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Is eMail Dead? 

That's probably a rather provocative heading on its own for that article, but how far is it from reality? Today's reality. Would you say that email is dead? 

Probably not. Not yet, at least. I know for me it isn't. Not yet anyway. After 7 years of #noemail  I still get a few emails per week (Almost 5 per week at the moment), so while you could say it's almost dead for me, I still have some of them come along. 

The interesting thing from the article though, is this particular quote that I found mind-boggling, to a certain extent, and you will see why shortly: 

'Research conducted by University of Loughborough in 2011 showed that it takes an average of 64 seconds for an individual to recover their thoughts after being distracted by an email. From this, the research estimated that email, a resource that is widely regarded as 'free', actually costs companies between £5,000 and £10,000 per employee per year in reduced productivity.'

Whoahhh! Not sure what you folks would think, but I am thinking myself that if I were running a company of say several hundreds or thousands of employees I would be doing, right now, a quick math as to how much $$$ I am losing in productivity hours from my employee workforce. Let's repeat that number: 'between £5,000 and £10,000 per employee per year'

If that's not a reason to question and challenge the current status quo of email at the workplace I don't know what is, really! How much longer before we all collectively realise that email is no longer the powerhouse it once was in terms of working effectively in a complex environment of multiple project teams, scattered across different geos, in multiple timezones, with multiple social tools more open and collaborative than email ever was? 

How much more money do businesses need to lose down the drain to realise the damage email is creating upon your own value add / worth. Yes, email may well not be dead just yet, but it surely is costing all businesses out there sheer lots of money just preparing for the funeral, because that's what we seem to be working on at the moment. 

Time to wake and shake it off and start Thinking Outside the Inbox methinks ... don't you think? 

PS. A huge thanks for the heads up to +Perry Timms who shared the link earlier on across on Twitter mentioning he commented on the article, which he did and his response is worth while taking a look into as well, in terms of what alternatives there are out there and how can folks start challenging some of the perceptions as to why we need to re-think the purpose of how we use email at work and when not (i.e. alternatives). Definitely, worth while a look! 

#noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #deathtoemail   #collaboration   #change   #pkm   #knowledgesharing   #repurposeemail   #socbiz   #openbiz  
We know you might have come to this via a news bulletin, but nevertheless, read on. It is now 43 years since the first ever email was sent. The technology that is now part of our day-to-day lives has moved on remarkably in this time and has completely transformed how we interact in both our ...
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Great thoughts, +Bill French, and surely love the notion of collaborative agility :) Yes, senior employees may well set the enterprise compass headings, but I suspect that if those don't conform pretty much with the vast majority of the workforce, i.e. those younger generations, it wouldn't take too long before they themselves could reproduce the knowledge needed, just enough, to get the job done and move along ostracising those who couldn't just adapt fast and well enough. I am not saying there won't be an opportunity to become more open, flexible, and adapt accordingly. That's going to be there. What I suspect is going to happen is that younger generations will be outpacing senior ones if the latter keep resisting what seems to be inevitable at this stage: we are moving forward at a completely different pace than whatever we have done before and a shift in behaviours and mindset will be needed. All along along the lines of what you hinted towards the end of the comment in terms of that collaborative agility. Something tells me it won't be email this time around the one sticking up for much longer :)

+Marie-Louise Collard Another set of great comments, along the lines with the ability of younger generations to be able to adapt much more effectively and efficiently to the environment they are moving in than perhaps other generations, but I think it's going to be their ability to connect and network they breathe in that's going to be the key differentiator, regardless, indeed, the social tools they may be using in 5, 10 or 15 years from now :) hehe
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'Life Without eMail' Slack Group Finally Kicks Off!

It's been a good while since I last posted an entry over here in this community, but after I am just done with another experiment around going #noemail  as an independent freelancer (More on it soon!), I think it's now a good time to come back and become more active again, don't you think? Yes, I know, it's about time! Oh, and I have got some exciting news for everyone! :)

I am currently working on a blog post to explain in plenty more detail what has happened in the last couple of years of Life Without eMail (I know you have all been wondering what I have been up to with it … hehe), including that 1 year long experiment I have just completed where I still went #noemail   as an independent advisor / freelancer that I referenced above and that marked my 7th anniversary since I first got things started with it, but today I’m excited to share over here how a bunch of folks and yours truly have just kicked off a team space in Slack where the main focus of is on #noemail   itself and how we can help other practitioners break free from the email yoke once and for all. 

At this point in time I am pretty sure everyone knows about Slack and how it’s taken the business world by storm in terms of how it’s helping improve the way people communicate, share their knowledge and collaborate with one another. So we have set up that particular space and we would like to open up the space for folks in this community to come and join us and have a play with it as well. 

In case you are wondering, in that #noemail   space we are currently discussing, sharing, conversing and talking about our very own experiences of having lived without email over time, what we have learned, hints & tips, methodologies, inhibitors, show stoppers, success stories, resources, know-how and whatever else comes along than we can then share with the larger community over here over time. 

So if you an active advocate AND practitioner of #noemail  at your own workplace and would want to join a bunch of enthusiastic ambassadors on breaking free from the email yoke, would you want to go ahead and join us, please? ;-) 

PS. And here’s the irony of it all, in order for me to invite folks into the Slack team space I’d need your email address (as a universal identifier) :-O Yes, I know, I know, some times we have got to go through these growing pains for the change to take place hehe Thus, if you are interested in joining us on that #noemail   Slack space contact me privately through DM over here in G+ or on Twitter at @elsua and I will add you right away. 

Please do let me know if you would have any additional questions, comments or feedback that you would want to share across before jumping the shark should you want to go ahead and join us :-)

P.S.S. Ohhh, doh! I completely forgot about this one! If you would rather prefer to share your email address to add you into the #noemail  Slack space you can contact me as well through Hangouts (Chat) and share it along. Instant access awaits you :) 

#noemail   #lawwe   #outsidetheinbox   #lifewithoutemail   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #socbiz   #openbiz   #transformation   #change  
The collaboration toolwhich rose from the ashes of an unsuccessful gameis still expanding at a torrid pace.
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+Bill French No problem, Bill! I have just added you into the Slack space and by the time you read this short confirmation you will already have it in your Inbox. No rush in joining, whenever you are ready and find some free time from your client meetings. Again, thrilled to see you joining us and look forward to further conversations! :)
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#Movistar Killed the Web Star 

There used to be a time where I frankly thought we were living in a more networked and hyper-connected world than ever before, where work happens everywhere, anywhere, whenever, and where the Internet connection was just as pervasive as it probably could get. Till I recently discovered the horrifying experience of what an ISP can do to you AND your business, when they have the monopoly of telecommunications. 

November 2014 I moved to a new home in Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria, and it took me 2.5 months (mid-January 2015) to have Internet back at my home office, just because my ISP figured I would not need it as an independent advisor on Social Business & Digital Transformation, because, you know, I do not live off the Internet. Well, how wrong!

I do live off the Internet. It's where I work with my clients remotely day in day out, so imagine how it must have felt knowing that your clients were waiting for you to show up in their collaboration spaces and, yet, I couldn't, because I just couldn't get connected in a reliable manner. 

Here's the story of how as much as we think the Internet is available everywhere and with pretty decent speeds and all, and as pervasive as it can get, across devices, places, countries & regions, ISPs still call the shots and exercise their monopoly status to cut you off any which way they would please, because, you know, after all, you are just another customer of the millions they keep ripping off in exchange of, practically, no service but at a rather expensive cost. With no apology or compensation as part of the overall customer experience for the potential inconvenience caused.

And, in the mean time, what is the +European Union doing in order to help its European citizens thrive in the Digital Economy? Not much, apparently. And that's a very sad thing, if not too frustrating and disappointing altogether! 

#telefonica   #movistar   #movistarsucks   #vomistar   #spain   #telecommunications   #internetconnection   #internet   #pervasive   #customerexperience   #customerservice   #customerserviceexcellence   #socbiz   #digitaltransformation   #remoteworking   #Europe   #DigitalEurope   #EuropeanCommission   #monopolies   #rippoff   #epicfail   #epicfail2015   #ISP   #telcom   #freelancing   #autonomosypmes  
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+Alberto Ruiz My goodness! Thanks for confirming what I think has been one of the main trends over the last 3 to 5 years, that is, that most of the countries coming along into the Digital Age, because they weren't there just yet, are fast pacing those so-called already connected countries with much much faster speeds at a lower price, resulting in being better connected helping their citizens thrive in the digital economy, while the rest of Western Europe just lags behind. I share very similar experiences as you shared above when I travel into Central / Eastern Europe and when I go into the UK, France, Germany, NL, Spain, etc.

Still cannot get to comprehend why telcos keep insisting on abusing their customers with those ripoff prices for rather poor quality service when, if they would enable that digital workforce across the EU they would be the very first ones benefiting the most! Yet, they keep shooting themselves in both feet by losing massive rounds of revenue. Really sad how the +European Union just doesn't get their act together to address this huge issue as more and more knowledge WEB workers continue to work remotely away from the traditional office and 9-5 schedules. You would have expected they would have been able to do plenty more than just lovely words of a Digital Europe with very very little substance. 

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Focusing on What Matters: Purpose, Meaning and Effectiveness

And today's #mustread  goes to this absolutely brilliant article by Henry Mintzberg on "What could possibly be wrong with "efficiency"? Plenty" where he makes a pretty comprehensive case as to why Efficiency should not be the very first thing businesses should be striking for. But more those of finding a good purpose and true meaning. Here's my favourite quote from the article I can relate to: 

"A restaurant is efficient.

Did you think about speed of service? Most people do. Few think about the quality of the food. Is that the way you chose your restaurants?"

One of my all time favourite restaurants in London for DIM SUM is hugely efficient to the point of taking customer service into a different level of rudeness and impoliteness. Yet, the DIM SUM is one of the best in Europe by far.

Now, do I go to that place to experience their efficiency on treating their customers poorly or do I keep going there time and time again because of the fantastic quality of the food served? 

The food, of course! 

"Because economic benefits are typically easier to measure than social benefits, efficiency drives us toward an economic mindset that can result in social degradation. In a nutshell, we are efficient when we eat fast food instead of good food."

#foodie   #efficiency   #productivity   #socbiz   #socialmedia   #socialbusiness   #purpose   #meaning   #effectiveness   #openbiz  
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For those folks who may be interested and who would have some free time, come and join us later on today at 14:30 UK time (15:30 CET) for this promising and rather interesting discussion panel on the state of UK's Social Business / Collaboration evolution.

Promises to be lots of great fun as we get to cover the recent round of interviews from the last #e20s  gathering you can find over here > 

Hope to see you all there! 

#e20s   #socbiz   #uk   #collaboration   #events   #panels   #conversations   #adoption   #enablement   #openbiz   #interviews   #digitalworkplace   #transformation  
Expert discussion panel on the state of UK's social business/collaboration evolution.

The panel discusses the answers of the following interview series:

Confirmed speaker:
- David Terrar, Agile Elephant
- Alan Patrick, Agile Elephant
- Virpi Oinonen, Author of Internal Social Networks The Smart Way
- Anne McCrossan
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Kongress Media. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#e20s Expert Talk: Review of the Interview Series - State of UK's Social Biz/Collaboration Evolution
Fri, October 10, 2014, 10:30 AM
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How much sleep do you really need?

Well, according to some recent piece of research conducted over 7 years for 3,760 people, more hours than we think and probably do nowadays! I'm not going to spoil it for you what the magic number is, but I can tell you that it looks like I have missed the optimal target myself by 18 minutes! Not too bad, I guess...

Guess I will have to go with a power nap in the afternoon to make up for those 18 minutes, don't you think? :-D

#sleep   #healthyliving   #healthytips   #productivity   #health   #researchstudy  
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+Esther Amor ROFL! You can say that twice! Indeed, children, those little, adorable creatures who surely help you understand the dynamics of what little sleep can do you as a habit builds up! hahaha Good point, Esther! :-P 
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Luis Suarez

Shared publicly  - 
Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode II of the bi-weekly 'Life Without eMail' vodcasting series with co-hosts Claire Burge and Luis Suarez. 

In today's vodcasting episode we will be talking about 'eMail - What's Wrong With It?' where both Claire and Luis will highlight several of the main reasons as to why email is broken as an effective and efficient knowledge sharing, collaboration and communications tool in today's more complex working environment than ever. Yes, it may well be still the number #1 productivity tool everyone uses, but is it the most effective to help you get your work done? If not, why not? How much of a drain is it for your daily workload? 

We know you all have got plenty of pretty good ideas as to what's wrong and utterly broken in email, and how we (ab)use it, so if you care to join us live on today's vodcast we look forward to seeing everyone at 16:00 UK time (11:00 am EST). 

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share with us what's bugging you about email and how you use it for your daily work. Come and join us! It will be fun!

The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the 'Life Without eMail' movement will be #noemail  

Let’s go! Let’s do it! :-D
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Luis Suarez. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Life Without eMail - Episode II - What's Wrong with eMail? #noemail
Thu, February 26, 11:00 AM
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Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode II of the 'Life Without eMail' ( #noemail  ) vodcast. We will be getting started in about 15 minutes from now ... Glad you could join us! :-D 
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Managing to Lead 

Henry Mintzberg has probably managed to put together a superb article to reconcile what may not have been possible to reconcile, specially, over the course of the last decade: management vs. leadership

At a time where everyone is starting to question hierarchy for its lack of leadership and at a time where leadership perhaps may well not cut it, Henry has written what may well be one of the Top 3 articles of the year (And we are still in February!). 

My favourite quote from the article by far is this one: 

'We need to recognize that some of the best leadership is management practiced well, also that anyone with ideas and initiative can exercise leadership'

The challenge perhaps is how do we move into that so-called nirvana of engaging management with the right dose of heroic leadership without overdoing it. Maybe that's the challenge we need to break through to move into the 21st century, once and for all. Don't you think? 

#management   #leadership   #wirearchy   #hierarchy   #networks   #socialnetworking   #socialcomputing   #socbiz   #openbiz   #collaboration   #learning   #teal   #adaptation   #transformation   #change  
Managing to Lead. 19 February 2015. Last week I proposed just enough leadership, for the sake of enhancing communityship. This week I propose an end to the belief that leadership is separate from management, and superior to it. This is damaging management all right, but leadership more so.
Mario Sailer's profile photoJohn Kellden's profile photoLuis Suarez's profile photo
+John Kellden Indeed, which is why your comments just shared above reminded me of a blog post I put together on situational leadership® in the context of Open Business > that helped me understand how leadership can develop in today's many complex realities whether at work or in our society in general. Two years later, the blog post is just as accurate as ever, and perhaps a signal of what's to come soon enough in terms of identifying the key role we all play in becoming our very own leaders :) 
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2014, The Year That Was 

It's been a while since I have last shared a public post over here in G+, so better get my act together again, just in case folks may be wondering whether I'm still active over here or not :-P

I surely am, but lately, it's all going through some google plus circles, private messaging and Hangouts (On Air, too!). Guess it's now a good time to go public again then! 

It's going to be a bit complicated to explain all of what's been going on with yours truly over the course of the last few months, but on February 3rd 2015 I just celebrated my 1st anniversary as a free man, i.e. an independent advisor around #SocBiz  and #digitaltransformation  (after having worked at IBM for over 17 years) and to that extent at the end of December I put together this (longish) blog post where I explain what I have been up to and what I will be up to during the course of 2015. 

My blogging mojo is now back, too! As well as that well long postponed side project of finally re-designing both my blog and a Web site I'm working on. Never mind client work, business travelling and a bunch of other projects that are now slowly coming back to life, including my public resurgence over here as well :-D hehe 

Let's go! Let's do it! 

#backtoplus   #backtowork   #reflections   #musings   #anniversary   #freelancing   #advisoryservices   #independent   #freeman   #work  
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+Ger Clancy hehe Yeah, indeed, things have been a bit quiet over here, but glad I'm now over with that hiatus and back into the full swing of participating in the public conversations. Hope you are doing well as well, my friend. We should catch up soon as well! It's been too long and would love to know what you have been up to! Did you finally move to Spain? ;-) hehe 
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Luis Suarez

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For all of those #foodie  fans... here's a short video clip (About 10 minutes) that will make you drool to no end... and back! 

On our #bucketlist , don't you think? 

#food   #experiences   #diverxo   #foodie   #videos   #eating  
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For those folks who may have missed the Google Plus Hangout On Air I had the privilege of co-hosting with +Luis Benitez and +Simon Vaughan a few days ago and on the topic of Social Business Adoption & Enablement, Digital Transformation and IBM Connections, here's a chance to take a look into the replay.

Please do let us know whether you'd like to see some more coming along... We hope you enjoy it just as much as we did recording it :) 

Thanks ever so much +Luis Benitez for the kind invite! Way too cool!

#googleplus   #hangouts   #hangoutsonair   #socbiz   #connections   #ibmconnections   #soccnx   #collaboration   #knowledgesharing   #socialcomputing   #socialnetworking   #adoption   #enablement   #learning   #events  
Replay: A conversation with +Luis Suarez and +Simon Vaughan  on social, mobile, cloud and #IBMConnections  . Check it out!
Replay of the Google Hangout on Air with Luis Suarez (@elsua) and Simon Vaughan (@simplys1mon) where we talk about IBM Connections, the market-leading enterprise social collaboration platform, mobile, cloud, adoption, and more.
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"We're Here for the Long Haul"

I guess, after all, this is what I was looking for all along in terms of defining my own engagement with Google Plus. To quote David Desbris

"I don’t think of it as an end game, I think we’re in social — like we’re in everything at Google — for the long haul. We said this at the beginning of the company, we make long-term bets, we make long-term decisions. Social is a whole aspect of computing, much like any other area you would imagine at Google. Behind every one of these screens is a user, it’s an actual person. People are social creatures, they want to share things, they want to learn from each other, they want to ask questions. That’s really important for us as a company how we can deliver on that."

Yes, I suppose I'm back in business ! Yay!

#onwardsandupwards   #googleplus   #longhaul   #commitment   #engagement   #socialmedia   #backtoplus  
Despite rumors that Google+ is on the decline, Besbris says Google has a long-term focus on social.
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