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So I just found out people are posting their super cool Command Centers! So I decided to let you in on what BRG XM News's Command Center Headquarters looks like!
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I thought that was a banana
Rex had an accIdent? His tail looks like it was broken off at some point? Or is he a stub tailed Chameleon if some sort. Can't tell on this mobile pic
+Andrew Bone Your guess is as good as mine! I dont even know what their motives are.

+Austin Cates Rex may have had an accident prior to knowing me, I am not sure. But he is a Leopard Gecko and they have naturally fat tails. Its where they store all their fat and it can fall off and regrow if it is scared. 
did you save on car insurance?
I have a mobile command center ;)
Hmmmm. I may need a hot spot card, but you may be on to sumthing. The BRG XM Hyundai Mobil Unit 5. I like the sound of that
loving this, very nice, now I need to make a cool command center to catch up ;)
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