Yesterday +Dion Hinchcliffe tweeted this very interesting reflection: 

"Still encounter those who find #workingoutloud strange. I say all knowledge sharing has personal benefit, because others value it. #socbiz "_

I guess that negative perception against Working Out Loud is, in most cases, due out of ignorance or unawareness of the potential, mainly, because once you tried it out for a week (A couple of days just won't cut, probably), you'll start questioning why you didn't do it before all along. 

The clarity, the awareness, the abundance of knowledge flows, the connecting, the cooperating and collaborating, the demonstrating of your thought leadership and expertise, the finding experts much easier and faster, the finding the right information at the right information to help make better decisions, amongst several other benefits, are just an open window of opportunity that cannot be neglected with something so relatively simple as Working Out Loud

I guess it's now a good time to resurrect  #elsuasworkbook  once again, don't you think? This was, indeed, one of the main reasons why I was so looking forward to coming back to G+ where I could continue building on those #wol  principles without losing context beyond those 140 characters :-D

Bring it on! Let's do it!

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