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31 Days Of Google Plus Pages Post Ideas To Increase Engagement And Virality!
Brand Pages Marketing & Engagement Challenge

Are you ready for the #googleplusengagement  challenge? I was thinking to share it as a very long post I wrote full of post ideas for G+ page owners to help you craft content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. But, after a little chat with my good friend and Google+ expert +Yifat Cohen from +G+GoTo Gal, she convinced me to share one idea per day so users can take each actionable tip and put it into practice right away.

So, we calling series the "31 Days G+ Engagement Challenge!" Starting today I gonna give you a small actionable tip you can use to produce a post for your #brandpages .

Who is this for?

This challenge is for local and small business owners who have little time to manage their #googlepluspages  and to produce or curate content to keep their audience #engage .

This #googlepluschallenge  only take a few minutes per day, so there is no excuse not to participate.

Make sure to use the hashtag #gplusengagement  so I can check your work and give you some points, and to help you get views by resharing your post to my stream. Remember that every post better be of High Quality to get a #reshare  from me.

Let's do this and have some fun creating content for your page! :o)

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The Challenge WINNER is +Carole Rigonalli. Read more:

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Great idea and just in time. I'll be watching and reading. Thx
+Luis Galarza Great series! I might jump on board but I have some catching up to do because you're already on day 6!

I do have a question though... I'm associated with several small businesses, but my clients don't really associate me with either of those brands, they interact directly with me. Your first few posts mention brand pages, but if I try to build all three brand pages I will spread myself too thin. Do you think the challenge can be adapted to use on my profile instead of a brand page? 
+Luis Galarza you should edit the post here and update it with all the links - like an Anchor post for a blog series. That way people can use this like a go-to index for all the posts in the series. 
That is a great idea +Dustin W. Stout, I was thinking about it this weekend beacuse I see this post get the most views. Thank you for the advice, I will do so right away.
+Luis Galarza when you say it gets the most views what do you mean? Are you able to see pageviews? Or do you mean something else by it?
+Luis Galarza  your change sounds very interesting and just the driving forces I need to get moving.  I am a late starter plus don’t actually have a page yet.  I am proposing launching one over the weekend and follow along your schedule.  I am own a community and am trying to pull together a blog and feel I could learn a lot for your challenge.  I hope you don’t mind me jumping in late.   Even if I am to late it sounds like a great way to learning a lot.
I already learned something just looking over day 2.  Saving your most important post for the last.  This is will be the up on your profile the longest and the first thing your audience will see when they come to your page. :)  Thank you +Luis Galarza 
The post have been updated with the latest tips. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.
I had to side line your challenge for a week or so +Luis Galarza in order to get my blog operational.  I will jump back in next week.  Too many oars in the water sometimes. :) 
I wish I would have spotted this a month ago. Perhaps next time! +Luis Galarza - I have the strangest question to ask you. I really like the special effect on your profile pic. Is that a photoshop filter or  ? Would you be so kind as to share it with us? Thanks!
+Lori Rowland you still have time to enter the challenge if you decide to do so. About the my cover, I had a few people asking me about. My wife was the one that did it for me, I gonna ask her how she created it and post it here later or maybe tomorrow morning. :o)
+Luis Galarza Awesome & Thank You, please tell your wife she did an awesome job! I look forward to taking the challenge! 
You're welcome +Lori Rowland... I just added day 27th, just in case you are following the challenge. :)
3 more and the winner of the contest will be announced!
I'm aware that this post is from several months ago but I would like to take the challenge for the extra learning experience! 👍
That's great +Donna Hamilton ... wish you success and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about each part of the challenge.
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