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Luke Healy
Englishman, graphic designer, father [in training], ale drinker, meat eater, gadget lover and big kid.
Englishman, graphic designer, father [in training], ale drinker, meat eater, gadget lover and big kid.

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This is what Kirkstone Pass looks like as soon as you step in. They know their customers well, there's lots of warming drinks like hot whiskies and mead as well as hot chocolate with rum. The menu contains lots of fulfilling, warm hearty meals too.

Cumbria's highest pub, reaching nearly 1,500ft above sea level at the peak of Kirkstone Pass, established in the 1400s. Incredible. =)

#GalaxyNexus #JellyBean #PhotoSphere 

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RT @ormlondon: Some interesting ideas for web design developments in 2013 via @hongkiat

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The SLR. CLUB has just started their "Tour Adriatica" through Croatia's beautiful countryside. Join their journey and read their travel diary here:

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Web styleguide

My personal objective for 2012 was to create a set of guidelines for use on the web, although still under development I'm really happy with the way this project is turning out.

I spent an awful lot of time earlier in the year researching what guidelines are out there, and spent an unhealthy time clicking through the BBC - GEL site -

After trying out Paul Robert Lloyd's barebones template - I figured, I'd just go from scratch and base things on how the excellent South Tees guidelines -

This is a useful list that keeps getting updated:

The styleguide is still being worked on but hopefully will be available in the coming months. Alongside this, I've switched all of the icon sets into a font family, which means that they look pretty hot. Here's some screenshots.
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Optica is one of the most amazing typefaces I have seen since the FUSE project and it even contains letters …

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55 Creative Logo designs with Hidden messages - FIND IT NOW

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Tiny HDR-Tutorial - make stunning pictures with free software!

I was asked many times by circlies: "Peter, how do you do these amazing blog buster pictures?" - Well this is a very small tutorial to show that you don't need expensive software to create these stunning images.

What you need:
- Free Software "Luminance HDR"
- Free Software "Gimp 2.8"
- A camera (uhm? really? wtf?) that can handle "bracketing"
- A tripod (you'll better have a tripod or you'll spend a lot of time to correct alignments of each picture
- remote trigger or interval exposure function (don't touch the cam while pictures are taken!)
- training (yep, nothing comes from nothing, you'll have to try and try and try...)

Find your scene, install the tripod, setup camera to 5 exposure bracketing (+1.0EV), low ISO, RAW picture format, fixed white balanced setup (e.g. cloudy), focus once automatically and put cam into manual focus mode after that.

set your cam to manual measure or try to make the first picture as dark as possible (ok, not full black, just to see some first contrasts)
I have started in my example with 1/400 sec on f4 (but you can start with another value to f-stop to get more sharpness).

take your pictures in a fast interval, if you have a stormy or windy day. Else you have ghosty clouds that doesn't look very nice...

Load your 5 exposures into Luminance HDR and set it up like in the picture beneath.

nearly there: after saving your HDR, load it into GIMP (ver. 2.8 is the best, intuitive and free picture manipulation software on this planet, trust me! ^^) and do some cosmetics in contrast and color saturation. Use the Dodge and Burn-Pen for particular areas, if you like.

If you have any questions, don't hestiate to ask in the comments below! ^^

Here we are! You first Blog buster HDR drama picture!

#hdrtutorial   #tutorial   #hdr   #hdrphotography  

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25 Free High Quality User Interface PSD Source files for Graphic and Web Designers

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