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Luis Montes
Purveyor of fine Javascript
Purveyor of fine Javascript

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Web Bluetooth powered rover Nodebot using

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Web Bluetooth powered rover Nodebot using

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A Web Bluetooth API shim is now available in noble, the most popular Node.js BLE central module. It allows you to webpack/browserify noble without the need for a WebSocket server or other plugins.

Thank you +Luis Montes!
Your work is much appreciated.


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IoTDevFest Promo Video is ready (and is awesome!)

This 2 min video is a great recap of our event a few weeks ago. It was a great time, and it is fun to relive the memories.

Slides are posted:

Cameos in video from speakers: +Chris Matthieu, +Stewart Christie, +Greg Gorman, +Luis Montes, +Dave Smith, +Peter Heinrich, +Justin Ribeiro, and +jen tong.

Wouldn't happen without our awesome sponsors: +Google Developer Groups, +Google Developers Experts, +Octoblu, and Local Motors

Finally special thanks to +Sheldon McGee (for handling all the stuff), +James Cha (for being go to guy on "game day"), +Travis Buckner (for awesome Cactus logo, and much printing coordination), and finally +Patrik Matheson (for video and venue coordination), plus the army of volunteers who made the event a success.

#gde #gdg #iot

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Received my Chromebit yesterday. Pretty cool little device.

A couple things:

Would be awesome if ChromeOS had the ability to make the chromebook/chromebox/chromebit a cast receiver.
I've got the thing on a big tv, shouldn't I be able to cast to it instead of having another device plugged into yet another HDMI port to cast to?

$85 doesn't feel like the sweet spot for this. I dunno maybe 70 since I have to get a mouse and keyboard. Also it's more than twice as much as a chromecast and can't act as a target.

Yeah, I get that it's a PC. So is a raspberry Pi and those cost 35 bucks.

#chromeOS #chromebit

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Made another demo video of using

This time making web API requests as well as Peer-To-Peer networking.

#WebRTC   #PeerToPeer   #IoT  

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Quick demo of my new project -  a new Browser-based IoT platform.
No login required, and it's free to use. 
#IoT #ServiceWorker #WebRTC
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