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I wrote about #testing persistence on Android.

How do you guys do it? I'd love to read your comments!


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Just published at #materialdoc (.com & .es) AutocompleteTextView - #androiddev

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Just published my first contribution to #MaterialDoc :)

A new post about Search Views is now available at

English  ->
Spanish ->

 #androiddev #material #tutorial
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Search filter

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#AndroidStudio     Tip of the day

Prevent ADB logcat window to open automatically every time you launch your app:

- Open: Run > Edit Configurations...
- Select Miscellaneous tab
- Untick Show logcat automatically

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Declutter your Android Studio:
- View / Enter Distraction Free Mode
- ⌘+1 to bring project tree back

Enjoy minimal UI!

... and to keep on navigating like a pro:
- Bring back tool buttons: ⌘⌘ (hold)
- Execute actions: ⌘ + ⇧ + A
- Open file: ⌘ +⇧ + O

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Dog.apk isn't responding.

Do you want to close it?

Wait | OK
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My custom LayouManager is broken

Latest version of RecyclerView broke down my custom LayoutManager.
This is why:

- After updating one of the adapter elements you call notifyItemChanged()
- This goes to to the RecyclerView and internally it executes this line of code: 

mLayout.onItemsUpdated(RecyclerView.this, op.positionStart, op.itemCount, op.payload);

The problem is that this method signature is new. Previously it was:

public void onItemsUpdated(RecyclerView recyclerView, int positionStart, int itemCount)

This method is still in place, but the RecyclerView is not calling it for item updates anymore.

So, if you rely on onItemsUpdated method override to do some  in your custom layoutmanager, double check it is still working

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Android Studio Trick

ALT + SPACE over a method to show its implementation in a modal window
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