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Munich, Android Developer
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New Camera Roll update!!!

v1.6 Beta, Changes:

- added image cropping and rotation
- added support for RAW images (.dng)
- added an adaptive icon
- added SetWallpaperActivity
- added Location to InfoDialog
- added FastScroller-Handle
- added French translation
- updated Android Support Libraries to v26
- updated Glide to v4
- fixed the removable storage permission Bug
- Bug fixes
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new Camera Roll update!

v1.5.2 Beta

- now able to delete, copy & create files on removable storage
- added black theme
- now also using MediaStore to get DateTaken
- now also transferring DATE_TAKEN when copying, moving or renaming a file
- added "Open with..." button
- speed improvements for the SharedElementTransition
- fix ellipsize
- fixed bug with file extensions
- fixed crash when launching the app
- fixed issue with wrong cover image

Play store link:
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new Camera Roll update (v1.5 Beta)!

- added new Style: NestedRecyclerView
- added new Style: Cards 2
- added a Camera shortcut (can be enabled in settings)
- now supporting 8-Bit color (can be enabled in settings)
- changed font to RobotoMono
- added an indicator to show if an album is on removable storage
- fixed crash, when opening video on 4.4
- Bug fixes, when copying, moving or deleting files
- performance improvements - Bug fixes

Play Store link:
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I just pushed a new Camera Roll update.
Check it out!

- added option to sort albums by name or size
- added option to sort items within an album either by last modified or name
- added setting to change the column count
- added a light theme option
- added option to choose home screen style
- completely re-coded the VideoPlayer; now using a different library
- added an Exif editor, to edit the Exif data of photos that support Exif
- minor ui adjustments
- bug fixes
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