10 Great Resources To Find Top Business Mentors!
Business Resources

1. Score.org: It's one of the best organizations that offer free access to great and successful business mentors.

2. The Small Business Development Center: After Score this another great source of mentoring that you can get for free or low cost.

3. The Small Business Administration site: This is a massive site with a lot of great advice and tools, plus they can help you connect with a great mentor.

4. Trade Of Professional Associations: Excellent for a small business owners who are just starting out, plus this guide is full of resources for business in general.

6. General Services Administration: This government association have a mentor program, where top contractors are encourage to help small businesses.

7. LinkedIn: Yes if you use it and connect to the right people you can find a great mentor. Also, LinkedIn have a helping tool where entrepreneurs and professionals can ask business questions and their community answers, then you just need to pick the best answer.

8. Google Plus Business Communities: Not every G+ Community is great to find good mentors, and don't get WOW by the amount of members. Research each community and see if people are actually responding to other member's questions. Try to avoid communities design to only increase the authority and website traffic of the Owner and Moderators.
This one isn't bad: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111285810442781953487 

9. Local Business Association: Another great places are you local business association. Usually these organizations are non-profit, and their information can be found on your local city hall.

10. Local Chamber Of Commerce: This is another great place to find mentors and ask or help.

Any other place or website I missed?....

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