Longwinter pointcrawl. Guess it's not too many points.

Also, interestingly, I've found my games get better the less effort I put into my maps because I'm less invested in the artifact and materiality of the place - the unfolding adventure and gaming with friends becomes the heart of the product, not the map itself.

This week: purchased ice lice infested mine, assassinated underbaroness Izolda of agomilsk, accepted a quest from Mongo Muti of the Cult of Indigogo to stop the Heresiarch of the Ultramarine cult in Vrelez, robbed a hospital, lied to the militia, helped the militia, did some dental work, went to the Funky Badger Karaoke, accepted the Count Mostar's grudging suggestion that he would accept a wishing orb for his curse-marked son, met some wildlings, talked with a butler named Herr Snoor, went to Bunker Hill, drank Oscar's Spinal Chord , played with cats and goats ...

I don't really fully comprehend my players anymore, but oh well.

Crew: Belhak the Backstabber, Todd Odd "the Doc", Quinn Medicine Woman, Royale wit Cheese (bounty hunter), Salami et Rocquefort (bounty hunter).

Missing: Blanche de Namur, a warrior. 
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