'Life Without eMail' Slack Group Finally Kicks Off!

It's been a good while since I last posted an entry over here in this community, but after I am just done with another experiment around going #noemail  as an independent freelancer (More on it soon!), I think it's now a good time to come back and become more active again, don't you think? Yes, I know, it's about time! Oh, and I have got some exciting news for everyone! :)

I am currently working on a blog post to explain in plenty more detail what has happened in the last couple of years of Life Without eMail (I know you have all been wondering what I have been up to with it … hehe), including that 1 year long experiment I have just completed where I still went #noemail   as an independent advisor / freelancer that I referenced above and that marked my 7th anniversary since I first got things started with it, but today I’m excited to share over here how a bunch of folks and yours truly have just kicked off a team space in Slack where the main focus of is on #noemail   itself and how we can help other practitioners break free from the email yoke once and for all. 

At this point in time I am pretty sure everyone knows about Slack and how it’s taken the business world by storm in terms of how it’s helping improve the way people communicate, share their knowledge and collaborate with one another. So we have set up that particular space and we would like to open up the space for folks in this community to come and join us and have a play with it as well. 

In case you are wondering, in that #noemail   space we are currently discussing, sharing, conversing and talking about our very own experiences of having lived without email over time, what we have learned, hints & tips, methodologies, inhibitors, show stoppers, success stories, resources, know-how and whatever else comes along than we can then share with the larger community over here over time. 

So if you an active advocate AND practitioner of #noemail  at your own workplace and would want to join a bunch of enthusiastic ambassadors on breaking free from the email yoke, would you want to go ahead and join us, please? ;-) 

PS. And here’s the irony of it all, in order for me to invite folks into the Slack team space I’d need your email address (as a universal identifier) :-O Yes, I know, I know, some times we have got to go through these growing pains for the change to take place hehe Thus, if you are interested in joining us on that #noemail   Slack space contact me privately through DM over here in G+ or on Twitter at @elsua and I will add you right away. 

Please do let me know if you would have any additional questions, comments or feedback that you would want to share across before jumping the shark should you want to go ahead and join us :-)

P.S.S. Ohhh, doh! I completely forgot about this one! If you would rather prefer to share your email address to add you into the #noemail  Slack space you can contact me as well through Hangouts (Chat) and share it along. Instant access awaits you :) 

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