Top 22 Ways To Use Google Plus To Build Your Small Business Brand!
G+ Marketing Tips

1. Have a complete about page and personal profile.

2. Find and circle people or pages relevant to your interests.

3. Start posting personal and quality information on both personal and G+ page. Here is a tutorial on creating engaging content for G+: 

4. Join G+ Communities relevant to your market.

5. Read the Communities rules before start posting in them.

6. Engage in conversation on post that catch your attention.

7. Also interact with other's posts with plus one and reshare community post when is appropriate.

8. Circle sharing: Curate Top Pages in a niche relevant to you, and then share that circle and add yourself only if you are in that niche.

9. Do the same with people, by finding and researching the best G+ users in a single niche. Remember, if you have nothing to do with that niche, do not add yourself.

10. Don't follow advice telling what's the best type of post format in #googleplus , first because there's not such a thing. It's better to focus on the quality and share content in different ways and formats. You don't want to bore your audience, don't you?

11. Even if I don't really follow any spelling or grammar rules, you should. Or at least make sure each post is clear enough.

12. Re-share some of your best old blog posts, but give it light with a new add on advice or opinion.

13. Don't add too many call to actions on your post. Less is better!

14. Ask people to subscribe to your G+ updates, this way you start creating a circle of readers for your daily content.

15. Make sure to have clear goals for your Google+ efforts, and a plan of action to help you achieve them.

*16. Say thank you to your new followers for following you, and to anyone that interacts with your content. Three great people who does this very well are +Carole Rigonalli, +Anna Phommatham and +John Paul Aguiar 

17. Remember to have a nice picture of yourself for your profile and one of your logo for your page. Nobody circles ghost looking profiles.

18. Add links to your other social profiles to take your connections outside G+, and keep making their stronger.

19. Use a blogger blog or your own blog to showcase your best G+ posts of the week or month. This way you increase your exposure on search and social networks.

20. Remember to optimize any original post you share directly on Google Plus, by sharing it on your other social profiles. This will help people outside G+ find your content, and find your profile or page here in the GPlusphere.

21. Make sure to increase your visibility in G+ search results by constantly sharing post relevant to your market, and using relevant hashtags to help more and more people find your content.

22. Use hangouts: Participate on others people's shows, create your own show, use it to create video content, to communicate with your friends, family and business colleagues, etc..

Great examples:

- +Yifat Cohen 
- +John Kellden 
- +Allison Maslan 
- +Daria Musk 
- +Ronnie Bincer 
- +Eric Enge 
- +Ray Hiltz 
- +Bill Gassett 

Another Resourceful Article

Excerpt: "Dr. Isaac Porter is using his Google Plus profile page to build his brand, one post at a time. "The whole key of it is just building my personal brand, our reputation, putting it out there when people are looking, if they see some of these signals, profiles online, it can help them trust us more," said Porter, 35, owner and practicing physician at Lowry Porter Ophthalmology in Raleigh.

A Google Plus user since early 2012, Porter also has Facebook and Twitter pages, but Google Plus is his business Relevant Products/Services and brand development headquarters.

Porter uses Google Plus Communities to discuss challenges and new procedures with other eye doctors and to learn about health care marketing Relevant Products/Services. He turns to Authorship to link his face and blue shirt and tie with his business results on a Google Search. And uses Hangouts to make videos, interview a patient in England, and talk to other experts across the U.S.

"One of the things that is good about Google Plus is every time you make a new post, that creates a new web page just for that post," he said. "And there's a possibility that that page itself will show up in Google Search results."

Google Plus is a social layer of Google that the company is weaving into all of its services"

Read more: 

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