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Luke Jordan
I'm a babyfaced assassin with a Google obsession.
I'm a babyfaced assassin with a Google obsession.

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Blogger Outreach Tips for Epic Email Success

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Badass Blogging Tips

Use these 11 tips to transform your blogging career.

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It feels so good to be BACK!

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It's been a while...

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Haven't been on here in ages. It definitely seems to be dying, as much as I used to deny it would happen.

Life updates: moved house, had kids (got kittens), shaved my hair off. That's about it.

Enjoy these pictures of my children:
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Quick Question For You

How ethical do you think content upgrades are for list building? After all, people are opting in for one specific email, not regular emails/updates

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How to Make a Memorable Pitch

A range of experts and me were asked by +Sue Anne Dunlevie what the best ever pitch we received was.

Well, as I'm typically on the other end of things - I'm the one sending the pitches - I gave my response from an alternative angle.

Other legends in this post include +Andrea Beltrami, +Thomas E. Hanna |, +Carol Amato and more!

Read it here: 

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Guarantee You'll Still Be Singing This In 2 Days Time...

Horrifically catchy!

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How to Write Long Blog Content

+Will Blunt is a master of churning out epically long content.

Not only has he built up a reputation of providing 5,000+ word blog posts, but they're always high quality, well structured and packed full of great information.

Thanks to this post, you (and I!) can follow his exact structure for producing monster articles.

OH, and he references Talladega Nights quotes.

This post is gonna come at you like a spider monkey.

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On-Page SEO Checklist: Now Updated!

Transformed the checklist on this post so that it's more of an infographic style - really happy with the outcome! In comparison, the old one was...complete shit. On it's was also complete shit. 

What do you think? Go use it to your advantage!
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