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Lukas Grossar
linux enthusiast, tinkerer, snowboarder, freeborder, longboarder
linux enthusiast, tinkerer, snowboarder, freeborder, longboarder

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Unbelievable. #infosec folks have been warning against this for YEARS. They said: separate infotainment from steering/breaks etc. Do not implement wireless control over this. Have good security measures. This can kill people. It can turn cars into weapons.

And here is a car you can control over the internet - COMPLETELY. From CD player to brakes - thousands of Jeeps can be turned into remote murder weapons, for both the people in them and those around them.

EVERY Jeep Cherokee should be immediately grounded. And let them pay a 500 million fine - just to ensure no car maker tries to save 5 bucks on a 50K car by not separating driving from the fscking entertainment system!!!

Or are we going to wait until a few people are killed? Or for a cyber war where cars are used to take down bridges by driving into them?

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Finally! Just some days ago I thought that it would be great if #TextSecure  would provide IM functionality.
Niiiice. TextSecure just has gotten a big update - and is no longer "just" a SMS/MMS app but also works independently as secure Messenger :)))))

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Maybe there are some #Dirvish  users out the that may too find this useful. My little script that send a summary of a dirvish backup run to an email address.

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I think being able to read code is a very valuable skill, especially when you're working with open source software!
Coding: "I think it's the closest thing we have to a superpower..."

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Ich glaub ich fang wieder an zu gamen!
#Destiny  klingt ja mal wirklich interessant. :)

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absolutely right!

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mmh tasty!

Heute einen neuen Lieblingsbegriff gefunden: "truck based replication" :D

Wer benutzt eigentlich freiwillig #perl ? Nach der Lektüre eines ersten Tutorials war ich kurz davor schreiend das Büro zu verlassen. :D

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Und +Vodafone Deutschland besizt auch noch die Frechheit auf die "Die Freiheit nehm' ich Dir." Aktion der +Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. mit: "Für mehr Geld gibt es auch neutraleres Internet!" zu antworten!
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