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Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode IV of the bi-weekly 'Life Without eMail' vodcasting series with co-hosts Claire Burge and Luis Suarez. 

In previous vodcasting episodes we covered extensively how broken email is today. Well, not really email as a system, but our constant (ab)use through enough bad habits to want to make people despair from time to time. So what can be done? What can we, as individual knowledge (Web) workers, do in order to break the chain, to free ourselves from the email yoke or, at least, eventually tame the beast somewhat.

In today's live vodcast both Claire Burge and Luis Suarez will cover a number of different strategies, capabilities, hints & tips, tricks and what not, that practitioners can learn about to demonstrate how there are, indeed, better collaborative and knowledge sharing tools people can use much more effectively than having to constantly rely on email and fight off our many bad habits when using it. We will be discussing how knowledge workers themselves can start building different methodologies to mitigate their own dependency on email and instead transition into social networking tools, where needed and applicable, to become more open, collaborative and, eventually, more social

We look forward to seeing you all joining us live on this week's vodcast at 16:00 UK time (noon EDT) and get ready because your own personal transformation journey of living #noemail  is just about to start! Today!!

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share across any potential questions you may have for the co-hosts. Come and join us! It will be fun!

The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the 'Life Without eMail' movement will be #noemail  

Let’s go! Let’s do it! :-D
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Luis Suarez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Life w/o eMail - Episode IV - eMail Is Broken, What Can Be Done? #noemail
Thu, March 26, 12:00 PM
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Soooo excited :) 
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Riepl’s Law, or why email won’t die any day soon

Very interesting and thought provoking article by Alan Patrick (@freecloud) wanting to confirm Riepl's Law about the persistence from email in today's business world, regardless of what we keep hearing elsewhere. Why do we still keep insisting in killing email (or killing anything for that matter!)? We should do better than that.

It's not necessarily about wanting to see email die a slow and painful death, but more of a re-purposing of how we use email at work (never mind in our personal lives). Pretty much like the fax, or the telephone (voice), or morse code, or whatever other technology you'd want to think about. 

None of those have died a slow painful death, have they? Instead, they have become a whole lot more purposeful to execute on a couple of very specific use cases very effectively and then they have let their space to other more advanced and modern (digital) technologies to take over where they know they can't excel anymore, as they used to. 

eMail is going through that exact same phase at the moment and I, for once, would love to see some decent studies and research that would start showing us email's decline as a content repository vs. as a messaging and notification system, at which point it's no longer really email, but BACN. Over 40 years ago it was designed for that very same purpose as a starting point!

I guess most people don't want to see those studies as they would come to realise how email has already taken that place of being left aside for a couple of good use cases and let other communication / collaboration tools take over.

And that's a reality that most of us are perhaps not willing to admit and digest, because, somehow, we still keep justifying our very own work by the amount of emails we get on a daily basis or the ones we sent. It's become our task management tool and if all of a sudden that's taken away from us, plenty of people wouldn't know what to do next. 

That's why instead of resorting to Riepl's Law to justify the existence of email for a long good while still, I think we would be much better of understanding the secondary role email is playing nowadays and how it's been repurposed accordingly for more open, collaborative and social tools.

It's our mindset and behaviours that need changing, shifting accordingly, not claiming whether email is dead or alive.We don't need any laws for that, I am afraid. We just need to open up accordingly and move on with the times, just like previous generations over decades have done...  

#noemail   #outsidetheinbox   #lawwe   #technology   #productivity   #knowledgesharing   #evolution   #deathtoemail   #transformation   #socbiz   #openbiz   #collaboration   #mindset   #behaviours   #adoption   #adaptation   #thinkdifferent  
It has become a truism that Social Business tools will replace/remove/redundantify (if such a word exists*) email. It's never going to happen. Email will be here for a long time still, so get used ...
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Hi +Harold Cabezas, you are most welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the feedback :) 
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Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink eMail 

+John Kellden shared this link earlier on this morning from another conversation we were having elsewhere in G+ and he graciously picked up a wonderful quote that you shouldn't miss. Read below for more details, please :)

I mentioned to him I, too, would be re-sharing this fine piece of work picking up my own favourite quote from the article itself and it would be this one: 

'One danger of my job, as a columnist who works in California, is a feeling of disconnection from the mother ship in New York. Using Slack, I can peer into discussions that would never have been accessible to me. I can see how the producers and editors who are handling my column are discussing how to present it, and how the team overseeing the home page is thinking about my work.

What’s more, I have a feeling of intimacy with co-workers on the other side of the country that is almost fun. That’s a big deal, for a job.'

This is perhaps one of the most empowering, liberating, inspiring and utterly refreshing traits and capabilities from any  #noemail  business, i.e. the massive call of openness and clarity across distributed / virtual / remote teams that before were living through the obscure, opaque, troublesome rumbles of internal email. 

I couldn't think of a better example of what a true Open Business would be all about: open, transparent, public, trustworthy, engaged, purposeful. 

Not bad, eh? 

#noemail   #outsidetheinbox   #lawwe   #slack   #slackrocks   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #openness   #transparency   #clarity   #remoteworking   #virtualteams   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #learning   #engagement   #innovation   #culture   #trust   #purpose  
21C Workflow: Slack

"To be effective in such an environment, workers will have to become adept at navigating complex team dynamics, and doing so will depend on the sort of nuanced, intimate communication that you can’t get from email. Collaboration also demands another factor in modern workplaces, what Mr. Butterfield calls transparency."
-- Farhad Manjoo

ht +Luis Suarez

#lifewithoutemail   #transparency   #organizing  
The start-up Slack is changing the way workers communicate, with a group chat app that eschews privacy and automatically archives almost everything.
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Minimal Exercise Works, and Works Best

How about getting started with another day at work than with a rather healthy read? Take a look into the attached link where, contrary to the general perception, it seems that we, humans, don't need as much exercise as we thought we needed in order to keep fit. Who would have thought, eh? 

And interestingly enough, over the course of the last few weeks / months my own body has self-adjusted, without me realising about it, to plenty of the topics covered in that article. A couple of years back I used to go for a daily run 6 days a week completing between 10k to 12k. A few months later that went down to 8k 6 days a week. Then it went to still 8k runs but 3 or 4 days a week while the rest of the week it was spent on brisk walking. 

And last few weeks I have switched to only brisk walking for 2.5 hours every single day. I miss running and will probably pick it up again 3 times a week and everything (so I can get rid of the couple of extra lbs I need to), but somehow that continuous brisk walking seems to have a very similar effect on helping burn out all of those extra calories.

What I have noticed though is that if I reach way beyond the daily 10,000 steps there is a great chance my body will ache, confirming, once again, I'm no longer 18 (and a few more months!) hahaha

Either way, really good article to go through with some very interesting pointers into some rather relevant research on how to stay fit without crushing your body :-D 

#health   #healthyliving   #healthcare   #exercise   #running   #briskwalking   #walking   #research   #fitness   #fit   #productivity   #running   #healthyhabits   #tips   #tipsandtricks  
Did you know slow joggers outlive fast runners?
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+Talia Ringer Wise words, indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing that story as well which aligns pretty nicely with what Shawn mentioned above earlier on in terms of listening to our bodies and act accordingly, which is I guess much more productive than regurgitating such articles that keep coming back as you mentioned above. I think we would all have much better productive AND healthy things to do hehe Thanks a bunch, again, for sharing that personal story and keep it up! :) 
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PKM in 40 Days 

If you still haven't made it to one of those single online courses that will change your perception of how you work through social networks (i.e. transitioning from hierarchy and adapting into #wirearchy  ), how you make sense of the world around you, and then how you share it with everyone out there who may be willing to listen, connect, collaborate and learn along with you, not to worry, there is still time to sign up for PKM in 40 days facilitated by +Harold Jarche

And in case you may not have read it just yet, if you are still wondering what #PKM  (as in #PKMastery  ) is all about, take a look into today's #mustread  'My PKM Story' > by +Harold Jarche himself where he himself, shares through a beautiful story, how his own personal transformation journey began back in the day through PKM. 

The online course will inspire you for many years to come to the point where you will no longer be seeing things in the same way and that article alone won't be able to leave you indifferent. It's just that good. 

#PKM   #PKMastery   #KM   #knowledgesharing   #collaboration   #learning   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #personaljourneys   #seeksenseshare   #socialnetworking   #socialnetworks   #sensemaking   #digitalworkplace   #digitaltransformation   #humanise  
Next workshop starts 16 March. Sign up by 28 Feb to save.

“I encourage you to sign up for the workshop in Personal Knowledge Mastery.” – +Kenneth Mikkelsen
“seriously, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts with the world and inspiring me to share mine.” – +Kate Pinner
“This exercise has been great (the course has paid for itself already!) in identifying a blind spot.” – +Shaun Coffey
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Nice Informative post +Luis Suarez :)
It's helpful
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Luis Suarez

Shared publicly  - 
Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode II of the bi-weekly 'Life Without eMail' vodcasting series with co-hosts Claire Burge and Luis Suarez. 

In today's vodcasting episode we will be talking about 'eMail - What's Wrong With It?' where both Claire and Luis will highlight several of the main reasons as to why email is broken as an effective and efficient knowledge sharing, collaboration and communications tool in today's more complex working environment than ever. Yes, it may well be still the number #1 productivity tool everyone uses, but is it the most effective to help you get your work done? If not, why not? How much of a drain is it for your daily workload? 

We know you all have got plenty of pretty good ideas as to what's wrong and utterly broken in email, and how we (ab)use it, so if you care to join us live on today's vodcast we look forward to seeing everyone at 16:00 UK time (11:00 am EST). 

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share with us what's bugging you about email and how you use it for your daily work. Come and join us! It will be fun!

The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the 'Life Without eMail' movement will be #noemail  

Let’s go! Let’s do it! :-D
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Luis Suarez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Life Without eMail - Episode II - What's Wrong with eMail? #noemail
Thu, February 26, 11:00 AM
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Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode II of the 'Life Without eMail' ( #noemail  ) vodcast. We will be getting started in about 15 minutes from now ... Glad you could join us! :-D 
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Democracy at Work 

A couple of days ago, my good friend, +Harold Jarche, shared another massively enlightening and educational blog post where he comes to confirm the overall impact social networking tools (and social networks for that matter!) are having at work by helping the business world embrace democracy by becoming more open, social, collaborative, and overall more democratic and egalitarian altogether. 

It's a tremendous read and a highly recommended one as well, more than anything else because it will help clarify the existence and proper need for that (digital) transformation to take place through a #humanise  effort of the workplace itself. 

Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from the article, that I thought I would share across as teasers of what you can expect reading through it: 

'_Why do we need democracy? It is the only way humans will be able to organize in order to deal with the complex problems facing us. [...] New approaches to solving wicked problems are required if humanity is to thrive or even survive into the next century_'

Or this other one: 

'_Thinking for ourselves is the foundation of a new way of working. This requires an understanding of the whole environment in which we work. Artificial structures like jobs remove our ability to see the whole system. As we learn to think for ourselves, we must also connect with others. We are only as smart as our knowledge networks. But we do not need someone to manage our connections. The simple guideline of self-direction, often enabled by network technologies, can create beautifully complex relationships amongst interconnected people_'

#democracy   #tealorgs   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #socialnetworking   #ESN   #E20   #socialnetworks   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #egalitarian   #openness   #digitaltransformation   #teal   #inequality   #equity   #purpose   #meaning   #purposeful  
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I will watch it tonight when I can connect my laptop to my TV!
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eMail is not too big to fail 

Back in 1994, Michael Shoffner wrote: '_The Internet isn't just for email anymore_'

In 1999, +Bill French wrote: 'eMail is where knowledge goes to die' (See >

In 2004 +JP Rangaswami & +Stowe Boyd were already declaring email will be dying off a slow, painful?, death over time (see linked article). 

In 2008 '_Life Without eMail - #noemail _' was born > 

In 2015, Stowe Boyd puts together a superb article with a killer conclusion that I think is worth while sharing over here to see how much progress we have made in the last 21 years and counting ... To quote: 

'_[...] Some media forms ultimately die, and I think email will too._'

'In a mobile world, I expect the phone number will replace the email address. And the contacts managed on our mobile device will be a better indicator of our social connections than the cc lists in our enterprise email. And we will tolerate the apparent chaos of using dozens of specialized apps for different kinds of communication, knowing that this leads to stronger connection, better understanding and deeper productivity.'

Go ahead and read the rest of the article for some pretty sound insights and advice on what awaits email in the business world in the very short term and then get ready to learn and adapt to a new reality of openness, publicy, transparency and social collaboration and knowledge sharing, because it's coming! :-D 

#noemail   #outsidetheinbox   #lawwe   #communication   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #evolutionoftech   #technologyshifts   #learning   #PKM   #ESN   #Adoption   #Enablement   #Adaptation   #innovation  
“Email has evolved into a weird medium of communication where the best thing you can do is destroy it quickly, as if every email were a rabid bat attacking your face.” — Paul Ford, writer Bill French used the line — Email is where knowledge goes to die — for a talk in Australia in 1999, …
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+Luis Suarez,

Your comments are thoughtful; privacy and phone numbers certainly share an axis worth noting. However, the trends indicate a fair adoption of the use of phone numbers in social services and specifically in the quest for better security.

It's probably noteworthy to recognize the trending move away from email + passwords for authentication. Yahoo recently announced a password-less authentication scheme that users seem to love -

And Facebook is already on board with this concept as well -

Google hasn't gone all the way - just yet - but they have alternate options for mobile verification in two-factor processes.

People love this...

You enter your user name and that's it - your cell phone instantly lights up with an SMS confirming your identity and provides a PIN that is useful for only 60 seconds.

Your phone number is required for this model to work and I believe we are likely to see more of this (not less) in the coming years. The mobile phone number is quickly becoming a key identity and authentication model as we fight security issues created (for the most part) by passwords.

In the end - while privacy matters, security seems to trump privacy.
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Life w/o eMail - Episode III - What's Wrong with eMail? by Paul Jones 

And here we go again! Later on today, at 16:00 UK time (noon EDT), both +Claire Burge and myself will have the great pleasure of co-hosting Episode III of the #noemail  vodcast where we are having a very special guest speaker: +Paul Jones, who for nearly 4 years now has been living a world free of email for his day to day work. 

He has been blogging about his #noemail  activities over at his blog > but perhaps this other article > is also another good read of why he got started with it and what he has learned about working smarter, not necessarily harder by moving away from email. 

We hope folks would have a chance to join us LIVE later on today, and if not watch out for the recording as we are pretty sure it will be pretty packed up with helpful insights and key learnings on what it is like to live without email in the academic world and still get your work done ;-) hehe 

Come and join us! 

#noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #vodcasting   #collaboration   #academic   #learning   #socbiz   #openbiz   #knowledgesharing   #transformation   #productivity  
Luis Suarez originally shared:
Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode III of the bi-weekly 'Life Without eMail' vodcasting series with co-hosts Claire Burge and Luis Suarez. 

In today's vodcasting episode we will continue to talk some more about 'eMail - What's Wrong With It?', where we are truly thrilled to have with us special guest speaker +Paul Jones . Paul will be sharing with us the story of his own journey on having done #noemail  for nearly 4 years now; how he got started with it, what triggered it, what reactions it created with his peers and students, what are some of the main issues with today's email (ab)use along with what's stopping us from moving away from email into more open, social and collaborative spaces.

Here is a short biography from Paul Jones: 

'Known as @smalljones on most social networks, Paul Jones is a Professor at the University of North Carolina with appointments in the School of Media and Journalism and the School of Information and Library Science as well as founder and director of, a 24 year old site for free software and free information. Jones has been #noemail for 3 years 9 months and a few days.'

We look forward to seeing you all joining us live on this week's vodcast at 16:00 UK time (noon EDT) with guest speaker Paul Jones. 

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share across any potential questions you may have for Paul himself. Come and join us! It will be fun!

The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the 'Life Without eMail' movement will be #noemail  

Let’s go! Let’s do it! :-D
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Luis Suarez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Life w/o eMail - Episode III - What's Wrong with eMail? by Paul Jones #noemail
Thu, March 12, 12:00 PM
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10 Reasons Why Digital Nomads Should Visit Gran Canaria

Through a Twitter Mention earlier on today, my good friend, +Perry Timms pointed me into this rather lovely read from André Gussekloo (@andregussekloo) on the whole topic around coworking and why if you are very keen and interested in doing coworking in an amazing place you should perhaps consider Gran Canaria and more in particular its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Too bad the author didn't do a bit more research to find out Las Palmas is the entire province and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, its capital. Oh well, it's one of those idiosyncrasies one would have to continue living with... For the rest, the article is worth while your time reading it, if you are thinking about heading to a stunning destination where you can take work / life integration into a new level altogether. 

And if you fancy going a little bit down south, where the beaches, the sunshine, the great food and the lovely people hang out outdoors even more often, there is also a coworking space right where I live in Playa del Inglés. See for more details, please ... and don't be a stranger. Say Hi! if you are around :-D

#grancanaria   #playadelingles   #laspalmasdegrancanaria   #GC   #coworking   #digitalnomads   #travelling   #biztravelling   #collaboration   #innovation   #worklifeintegration   #thinkdifferent   #dodifferent   #entrepreneurship   
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Absolutely! Let me know what's your schedule over the next few weeks in your crazy busy schedule (I am sure!) and we will get together! Let me know through Twitter DM about some options you may be able to entertain ... Thanks again and look forward to catching up properly through Skype or Hangouts :)
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Is eMail Dead? 

That's probably a rather provocative heading on its own for that article, but how far is it from reality? Today's reality. Would you say that email is dead? 

Probably not. Not yet, at least. I know for me it isn't. Not yet anyway. After 7 years of #noemail  I still get a few emails per week (Almost 5 per week at the moment), so while you could say it's almost dead for me, I still have some of them come along. 

The interesting thing from the article though, is this particular quote that I found mind-boggling, to a certain extent, and you will see why shortly: 

'Research conducted by University of Loughborough in 2011 showed that it takes an average of 64 seconds for an individual to recover their thoughts after being distracted by an email. From this, the research estimated that email, a resource that is widely regarded as 'free', actually costs companies between £5,000 and £10,000 per employee per year in reduced productivity.'

Whoahhh! Not sure what you folks would think, but I am thinking myself that if I were running a company of say several hundreds or thousands of employees I would be doing, right now, a quick math as to how much $$$ I am losing in productivity hours from my employee workforce. Let's repeat that number: 'between £5,000 and £10,000 per employee per year'

If that's not a reason to question and challenge the current status quo of email at the workplace I don't know what is, really! How much longer before we all collectively realise that email is no longer the powerhouse it once was in terms of working effectively in a complex environment of multiple project teams, scattered across different geos, in multiple timezones, with multiple social tools more open and collaborative than email ever was? 

How much more money do businesses need to lose down the drain to realise the damage email is creating upon your own value add / worth. Yes, email may well not be dead just yet, but it surely is costing all businesses out there sheer lots of money just preparing for the funeral, because that's what we seem to be working on at the moment. 

Time to wake and shake it off and start Thinking Outside the Inbox methinks ... don't you think? 

PS. A huge thanks for the heads up to +Perry Timms who shared the link earlier on across on Twitter mentioning he commented on the article, which he did and his response is worth while taking a look into as well, in terms of what alternatives there are out there and how can folks start challenging some of the perceptions as to why we need to re-think the purpose of how we use email at work and when not (i.e. alternatives). Definitely, worth while a look! 

#noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #deathtoemail   #collaboration   #change   #pkm   #knowledgesharing   #repurposeemail   #socbiz   #openbiz  
We know you might have come to this via a news bulletin, but nevertheless, read on. It is now 43 years since the first ever email was sent. The technology that is now part of our day-to-day lives has moved on remarkably in this time and has completely transformed how we interact in both our ...
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Great thoughts, +Bill French, and surely love the notion of collaborative agility :) Yes, senior employees may well set the enterprise compass headings, but I suspect that if those don't conform pretty much with the vast majority of the workforce, i.e. those younger generations, it wouldn't take too long before they themselves could reproduce the knowledge needed, just enough, to get the job done and move along ostracising those who couldn't just adapt fast and well enough. I am not saying there won't be an opportunity to become more open, flexible, and adapt accordingly. That's going to be there. What I suspect is going to happen is that younger generations will be outpacing senior ones if the latter keep resisting what seems to be inevitable at this stage: we are moving forward at a completely different pace than whatever we have done before and a shift in behaviours and mindset will be needed. All along along the lines of what you hinted towards the end of the comment in terms of that collaborative agility. Something tells me it won't be email this time around the one sticking up for much longer :)

+Marie-Louise Collard Another set of great comments, along the lines with the ability of younger generations to be able to adapt much more effectively and efficiently to the environment they are moving in than perhaps other generations, but I think it's going to be their ability to connect and network they breathe in that's going to be the key differentiator, regardless, indeed, the social tools they may be using in 5, 10 or 15 years from now :) hehe
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'Life Without eMail' Slack Group Finally Kicks Off!

It's been a good while since I last posted an entry over here in this community, but after I am just done with another experiment around going #noemail  as an independent freelancer (More on it soon!), I think it's now a good time to come back and become more active again, don't you think? Yes, I know, it's about time! Oh, and I have got some exciting news for everyone! :)

I am currently working on a blog post to explain in plenty more detail what has happened in the last couple of years of Life Without eMail (I know you have all been wondering what I have been up to with it … hehe), including that 1 year long experiment I have just completed where I still went #noemail   as an independent advisor / freelancer that I referenced above and that marked my 7th anniversary since I first got things started with it, but today I’m excited to share over here how a bunch of folks and yours truly have just kicked off a team space in Slack where the main focus of is on #noemail   itself and how we can help other practitioners break free from the email yoke once and for all. 

At this point in time I am pretty sure everyone knows about Slack and how it’s taken the business world by storm in terms of how it’s helping improve the way people communicate, share their knowledge and collaborate with one another. So we have set up that particular space and we would like to open up the space for folks in this community to come and join us and have a play with it as well. 

In case you are wondering, in that #noemail   space we are currently discussing, sharing, conversing and talking about our very own experiences of having lived without email over time, what we have learned, hints & tips, methodologies, inhibitors, show stoppers, success stories, resources, know-how and whatever else comes along than we can then share with the larger community over here over time. 

So if you an active advocate AND practitioner of #noemail  at your own workplace and would want to join a bunch of enthusiastic ambassadors on breaking free from the email yoke, would you want to go ahead and join us, please? ;-) 

PS. And here’s the irony of it all, in order for me to invite folks into the Slack team space I’d need your email address (as a universal identifier) :-O Yes, I know, I know, some times we have got to go through these growing pains for the change to take place hehe Thus, if you are interested in joining us on that #noemail   Slack space contact me privately through DM over here in G+ or on Twitter at @elsua and I will add you right away. 

Please do let me know if you would have any additional questions, comments or feedback that you would want to share across before jumping the shark should you want to go ahead and join us :-)

P.S.S. Ohhh, doh! I completely forgot about this one! If you would rather prefer to share your email address to add you into the #noemail  Slack space you can contact me as well through Hangouts (Chat) and share it along. Instant access awaits you :) 

#noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #lifewithoutemail   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #change  
The collaboration toolwhich rose from the ashes of an unsuccessful gameis still expanding at a torrid pace.
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Not sure that I have a way to DM you, so... if you would, please add on Slack. Thanks!
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Chief Emergineer & People Enabler, Living A Life Without eMail (#lawwe -

Luis Suarez is a Chief Emergineer and People Enabler. A well seasoned Social / Open Business evangelist and 2.0 practitioner with over 15 years of experience on knowledge management, collaboration, learning, online communities and social networking for business, and has been living, since February 2008, a work life without email challenging the status quo of how knowledge workers collaborate and share their knowledge by promoting openness, transparency, trust, sustainable growth, engagement, connectedness and overall smart work. 

He currently blogs over at and tweets over at @elsua

Bragging rights
Living a Life Without eMail since February 2008 and still going as strong as ever. Ask me how I can help you reduce your current email clutter by 80% in *only* 5 weeks :)
Chief Emergineer & People Enabler
I help enable people work smarter, not necessarily harder through open knowledge sharing, collaboration, online communities, learning and social networks
  • IBM
    Lead Social Business Enabler, 2013 - 2014
  • IBM
    Social Business Evangelist, 2007 - 2013
  • IBM
    Knowledge Manager, Community Builder & Social Computing Evangelist, 2001 - 2007
  • IBM
    Customer Service Representative, 1997 - 2001
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Gran Canaria