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POLL Results: Do Social Signals Help Google Rankings?

Based on the #pollresults  below looks like most online marketing and SEO experts agree that social signals (tweets - likes - plus ones - shares - authority) does influence your website search ranking in Google.

In case the graphic isn't clear enough:

- 39.22% (60 votes) - said Yes!
- 42.48% (65 votes) - said No!
- 16.34% (25 votes) - disagreed.
- 1.96% (3 votes)    - answer 'other.'

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There is absolutely no doubt about it, Google now confirm that social interactions are included in calculations for SERPs.
I agree +Matt Alhaarth, but as you can see some people still believe social media have nothing to do with SEO. In the future social might become on of the top factors for better ranking, even bigger that what quality links are now.
I would advise anyone who wants to improve their SEO to put social at the top of their list and since Google are running the search engine show, there is no better place to start than Google+
I agree... Social and SEO are more that just brothers, they are becoming one when it comes to ranking!
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