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Would you live here?
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Live in the cliff house
Rent it out
Sell ASAP!
Need to view in person to decide
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Luke Bowman

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You know what they say ...
If you want to befriend a squirrel, climb a tree and act like a nut.
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+Luke Bowman, I think this entire scene is staged using photoshop! Hahaha. You are a fraudulent nut.
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Luke Bowman

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Do you practice yoga? Does it help to mitigate anxiety?
Why is it important to take time in silence?
+Grace Dubery talks Meditation

With a world that likes immediate gratification, meditation might not seem important. Sometimes nothing happens but frustration that you should be doing something else. It is a long haul journey, as opposed to a “right now” sensibility.

How does Grace encourage fidgety folks to stay put?

"It has to do with slowing down the practice at the end. Restorative poses can help trick the body into meditation by making the body melt. Sometimes I ask people not to leave. You have to teach people that it is important."

See full article here:

If you want to use this free resource and make meditation a part of your everyday you can sign up for +tuja wellness 30 day meditation challenge here (

[About video]

In the summer rain, over 2,000 people dressed in white participated in Toronto's largest outdoor yoga session, in a powerful presentation of peace and unity, the Lolë White Yoga Session with +Grace Dubery (2013)

#meditation   #yoga   #liveoutloudeveryday  
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Luke Bowman

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Jackie Evancho - Amazing Talent
Doesn't it almost seem like this extraordinarily talented very young lady is channeling her incredible voice from some unearthly source?
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I think children don't have the facial lies we learn as adults... as honey that dress doesn't make you look fat... or no mom, I'm sure there is a heaven, where everyone get's a mansion. Jackie was on her own thought and the MC said "maybe angels"...LOL, I agree with D... that pause is priceless.
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Luke Bowman

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Yaybahar: acoustic stringed instrument makes space age sounds
Have you heard about this new instrument? What a view and perfect place to play this novel instrument!

“A unique listening experience with an hypnotic surround sound” —
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Really awesome sounding! Can't wait for the Android version though. because my girlfriend would kill me if I rigged that beast in the living room. :)
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Luke Bowman

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The Beatles were right: “It's getting better all the time”!
And, while reading, enjoy: The Beatles - Getting Better
Visualised in graphs I am presenting the long-term data on how we are changing our world. This is the Empirical View on How We Are Making Our World a Better Place. Topic by topic I cover the decline of violence and the increase of tolerance and political rights. Improving living standards, health and well-being; population changes and associated success in preserving our environment. Increasing knowledge about our word and spreading education.
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Luke Bowman

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Whaletone Royal Digital Grand Hybrid Piano
Not for the average home — a whale of a piano, for sure. I think I'll stick with my Gourlay Upright for now.

For further information, see:
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I see my next pianist!! ( #Immapianist ) 
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Luke Bowman

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Powerful video about our relatively long peace
While depressing at first, a powerful and uplifting video by the end (only 18 minutes) — as we now are living through the most peaceful time in human history, especially compared to the period of World Wars in the first half of last century. Video here:
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+Luke Bowman, you know, it seems the data portrayed here explain why the 20th anniversary version of E.T. edited out the guns of the police blockade that E.T. needed to use telekinesis to “go around” (fly over).
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Luke Bowman

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Google+ Growth Much Faster Than Facebook Growth
Many “experts” — that i read — say, “Google+ is a ghost town,” so i decided to check in with Looks like Google+ is growing much faster than Facebook in active users. Do you think Google+ will someday have more active users than Facebook?
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+Brad Acker, I remember when the U.S. Justice Dept. filed an anti-trust suit against IBM (just before I starting working there), and such government scrutiny certainly mitigates boastfulness about one’s success.
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Luke Bowman

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Do you still use the iTunes store? What is your preferred method for finding tunes you like today?
Today in History: Apple announced 1 billion songs had been downloaded from iTunes Store, 2006
On February 23, 2006 — 9 years ago today — Apple announced that one billion songs had been legally downloaded from its iTunes Music Store. The one billionth tune was “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, and the individual who downloaded the tune on Coldplay’s X&Y album was Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan. This statistic reflected amazing growth in the less than 3 years the store had been in existence.

To encourage sales as the one billion download approached, Apple announced a contest. The grand prize winner, Alex Ostrovsky, won a 20-inch iMac, 10 5th generation iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. In addiction, Apple established a scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music in Alex’s name.

Latest available statistics, published by “,” show that the iTunes’s growth has continued over the last 9 years since the one billionth download was reached (although by other reports some serious deceleration is occurring recently, as more users are streaming music on streaming services): as of 2/6/2013, there had been 25 billion song downloads from 800 million users who have 400 million credit cards on file with Apple. (The last two stats were updated 4/24/14).

YouTube video:
•“Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, the one billionth song downloaded on iTunes:


Image credit:
•Made using iWeb software by me and using this image and superimposing 1,000,000,000 on it:
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I haven’t, but my kids have. 
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Luke Bowman

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Wouldn't it be fun if that was the norm!   :-)
That would be a happy society, one free from war and poverty.
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Luke Bowman

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Aw, just love to see such cat-dog camaraderie.
                                    #chillen  ....
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The cat knows where the warmest place in the house is.  ;-)
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  • Internet Education Resources
    Life, 2000 - present
  • Queen Elizabeth Senior High
    2002 - 2005
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Singer / Lyricist / Composer / Pianist / Videoblogger / Writer
I love art. I love artists. (Aren't we all artists?) I enjoy writing, composing music, painting, people, travel, discussing political philosophy (I'm opposed to centralized governments), searching for the truth — every precious moment of life!!! Let's connect and share our art, stories, passions and important thoughts!

Personal Statement (written 04/09/12; updated 6/09/12):
I first hopped on board this electronic plane of existence where we all seem to be spending increasing amounts of time (as we call it in Canada, "the interwebs") when i started playing collaborative video games in my mid teens. Soon thereafter when i got a Mac with a videocam as a gift, I suddenly realized that i could communicate with a worldwide audience on YouTube. Subsequently, i felt an urge to express ideas i was forming about politics, economics, and personal values. I was nervous at first making videos (worried about how i looked and how i sounded), but i so enjoyed sharing ideas and getting feedback about these ideas that i quickly lost any anxiety and grew confident in my ability to express my thoughts (especially given that i could edit them when i started talking mumbo-jumbo, haha).

If you're interested to take a peek at how i looked as a "dorky" teenager, i still maintain that original YouTube account — because i lost my password and haven't had success in getting it, so the channel is still there (although i took many videos down over time). I didn't always get things right, but i was struggling to find answers for myself and searching for the truth. In doing so, i even became a YouTube Partner and developed an audience of a couple of thousands of individuals. Frequently, when i would make a video post, there would be hundreds of comments within a few hours. In some ways, i felt like a college professor with a huge classroom of fellow learners.

But after about 2-1/2 years of videoblogging, i felt a strong desire to express myself in a more artistic way. I decided to form a new YouTube Channel with my acoustic-guitar playing brother Sam. As i got more and more into composing music and writing lyrics, a couple of close musical friends and i formed a band, Grandola,* to entertain people in and around my long-term home town of Calgary (actually, i was born in Rumai, Pekanbaru, Indonesia where my Dad worked for a brief period).  Recently, i toured with a friend's band in Western Canada and am teaming up with this band to do performances/recordings. We call the band "36?"* While i enjoy playing with my bands and getting those oxytocin flows from watching happy audiences respond to the music we're creating, i find performing before live audiences to be anxiety-inducing, haha — albeit momentously magical at times.

So i may be now at another new juncture in life's journey — either a parallel one or a completely new branching pathway. I feel that there's a lot more music in me to be produced, and i also feel a need to focus a little more on solo song writing and singing, where i can fully explore my deepest feelings and manifest them more sensitively and artistically than i can in a group band. I'd like to be able to share my new music creations with people who share my passion for music, and that's why i'm coming here to Google+ — to connect with you.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning about how you think, what motivates you, and what your goals might be (if you care to share them). So please share your ideas and desires with me, and i will try to respond in helpful ways. I don't know everything-to-know about how Google+ works, so i'd appreciate any helpful tips you can provide.

Thanks for reading my statement, and please comment on my posts (if you have time) and let me know what you're thinking. I'm looking forward to growing relationships here as we share our passionate interests and learn together.

*I know i need to start Band pages here. One step at a time. I'm still trying to figure out how G+ works.

Bragging rights
Created 1,000 YouTube videos on Political & Personal Philosophy before age 22
  • Luke Bowman Creative Productions
    Creative Director, 2007 - present
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Science says lasting relationships come down to—you guessed it—kindness and generosity.

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Web creator Berners blames music industry for trying to stop openness

Web creator Berners blames music industry for trying to stop openness

New Social Networking Site is Set to Reshape the Music Industry

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 04, 2012 A new social networking platform,, is set to change the face of the music industry.

Rock music under threat as small venues go bust across Britain

Venues where top bands started out are shutting down as rent rises and falling audiences spell crisis for gig promoters

Went to Cafe Koi's open mic in late February 2014, and I'm gonna say I think it's easily the best in the city. The amount of talent involved makes it something beyond just a low pressure way to play live. I saw 3 acts tonight that were stunningly beautiful...AT AN OPEN MIC.
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