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Boy, it's been a rather buzzing and interesting day at work, but as I am starting to unwind and get my social periscope up again, I just couldn't let this day go by without remembering one of those tunes that surely marked an era in terms of pop music from 80s... 

Yes, today's #elsuastunes  is a bit retro, I know, but totally worth it. 30 years ago, in 1983, a pop group by the name Eurythmics released one of the best pop tracks out there from the 80s that I can remember ... Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Where were you in 1983? 

[P.S. Have you noticed as well how accurate the lyrics are to today's times... 30 years later? :-O] 

#elsuastunes   #eurythmics   #sweetdreams   #The80s   #blastfromthepast   #epic  
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it was still one year before my materialization in this world :P. I like this song :)
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Oh, the power of building new habits ...

For the last couple of months I have built that new habit of shutting down both the MacBookAir and the iPad, recycling the router, and cleaning up whatever pending items in my reading list (tweets, retweets, favourites, shares, reshares, etc. you name it!) to then start all fresh and with a clean slate. 

Cathartic moments at best that I am starting to enjoy quite a bit, because whatever I may not be able to go through and process, I just let it go and move on. It's like a temporary switch-off, a turn off all the lights, breathe, relax, charge your batteries, turn everything ON again and #onwards  !

And earlier on today, like every Monday, I switched everything off, waited for a few minutes of pause and reflect and everything back on... 

Social periscope now UP!

Bring it on!

#musings   #switchoff   #disconnect   #focus   #smartwork   #habits  
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keep ourselves unplugged at least for one or two days do good to our health and life.
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If you ever wondered whether there is a connection between social networks and loneliness, you may just want to check out this short blog post where I shared a link to a rather thought provoking short video clip on the topic. Worth the 4 minutes it lasts for sure to get you off to an interesting start or finish of your day...

It won't leave you indifferent either! :)

#socialnetworking   #socialnetworks   #loneliness   #innovation   #networking   #relationships  
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+Michael Dieterle phew! Finally, with a chance to catch up over here with the conversations. Thanks a bunch for sharing along that thoughtful response.

To be frank, I don't think the key messages of the video would apply to most folks who have found a purpose beyond the social tools for the real engagement wherever it happens. Your commentary about "_Social networking both enriches my online identity and my offline relationships._" is just spot on and I guess the main premise of the video is simply a good reminder for us all not to deviate on that purpose and focus and keep things moving further along :) 

I surely look forward to the next KMWorld event, although it would have to wait for next year, because this time around I will be in Denmark during that time at another event, but I am sure there will be another chance, multiple chances, since I have just realised I wasn't following you back over here in G+ ... Fixed! :-D 

Thanks again!
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This is perhaps one of +Euan Semple's best blog post I can remember in a long while not only to relate the current start of the business world, but of our societies for that matter. Important, relevant read, for sure. 

My favourite quote: "_put my faith in those who are brave enough to be naive, foolish, enthusiastic, and open - because maybe that is how real grown ups should be?_"

Massive challenge to unleash such potential, but, boy, so totally worth it! 

#socbiz   #openbusiness   #meaning   #purpose   #focus   #open   #grownups  
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I know most folks out there are going to find this one really funny and you will all see the irony of it, but just couldn't help sharing it along... For a good number of years I have always been relying on third party apps to access social networking sites. For Twitter, for instance, I rely on Janetter (Best Twitter desktop client there is, imo). Well, for Google Plus it's now Gmail

See? I told you that you'd have a good laugh about it! I would, too! haha

Why GMail? Well, because just before going on vacation I went through my Circles and decided to do a bit of a clean-up and regrouping exercise to create a couple of circles of folks I'd really want to know when they share / post something (i.e. my daily food for the brain) and since G+ Circles don't display all posts on the Web, I decided to then repurpose those couple of Circles and turn on notifications

And, all of a sudden, GMail is now my best friend. It grabs everything. It displays almost everything and it allows me to interact with almost everything right from my GMail inbox, whether on the Web, or from my iPad. I know, I can't believe I am writing this down and sharing it across... 

But then, no surprise. Give me a desktop app to access the social networking tool and I am a happy camper. Give me just a Web interface where you, the system, would want to act as if you know much more than me, and I will run away to those 3rd party Apps. I did it with Twitter and it looks like I'll be doing it with G+ as well by relying more on GMail.

Oh, and yes!, keystrokes o and y are my new best friends, too! :-D

#googleplus   #noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #gmail   #ecosystems   #socialnetworking   #filterbubble   #tipsandtricks   #productivity  
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+Bill French That's a great point, Bill, and one we should acknowledge in terms of the potential being there and, for us, to perhaps look for the opportunity where at one point it will become as intuitive and easy to achieve by everyone, not just a few. But the first few steps are already in the way with the scripting architecture being there :) 
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And in order to keep up with #elsuasworkbook , here's something that I learned last week and through the hard way: know thyself, know your limits. Embrace them.  

Indeed, last week I learned through a couple of conversations how some times the bravery of knowing, of wanting to help out (no matter what), of wanting to be there with the understanding of doing your best, isn't going to be perceived the very same way on the other end, specially, if the technical knowledge you don't have, they have it. 

This was the #notetoself  I shared across to remind me for the next time and why I also wanted to share it across over here to internalise some more as I was just about to make the same mistake earlier on: 

To quote: 

"Never, ever, try to engage on a rather technical conversation where you lack both the technical insight and the in-depth technical knowledge behind [certain] infrastructure to engage in a meaningful and relevant manner. No matter how helpful and understanding you may want to be with other folks who certainly know what they are talking about while you may not"

In short, *know thyself, know your limits*.

#knowyourlimits   #expectations   #resilience   #smartwork   #knowledge   #experience   #knowhow   #expertise   #sharingexpertise   #empathy  
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+Rick Ladd Wise words, my dear friend, wise words! Interestingly enough I may have been doing this for a while, but somehow, subconsciously, that's how I turned things around: back out a bit, listen, quiet and learn. Unlearn whatever I may need to unlearn, relearn my ways understanding those limits and go around them adapting accordingly. It surely does make sense as I keep reading through it and you are absolutely right that we are well OVERDUE a catch-up talk! Fancy going through one in the next week or two, before I start my European World Tour of biz travelling, please? ... Let me know, Rick. 

Thanks again for dropping by and for the insightful feedback, as always!
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It's been a long while since the last time that I shared over here some #elsuastunes , don't you think? So perhaps it's time to bring them back again! :) 

This is one of the songs that's been stuck in my mind for the last few days, after I bumped into it in Spotify, have watched the stunning video clip (See below), and whose lyrics clearly remind me of this recent blog post I put together on The Loneliness of Innovation

All interconnected? Hummm, maybe, who knows! :-)

Either way here's Placebo with Too Many Friends 

[Don't you wish musicians would start making such creative and innovative video clips like this one, once again?]

#elsuastunes   #placebo   #socialweb  
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Ok, now that I am back from the summer vacation, and I am almost caught up with the social streams, here we go on to #elsuasworkbook , once again. 

Here is something that I have observed in the last couple of days while catching up with both internal and external streams. It's a pretty basic difference that I have noticed between #socbiz  and #openbusiness . Oh, and in case you are wondering, Yes!, there is a difference. 

Have you noticed how little people talk about their own work through social networking tools? Yes, we are all becoming extremely social, more collaborative and keen on sharing, no doubt!, but have you noticed how vast majority of that sharing doesn't have anything to do with people's own day to day work (As an exercise of narrate your work or work out loud or observable work)? 

Instead people prefer to be social and share links and hold conversations about other stuff that's typically not related to their own work, but potentially others, who may not even be in their own team(s). It's quite an interesting perception altogether, because while being away for almost 2 weeks it took me just a couple of hours to catch up with vast majority of interactions (that I skipped anyway under the understanding I'll bump into them eventually, if interesting and relevant to my work, if they ever come back...). 

I guess it's a good thing that we have all become social and everything, but remember it's not the end goal. The goal is to open up, to become more transparent, public, engaged, motivated, more trustworthy, responsible owning your work and so forth on what we do so that we can continue moving further along with that shift from knowledge stocks into knowledge flows, but still always within a work context, otherwise #socbiz  can only take you up to so far, before you get bored and move into something else, if not happening already. 

Have you noticed the same thing both at work and on external social networking tools? I guess we still are years away from that transformation on feeling comfortable narrating our own work with total strangers, i.e. our social networks (Specially, weak ties).... Hummm

#socbiz   #openbusiness   #openness   #connectedness   #transparency   #trust   #socialnetworking   #socialnetworks   #social   #transformation   #resilience  
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Hi everyone! Phew! Looks like I, finally, got some time of peace and quiet to come around this conversation, hoping to add further up into the conversation... 

+Igo Tan Very interesting observation in terms of companies not allowing their employees narrating their work in external social networks in fear of IP and Intellectual Capital issues. I guess it's a tough decision for those companies to make a move into the 21st century while living 20th century business models. Whatever happened to that good all concept of co-creation with your clients, business partners and what not? Hummm Very interesting! 

+Chris Walden great point on the nature of business being closed and thriving on the scarcity of information or what John Hagel also coined as knowledge stocks. The interesting thing is that we need to transition and make the move away from those knowledge stocks into knowledge flows, i.e. abundance of information / knowledge. Something that John has been talking extensively about for a while now... Here are some interesting reads on the topic, if you would be interested... 


So we may not be that far away from that Big Shift ... 

+Michael Young I think it's perhaps a bit more than that. Entering the world of co-creation, once more, and into the realm of coopetition which is essentially where you get to shine through in terms of the knowledge you create and you produce, but also you share across in order to create something new, hopefully, better, even if just by sharing your knowledge out in the open ... Guarded openness sounds pretty much like a walled garden and not sure whether that was the metaphor you intended, but it's definitely an interesting theme to follow up on... 

Thanks again, folks, for dropping by and for the great feedback! Appreciated. 
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One of the perks of visiting the family in mainland Spain, in León, to be more precise, is having the opportunity of checking out the delicatessen shop my younger brother has with lots of wonderful and delicious products from the area, which are just mouth melting for #foodies  

Last night's dinner, as an example ... with #cecina   #chorizo  (Spicy one! Yummy!), #lomo   #queso  and #jamonserrano  

[Sharing the words in Spanish so that folks get to practise them for when you all come over to Spain and know how to order them ;-) hehe]

#foodie   #cecinadeleon   #productosdeleon  

PS. Ohhh, and if you are ever in the surroundings of León, the capital, that is, and are interested in checking out the shop, let me know, as he told me he does give lovely discounts to friends of his brother :-D hehe 
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Oh, my goodness! I can imagine the heat during this time of the year and the need to stay inside, at all costs. I thought it was a conference, but if it is a client, all the better! Good stuff! And I can certainly relate to that jet lag thingy. At least, as you commented on Twitter, on the good side of things, it's made you incredibly productive while everyone else sleeps :-))
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Oh, the irony of things ... I have just bumped into this YouTube video that seems to have been making the rounds while I was on holidays visiting the family in mainland Spain and I just couldn't help getting a giggle or two about it, because I just can't relate to it a single bit. Not at all. Why? Because, while I was on vacation, I couldn't get connected at all due to poor network / bandwidth coverage and because back at home I live in a small village where 3G is non-existent. 

And then people keep telling me how pervasive mobile and Internet connectivity has become. Hummm, not really. 2013 and there are still places where it's tough to get connected reliably and I am not too sure whether to feel sad about it or grateful about it altogether. 

But one thing for sure, pervasive mobile connectivity still is a dream for most of us who seem to live in parts of the world where the 21st century hasn't arrived just yet :-P 

Oh, yes, #vacationOFF   and back into the social grids, which means I is back in G+, too! Although with slightly different flavours than in the past ;-) 

[Yes! More to come ... hehe]

#holidays   #vacation   #backtowork   #socialgrids   #mobile   #connectivity   #noconnectivity   
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+Ewen Le Borgne Absolutely! And funny enough I get to live that every single day where I live where 3G is non-existent in the village where I have lived last 9 years. And pretty much rely on my rather slow ADSL line compared to what other folks enjoy nowadays. It helps me put things in perspective in terms of valuing F2F just as much, if not, more, but also all of the silliness going on about pervasive broadband, connectivity, mobile and what not. I guess most of those folks haven't travelled extensively throughout Europe for a while :-P 

+André Fachat Ohhh, it surely is! I get to live it every single day of my work life ... never mind the personal one! And, to be frank, I am starting to enjoy it somewhat... I just wish I would have faster ADSL speeds at home :)

+Roberto Cobianchi +Philippe Creytens It surely helps, indeed! And Philippe, to your comment on the phone battery, I actually used to charge my phone every 2 or 3 days after no 3G / wifi around! I bet my iPhone was grateful for once about not sucking its life out every day! 

+Martin Lüdicke Yeah, it makes you wonder what it would be like if she would have also had her smartphone device. Somehow, it feels like all of those typical scenes you see where everyone puts down the phone on the front table and start talking. Otherwise, it won't happen! 
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