

2.) Download the APK from here:

3.) Install on your Android-L device

I am not looking for ANY bug reports, feature requests, or feedback at this point... Just install it and enjoy. More will come in the future, just wanted to give a little taste right now. I know that it is far from perfect, I don't need anyone else to tell me this right now :)

Please also remember that it this is the Android-L "Preview" for a reason, as nice as it is, they still have a ways to go before this thing is production ready. Keep that in mind if you are looking to install the L-Preview on your device.

Also, this does download some pretty high quality pictures and the cache size hasn't been increased yet... So watch your data limits lol

Feel free to comment, +1, reshare, all that jazz 👍
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Noice! Wish I had a N5 to try it on
Impresive work. Can't wait to try it ....
Feels great so far, Twitters app is one of the few things that won't run for me with L. 
Looks pretty hot. +Luke Klinker Didn't they release compat libs for older versions of Android to get some of these things into existing OS versions or am I off here?
+Artem Russakovskii there are some things that would work with the support library, but by building an app for the L preview, it will automatically set your min SDK to the L preview. So the material themes, the animations, some of the widgets, just wouldn't work on older versions, and since you can't even put an app built for L on the store, it isn't something that I have time to worry about at this point

Sorry guys, really is L only!
Still works for me.... Only works for Android L
I'm on L Finally worked...totally worth the 20 tries. ;)
Does previous themes work or shall we need to update them?
Oh nevermind I thought this was my rehashed post lol. You're referring to my gif. Hmmm not sure... Still works for me
+Ryan Lestage just edited my comment. I laughed at the thought that a .gif would only work on L.
I like it. My one issue is that the page transition animations make no sense. It looks nice, but I have no idea where the page that pops up is in relation to everything
OMG so much space and so much white. Making me restless watching that video. Lol. 
Very nice, cheers for taking the time to do it, much appreciated.
+Luke Klinker backwards compatibility is something I fear might stop developers from adopting Material. I hope Google releases some sort of support libs for Material to Holo, maybe removing the fancy animations and so but if they don't, and given that most of the phones out there will run Jellybean or KitKat for some years, will you maintain two versions of your app? One for Material and another for Holo?
+Luke Klinker You obviously are a very busy person and thank you for putting this out there for us to try out and experience it on a preview build, but do you have any plans to implement the material design on evolve if you have spare time? Totally my favorite SMS app. Thank you so much for the awesome work!
Looks great so far. Totally a WIP, but it's shaping up nicely. Default tweet body font size is probably too small (14pt) and I'd maybe increase the weight rather than upping the size so much on the usernames in the timeline. Same effective delineation,  but a little cleaner IMO. Could always lighten the color as well to help it get out of the way. And yes, I know you can adjust font size, etc. but not independently. Switching to system font ups the weight of everything, but relative sizes are intact (which is expected, I just don't love the giant usernames). Setup was a little meh, could use some more delight there, less with the walkthrough (is one necessary for a Twitter client?). Toast design could use a little work, not conveying that much information to me floating next to the FAB. Not a huge fan of how you're doing the Settings tabs in the drawer and in the main window. That said, I love all the settings options and understand the dilemma. Animations feel like they're fighting the guidelines a bit, but again, WIP. Keep up the good work, and thanks for putting this out there!

Edit: Up the line height on that tweet viewer. Iconography for favorite/RT/Share etc feels too large / poorly spaced. also can't decide if you're trying to prioritize username or display name between Timeline and tweet views.
Paul W.
You crazy awesome dude! Looks awesome. Not so keen on the theme though. 
The hero button looks a little smaller than it's supposed to be? And hopefully those "flickers" are just because of the gif.
Looking awesome but its bad that it can't play on other versions this will be on final L too???i think many devs will not update their apps fully for L if it didn't are compatible with older versions
Looks nice, but I think you've done exactly what should not be done with the animations. Based on the new Google Material Design Guidelines, transitions should be meaningful and motion coordinated. In your example you have no idea why things move everywhere :/ Maybe you should take a look here : and try to change the animations. Otherwise it looks really nice, good job :)
Looks great but the animations lack meaningfulness. The design guidelines say every animation must be uniform and have a purpose. You've got animations flying about in every direction.
Looks great to me, live the animations, someone did favourite a post which caused an fc though so need to clear cache to get it going again.
+William Abisror in all honesty, I have no idea how to manipulate the animations at this point. That is the downfall of the developer preview right now I think, they have all these great design guidelines up, and the functionality is available (for the most part), but little to no real documentation on how that stuff is actually done.

The shared object transitions don't seem to do a thing, probably because google doesn't have support for fragments and view pagers with them yet - oversight or intentional, i dont know at this point - and all I have been able to do is set the window transition to their "explode". So I would love to work with that, but it is pretty difficult to work off of just concepts of what can be done.
Digging the respectful responses you give +Luke Klinker. Some other developers would be like I said no feedback or bug reports! 👍 
What launcher is used in the Video?
wow , amazing !! works great !! looks even beter !! lovin my nexus 5 with android L even more now :-)
Does Material Design allow for the logo of the app to be in the top bar (left side, as in KK)? Without it, I feel like a lot of apps would start looking too similar to each other.
Oh Lord. This just made my pee pee tingle. Thank you!!
After opening the app a few times mine just starts force closing. Only clearing data seems to fix it
Hi, can you ease in and ease out the animations a bit? Even google recommends doing that. It would be less annoying if you did
Wow .. you are a boss! I wish i can download it and start using is.
The (Send) circle is not in the middle of the line!
Looks lovely. Looking forward to the progress leading up to the official release!
Thank you for being committed to Google's design philosophy. Need more devs to follow suit. It would make Android so much better.
nice! but that icon needs a revamp...
I have to say, it's awesome! Love the colours. A little bit too much white space on the timeline. Also battery... Talon has used 19% of mine today...
Amazing! Just installed and now I'm really excited for Android L.
hi, so dialog is displayed in a dark theme. Light gray text on a white background. Correct please.
jay ham
+Luke Klinker left Fenix for this lol first app with Android L material design I used. Will the app update from within or download a newer version once you make changes? Good work so far
+jay ham definitely won't have an auto update to it, I don't really think you should expect many updates for it though, it is a side project and not a priority at all for me at this point. I don't have a lot of time and will only work on it when I can
Damn, I really wanted that interaction bug that be fixed. Wanted it to be my daily driver. Oh well, guess I'll revert to the main app. Not like that's a bad thing 
Absolutely love it!! Your grasp of Android Material is on point. Keep up the good work!
It would he good If you could make this version compatible with KitKat and/jelly bean so youu don't have 2 versions of the app and that means merging the 2 versions. This will help as lots of other apps do have material design in them and work on KitKat. Thus would also allow more people to help you test the version
He's not looking for people to test this version. He just threw it out there. 
The link says "no SD card" i cant download the file :(
Just stopped working with no reason given.just continuous force closes but has worked perfectly up to this point.
+Luke Klinker thanks, that worked but now its eating my battery! Half of all my battery use is being attributed to talon.... Having said that, plume appears to be just as bad so that may be an OS bug
+Luke Klinker finally flashed Android L on my N7, since they updated it today... Are there any themes that work with Talon for Twitter (Android-L)?? If not nbd. Your work is quite impressive. JW. 
+Luke Klinker gotcha... JW. Excited to have finally made the jump... Again, GREAT work. Thank you 
Alex B
update? :)
Just updated to the L preview... Anyone have the apk? Link gives a 404 error!?!
Столько разговоров и все обо мне)))ха
Can someone upload the apk? As others have started, the link is down.
can't install on final preview androil Lollipop, on m y nexus 5 :|
Cant install it on lollipop preview on my nexus 7 2013(
i can't install on final preview Lollipop, on my nexus 5 :(
Error nexus 5 android l preview 13d
Error nexus 5 android l preview 13d
Instalando ahora en mi galaxy s3 con android 5.0
Man Jr
Link not worked
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