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Luis Rosales
22, An anomaly of the world. Free market Libertarian - Bitcoin enthusiast, modern classical pianist, and political skeptic. #Bitcoin #AnCap
22, An anomaly of the world. Free market Libertarian - Bitcoin enthusiast, modern classical pianist, and political skeptic. #Bitcoin #AnCap

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Many Nuclear Power Plants Built On Global Fault Lines
It seems very odd that many of the world's nuclear power plants are actually built on or near active fault lines, which have been known to cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. I would have liked to think that many of these scientists, activists, and pro-nuclear energy advocates would have suggested to at least construct a nuclear power plant in more secure areas, especially due to many of the protests these nuclear power plants have already faced. I predict that as the earth's climate continues changing, that the fault lines will continue to move and adjust and have terrible ramifications for the future of these nuclear plants and nuclear reactors.

The recent major meltdown in Japan has already caused a panic about radiation being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, which now seems to be hushed down. The radiation from Fukushima, Japan has already reached the West Coast of the United States due to terrible planning by Nuclear Plant developers.

These are the real problems we need to face, this is no longer a hypothetical situation to ponder on with the cons of nuclear energy. We need to solve this problem and get the radiation in the Pacific Ocean under control.
#Japan #Fukushima #Nuclear #NuclearEnergy #NuclearPollution #Radiation #NuclearWar

What do you guys think about these nuclear power plants being built on or near fault lines?
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HUGE: SHA1 Encryption Algorithm Broken
Ramifications for bitcoin

It's important to stress that the cryptography underpinning the bitcoin network, which makes use of the more secure SHA256 algorithm, is not directly affected by the discovery,

But, besides enriching the mystery bounty recipient, the SHA1 collision vulnerability does pose a concern for the bitcoin development community, since its Git version control system uses SHA1 to generate the hash digest for commits.
#Bitcoin #SHA1 #Encryption #Technology #Security #Science

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Get Your First Bitcoin
People are still asking me how to earn Bitcoin... This is me sharing a few links to some sites that I use (I recently updated this and I do plan on expanding it with more information from trustworthy sites, use at your own risk of course).

Faucets give you a certain amount of satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin).

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin then head to their website:

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Bitcoin Broke A Record Today, Bitcoin $1200

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Soon im thinking about doing youtube videos for bitcoin trading (basically how to get started).

Just got a single wisdom tooth removed.... Hello drugs... 😂😂😂Jk... Just anesthetics 👌👌 lol 

Never bite the hand that feeds you, unless you want to be choked out...👌👌👌 #WednesdayWisdom

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Bitcoin Soars Above $1,100

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#Music is trending so i decided to reshare my #piano video!! I hope you enjoy!
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