The Huge Google Author-Rank Or Authorship Resources List!
Authorship Resources

Here is a list of great resources all about #googleauthorship  or #authorrank  and why is crucial for online marketers, content creators, journalists, and business owners. (Come back to check for updates)

Google Sites

1. Google’s Patent for Author Rank. 

2. Google Plus: Verify Authorship via email. 

3. Author Information in Search. 

4. Rich Snippet Verification Tool. 

5. Your Authorship Statistics. 

Useful Posts Here On Google+

6. Google Confirms Hidden Benefit Of Authorship: Bonus Links After A Back-Button Click. via +Thomas McMahon 

7. Google Author Rank And It's Impact On Content Marketing And Journalism! By me :) 

8. The Importance Of Google Author-Rank or Authorship In 2013! By me :)

9. Listen To This Cat... Author Rank Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Business Online! 

10. Author Rank: An In-Depth Examination by +AJ Kohn. via +Mark Traphagen

11. What Author Rank Factors You Should Know About! [Plus Resources] By me :)

12. Does Author Rank Affect Google Plus Business Pages? by +Jesse Wojdylo 

Video Tutorials

13. What is Author Rank? EXPLAINED By +Mark Traphagen 

14. Authorship markup By +Matt Cutts from #googlewebmastertools .

15. Authorship markup using URL parameters By +Matt Cutts 

16. The Power of Google Author Rank - with Mark Traphagen 

Other outside links:

17. Ultimate list of Google Authorship resources. 

I hope you found the post useful. Wish you all the best this year!

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