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Luke Bowman
Singer / Lyricist / Composer / Pianist / Videoblogger / Writer
Singer / Lyricist / Composer / Pianist / Videoblogger / Writer

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Would you live here?
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Powerful video about our relatively long peace
While depressing at first, a powerful and uplifting video by the end (only 18 minutes) — as we now are living through the most peaceful time in human history, especially compared to the period of World Wars in the first half of last century. Video here:

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You know what they say ...
If you want to befriend a squirrel, climb a tree and act like a nut.

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Google+ Growth Much Faster Than Facebook Growth
Many “experts” — that i read — say, “Google+ is a ghost town,” so i decided to check in with Looks like Google+ is growing much faster than Facebook in active users. Do you think Google+ will someday have more active users than Facebook?

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Do you practice yoga? Does it help to mitigate anxiety?
Why is it important to take time in silence?
+Grace Dubery talks Meditation

With a world that likes immediate gratification, meditation might not seem important. Sometimes nothing happens but frustration that you should be doing something else. It is a long haul journey, as opposed to a “right now” sensibility.

How does Grace encourage fidgety folks to stay put?

"It has to do with slowing down the practice at the end. Restorative poses can help trick the body into meditation by making the body melt. Sometimes I ask people not to leave. You have to teach people that it is important."

See full article here:

If you want to use this free resource and make meditation a part of your everyday you can sign up for +tuja wellness 30 day meditation challenge here (

[About video]

In the summer rain, over 2,000 people dressed in white participated in Toronto's largest outdoor yoga session, in a powerful presentation of peace and unity, the Lolë White Yoga Session with +Grace Dubery (2013)

#meditation   #yoga   #liveoutloudeveryday  

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Do you still use the iTunes store? What is your preferred method for finding tunes you like today?
Today in History: Apple announced 1 billion songs had been downloaded from iTunes Store, 2006
On February 23, 2006 — 9 years ago today — Apple announced that one billion songs had been legally downloaded from its iTunes Music Store. The one billionth tune was “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, and the individual who downloaded the tune on Coldplay’s X&Y album was Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan. This statistic reflected amazing growth in the less than 3 years the store had been in existence.

To encourage sales as the one billion download approached, Apple announced a contest. The grand prize winner, Alex Ostrovsky, won a 20-inch iMac, 10 5th generation iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. In addiction, Apple established a scholarship to the Juilliard School of Music in Alex’s name.

Latest available statistics, published by “,” show that the iTunes’s growth has continued over the last 9 years since the one billionth download was reached (although by other reports some serious deceleration is occurring recently, as more users are streaming music on streaming services): as of 2/6/2013, there had been 25 billion song downloads from 800 million users who have 400 million credit cards on file with Apple. (The last two stats were updated 4/24/14).

YouTube video:
•“Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, the one billionth song downloaded on iTunes:


Image credit:
•Made using iWeb software by me and using this image and superimposing 1,000,000,000 on it:

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Jackie Evancho - Amazing Talent
Doesn't it almost seem like this extraordinarily talented very young lady is channeling her incredible voice from some unearthly source?

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What artists do to their houses
Nice facelift, hey?

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Yaybahar: acoustic stringed instrument makes space age sounds
Have you heard about this new instrument? What a view and perfect place to play this novel instrument!

“A unique listening experience with an hypnotic surround sound” —

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Aw, just love to see such cat-dog camaraderie.
                                    #chillen  ....
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