The Constitution:
It Does Not (supposedly) Only Limit The Government, It Limits Choice
The only way I can see #TheConstitution being viable (regardless of government aggression), is in its early years from the time of inception, where the people are passionate of such a doctrine, only because of their right to survival and freedom. If the people who grow old, who once fought for the document, die out, so will their children's beliefs of what the document was fought for in the first place and continuing through the generations. The people become indoctrinated either purposely or naturally through psychological experience (or lack there of). They don't understand the meaning and eventually are willing to throw it away.

This has happened to many countries in history, even in religion and we are seeing repeats of this across the world. It is the want for something more, even when, supposed, 'morality' is lost in this generation. This generation is growing it's resentment towards the government, rightfully so.

Blood must be shed in order to keep a Constitution, that is the inevitable truth. Blood is shed for the want of a government and not the want for freedom. That is not who we are, this is not who this generation is; we just want to live our life freely.

(I speak for myself, though it's been proven already that the millennial's resent government, especially this one)
In my belief, The Constitution is beyond irrelevant today, it served it's purpose at the beginning, though now we must fight for even more freedom, the freedom from government itself, not just one oppressive regime, but all of them. If the people naturally cared less of such a doctrine, then why continue to fight for it, and 'not something better?', is my question.

It failed because the people failed it, why? The people grew up from past generations' beliefs. This is the result, that even in The Constitution states that the government can manipulate the free market; If you manipulate the market, then you inevitably manipulate the people. That is the power granted in the Constitution as well; The Commerce Clause in conjunction with the Supremacy Clause, also with the Necessary and Proper Clause.

The Constitution is a document of manipulation of both the Government and The People.

I wonder as to why people believe The Constitution limits the government, it does not, ignorance is OK but to flat out claim that it restricts this government and not the people is rather silly if you've never actually read the document and understood it's clauses.

Today many things are a hot topic; Immigration, Drugs, Healthcare, etc. Looking at it from a pure economical point of view, we are being restricted by this government, going through many problems and decreasing our wealth which otherwise would not have happened if we allowed the free market to operate as it should. I am no 'patriot'.

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This was a comment on another post, and I believe it serves a purpose, with a mild reiteration.

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