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Weather is finally changing, a chance to take more pictures like these ones last year in Hide Park  London Aug 2013.

Luis Rivas Takeda

(Suspended 'till May) Prompt of the Week  - 
Life Bringer

Oh you, who is made of love
twinkling in the ice of the night

Oh you, who is made of courage
entering black holes with your light of hope

Oh you, who is made of time
space and matter are nothing without you

Oh you, who is made of  freedom
you leave and return endlessly like comets

Oh you, who is made of light
I hold the memory of you in my eyes

Oh you, who is made of an embrace
the earth opens its skies as you fertilize the land

Oh you, who is made of stardust

Copyright 2013 Luis Rivas Takeda
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+Marjorie Lacovic thank you :)
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Smile Today, Tomorrow you might be missing a tooth

Luis Rivas Takeda

(Suspended 'till May) Prompt of the Week  - 
This is my hand
buried in leaves
writing of hope

These are my eyes
coated in winter
like icicles, melting in light

This is my blood
like a spring river
cascading its pulse

This is my skin
tattooed with the sun
declaring your touch

And this is my soul
warring like the seasons
to make you a home

Like the sky making rainbows 
over black clouds

Copyright 2013 Luis Rivas Takeda
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+Dev Nischal Thanks, I do try and write beautiful stuff. I generally write conceptual poems using easy language for difficult concepts :)
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Luis Rivas Takeda

Introduce Yourself  - 
I joined the community a few days ago, but hadn't introduced myself so here goes:

Poet Blood

I write of mountains, 
of suns and far and faint stars,
of the link that binds the universe
to the wonder of Everyman.

The flowers that die 
find their eternity in my hands.

I pen the catch of my eyes,
a bird, undefined form and name,
that flies and soars into the sky.

I speak of the space between me and everyone, 
the heat that melts and the cold that bites,
the seismic furnace that sweeps 
my home aside.

I dance to the beat of stones
the song of my heart
and smash every cell on hard statues
of friends and lovers,
until they are soaked in the red of my passion.

The colour of the gods washes off
with water, clear or of mud.
So why does my heart pump
a fountain on the stone of sacrifice?

Copyright Luis Rivas Takeda
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+Jims Varkey Thanks for noticing, the bit I like best in this poem is the second stanza.
+Ilyanna Kreske Thank you and will read and have posted on the 'prompt of the week' :) 
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Have him in circles
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Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation)

Banned from simple dreams for the way light bounces off skin,
he became a weapon of humanity.

Moving through the world in his only freedom,
he flew like a thrown spear into the heart of Apartheid
bleeding it from a prison of its hatred until it was no more.

He spun dreams for the earth  like wheat stalks for sharing daily bread,
and made a simple cup of humility from which we could all partake
and savour a reality where all could be the same.

Forgiving as he went, smiling, shaking hands with all the shades of people's hearts, 
he left his kind eyes and words made from the true vision of poets and prophets. 

So let us be like children holding hands 
and cry the same  with water and salt and thanks.

Rest in peace Madiba

Copyright 2013 Luis Rivas Takeda

#Mandela   #madiba  

Luis Rivas Takeda

Shared publicly  - 
Unprompted pain

A single drop rolls,
stumbles 'head over heels'
down the window pane
and filters light.

I see a rainbow shining through it,
it pools in my eyes
and ceases falling.

The rain came and left,
with its thunder and lightning 
and wind scattering of leaves.

It left life giving sparkles
for the flowers in a cementery.

Everything is clear now,
there is no excuse for tears
when the whole world cries.

You left me the rain
and no choice
but to go on.

Copyright 2011 Luis Rivas Takeda

Luis Rivas Takeda

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Luis Rivas Takeda

People's Choice  - 
Love Hypothesis

Two are one,
can both be whole,
Integrate and unite?

The heart yearns, but why?
Even One is not the same as time goes by.
We are never what we were,
only in our dreams do we fall to the lie.

The fickle chance of life, destroys the balance,
that dreams that two are the same as one.
Probability cuts in, slashing the odds
of you and me ever becoming one.

Improbability divides and lays a line between us 
and leaves us feeling less than we are, 
creating a decimal point, that spins 
and unbalances our love.

But the hypothesis remains
and your hand in mine is 
the cosmic symmetry
that asks the question:

"Can you and I ever become one?"
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+Marjorie Lacovic yes, this will occupy lovers forever, or at least until the sun takes us back into its heart  :)
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Luis Rivas Takeda

(Suspended 'till May) Prompt of the Week  - 

Like a clock starved of time,
I turn back the years, one by one.
A time traveller seeking the food of regret,
where the hands of the heart play with the future
- unaware of how the past holds us in need.

My soul is filled with dreams that sustain me at night,
where a heart of sharing is made from breaking
what is whole into many moments of kindness.

In the sunset, there's the promise of a sunrise,
where clouds cover the horizon trying to keep the sun.

Heat is retained in the heart where we first get burnt
in the game of love.
And I awake to the morning cold.
And my palms imprint the window
where you left me with never ending dreams.

Suntan doesn't fade the white band on my third finger.
And memory doesn't gift you clean hands
where you built a prison of my heart.

Copyright 2013 Luis Rivas Takeda
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+Michael Stoneburner Thank you :)
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Have him in circles
234 people
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I try to be funny and witty and unique. So if you like what you read, quote me! haha

Given Time

The sea of colour
washes petals at your feet
and seeds your grey path 

Copyright 2013  Luis Rivas Takeda
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I can see the dark and I can see the light
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I miss the sunshine. I used to feel it wrapped around my shoulders like a child who sits happily amused on the couch with her favorite blank


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