Talking about independence is talking about freedom. The different educational contexts in which we are differently inmersed are based in a set of conventions as rules, cheats, timetables, moods for teaching/learning and a lot of stuff related to coercion. So what is the mood to stimulate rhizome growth and consequently develop a higher competence in self-learning and surfing in the virtual learning environments?

I sketched a little map two or three days ago. In this scheme, I wanted to reflect the issues that I consider more important in this search of independence for our students whatever their skills be. This territory to grow includes:

a. Places. We need spaces to flow or just to stay. We need shared and personal spaces, and we need interconnection between them. A classroom is a poor space to explain, e.g., how is a flea market. A concert hall is better to share musical emotions than a computer room. Besides, there are interesting spaces to create, share and roam such as silence, free speech, listening... Have you ever visited in an absolutely silent way (hello, Miles) without any previous plan?

Yes. This is rhizomatic learning and a little trick to experiment with your students.
But only the a. of the creating-independent-students-cheating-thursday-project.

see you later.

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