Using Omnibox and the multiple search engines provided by Chrome, you can add a custom one for the ArchWiki (If it wasn't added automatically), just like the one in the picture bellow, with a nice and short keyword. In my case aw.

So now, each time I want to search something on the ArchWiki, I just go to the omnibox, type aw and then hit tab (or space) and the custom search engine switches temporarily to ArchWiki, allowing me to quickly search directly there and even takes me to the appropriate page if the term is accurate enough.

Now, I hope this gets Synced to the cloud with tho Chrome Sync feature and I'm completely happy.

For those of you that use Google Chrome, Chromium or something similar, I hope you find this useful.

// If you are wondering how the custom ArchWiki ended up in the top box, it's because I accidentally made it the default search engine.
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A couple things. One, I added the wiki search page but this didn't work for a search using aw as my keyword. I haven't played with all other possibilities. In fact I haven't done near all the cleanup and customization that you have. Second, how did I get so many other blogs and sites listed as other search engines? Damn!
Yeah, those are added automatically as you browse the Web. It irks me a little every now and then, so I do some clean up.
+Jim Scholfield you change that keyword to whatever you want it to be. If you click in the field next to the Arch Wiki entry where it says you can change that to aw or whatever you want and then it works.
I did that Shane but it still didn't work for me. I'll do some more research but that is what I expected.
My problem was OE. I had added the arch wiki search myself. I didn't have the address field right. I had gone to the page to search the wiki and copied the address. Instead it needed to be this,
Ah, that makes sense. In my case, it never comes as a surprise to me when OE turns out to be the cause of my woes. It often is :-)
Same here Shane. I know from my days in tech support that OE or the next simplest option is likely the culprit.
I remember those days as well +Jim Scholfield. Generally with a slight shudder. Did tech support for several ISPs back in the days when ISPs were still a relatively new thing and then later for iOS devices. Can you guess which one of those jobs I despised the most? 
Could you give me the whole url for the search engine of archwiki? What is after '%s' ? is what I have in my settings. Chrome should just add it for you when you visit and search it.
That's what I had that didn't work Shane. This is what I needed.

I noticed that /?q=%s followed many of the sites addresses.
Did you guys notice that this does sync to other instances of Chromium Chrome on other machines or partitions? That makes this an even better tip in my mind.
Did you guys notice that you're both wearing hats ? :D
Hadn't thought of that Paul. I can say this for myself. That hat is my sun shade for hikes in cool weather, not hot or cold, just spring and fall. May not look so great but it works very well. And I need that when like in that picture I'm at around 14,000 feet.
I'm just a hat whore. Always have one hat or another, no matter what the season or occasion.
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