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Luis Galarza
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Attended Boston College
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Deep Look At The Social Sharing Power Of Google Plus!
Social Media Tips!

Excellent narrative that showcases the content exposure power that any business owner or marketer can get from the proper use of this lovely platform named Google+!

Thanks to +martin shervington 

#googleplustips   #socialmedia   #contentmarketing  
Why Google+ may deliver the best economic punch on the web! (NEW)
This is an awesome perspective on why Google+ is the place for many marketers...

Extract: "I recently wrote a book called The Content Code and for more than a year I dove deeply into the economic drivers of content and social media. Here’s a statistic that made me pause -- 83 percent of CMOs claim that SOCIAL SHARING is the primary benefit of social media marketing..."

Thank you so much +Mark Schaefer for putting this together, and guest blogging on PYB.
Perfectly timed ready for the #SMMW15  show too!

#GoogleforBusiness   #SocialSharing  
Have you considered 'social sharing' as the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing? If so, 83% of CMOs agree, and Google+ is built to share!
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I believe this +Mark Schaefer​. Thanks for sharing. 
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This is good news!

Time to tweet away!
Tweets in Google Search

They're are coming back in a big way

Early last month a deal was made to bring back Twitter Google search. Google will now have access to the Twitter “firehose” which will result in more tweets being found in Google search.These two had an agreement between 2009 and 2011 where Google had similar access. This deal should be good for both companies, but it should really benefit Twitter by bringing in non-users to the platform, and converting them to new users. Twitter Google SearchIf ...
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LinkedIn says that Twitter is coming back to Google. ;) 
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Luis Galarza

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Take A Chance!

Because you don't know how absilutely great something can turn out to be!

#quoteoftheday #inapirationalquote #lifetalks #lifelessons
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What's Your Cupid Name?

Choose the first letter of your first name and then the month you were born in.... Tell us your Cupid name. Mine is L - Sept! :o)

#cupid   #valentinesday   #lovegames   #forfun  
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Haha mine is classy sweet buns!! 
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Beginners Guide To Hangout On Air Event Notifications!
Top Google Plus Tips

Excellent tutorial put together by +Ronnie Bincer for +Plus Your Business! 

#hangoutsonair   #hoatips   #googleplustips   #eventtips  
A Guide to Hangout On Air Event Notifications
When we attend or host a Hangout on Air (HOA) Event there are many ways and reasons we get notifications about that HOA Event... this article helps you understand them a bit more.

The article also mentions that we will be having further discussions about HOA Events regarding Event Invitations, Notifications, Alerts and more in a HOA Event scheduled for Feb. 5, 2015. The video tied to that Event is included in this article, and if you want to attend the Event, here is the direct link:

Hope you like the article here and are able to come attend the live event to learn more about how you can control your own notifications or how to help others do the same. If you miss it live, you can always watch the replay on the article here or the event page referenced above.
=== ===
#HOAevents   #EventTips   #HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir  
Want to dive deeper into 'who will receive' what notifications for events? Well let Ronnie Bincer ring your bell!
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Due to a technical glitch Google had, we needed to change the event page location. I've updated it in the original post & on the blog post referenced here. If you'd like to access the event directly here is the link to the new event page:
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Inspirational Thoughts From My Good Friend +Daria Musk!


#dariamusk   #inspiration   #music  
Woh! It's the First Day of Spring, a solar eclipse, a supermoon and The International Day Of Happiness! That's a quad-awesome situation! We're little seeds ready to bloom together, so here's a hint of a my new song "Bloom"... 

This is the little "just getting started" demo track that closes out my special interactive sneak peek into my creative process that I shared last week! If you missed it go exploring inside my little songwriter brain with this dynamic crazycool project with this new thing called Sway:  

In fact, "Bloom" caught the attention of Microsoft (who build Sway) and they asked me to write a guest blog post for them about it! You can read it here: and I'll share some excerpts from it later tonight!

XO, Daria
Ps. Today also marks the first day that I'm back in action! I'm aliiiiive! Did you notice the radio silence? I've been a sneeze-monster stuck in bed for the entire week! It was the meanest, stubborn-est cold-fever-thing ever. Ugh. So happy to rejoin the land of the living! Woohoo!!!

#spring   #internationaldayofhappiness   #firstdayofspring   #supermoon   #solareclipse   #bloom   #music  
Bloom - Just getting started...
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Luis Galarza

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Luis Galarza

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Now that's a dead lift
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Luis Galarza

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Thanks to +Panah Rad 
3D Printable Robotic GlaDOS Ceiling Lamp

I like the idea :)
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Mobile And SEO Are Made For Each Other!

Excellent share by +Joshua Berg 

#seo   #mobileseo   #localsearch  
On Mobile-friendly Becoming a Search Ranking Factor on 4/21 - Q&A Hangout With Google's John Mueller

This morning's meeting with John Mueller has a trove of answers & recommendations regarding Google's big announcement that (, Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning more #mobilefriendly  sites in search results.

So here I've time stamped the Q&A's on this topic:
0:25   John announces mobile-friendliness is becoming a ranking factor.

0:55   Mobile-friendly by Default a presentation
          by John Mueller, Google Feb 27, 2015

9:22   If a site is not mobfr (my mobile-friendly abbr.) what are Google's suggestions.

10:50   Is mobfr ranking going to start immediately on announced date, or will it be a rollout over a period of time?

11:59   When you rollout the update, are nonmobile-friendly sites going to drop down, or will we still see these ranking in higher positions?

31:25   John's giggle that's fun to click replays. :D

Here I managed to squeeze in a few minutes for my own questions on the mobfr ranking changes (Yes, please excuse my cold. LOL.) :

44:40   Will mobile search results now become significantly different from regular search, or will this change affect all platforms?

45:24   Was there significant restructuring needed to separate mobile search results rankings from desktop search?

46:18  Will mobile search specifically be looking just to surface mobfr content, or will it also be looking to demote non-mobfr?

47:32   Are the factors listed in our WMT going to be the specific factors affecting our ranking, or is that just as a notification, something that operates entirely separately?

48:44   So it would be safe to assume the WMT data that we're seeing, is the content that is being used for that ranking?

49:33   Of the specific WMT ranking factors, which would you say are most important that they will more strongly affect these changes?

50:54   Will users reaction within mobile be playing strong on results?

51:50   from Mihai, is the affect mobile ranking factors give to mobfr websites simply black & white, or is it degrees, like depending on scores?

53:20   Would it be a problem if interstitials show up a minute, or so later, or do these have to be shown immediately?

56:53   On behalf of another user, I ask a question regarding an interesting search result [allegedly] seen on mobile, where certain mobile results are preceeded by a red Slow label. Here is that image   which appears to show Google experimenting with labeling slow loading results with a bold red tag.

#MobileFriendly   #GoogleSearch   #ResponsiveWebDesign  
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You're most welcome +Joshua Berg 
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Luis Galarza

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Circle of appreciation.
Thank you all for being a part of my life over the past year. It's been an incredible ride, living across three continents and pushing the projects forward with your support. Back in California once more I realise how far we have come together. Keep enjoying the waves, and have a great weekend, one and all.
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Local SEO, Internet Marketing, Mobile Advertising, SMS Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging
  • - Local Web Marketing Consultant - Local SEO - Google Plus Marketing - Mobile Marketing Specialist, Mobile App Development - Video SEO And Production - Lead Generation - Affiliate Sales, Email Marketing, Text & SMS - Active member on - Self Publisher and Author.
    Digital Business and Marketing Consultant, 1997 - present
  • Sears
    Sales Specialist, 1999 - 2000
  • Rent-A-Center
    Account Manager, 2000 - 2003
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Leominster, MA
Guayaquil, Ecuador - Fitchburg, MA - Guayaquil, Ecuador
Local SEO, Social Media Strategist and Google Plus Specialist at
Hi my name is Luis Galarza, I'm a local SEO, social media and digital marketing consultant in the city of Leominster Massachusetts, I help small and mid-size companies and entrepreneurs apply strategic local marketing methods to help them increase their customer base and revenue. I also advise new entrepreneurs on how to plan for a successful business start-up, how to promote the business, and how to grow their company to the level they desired.

Now I put my 22 years in business, 19 years in sales, and 17 years in Internet marketing to develop multiple income stream online not just for myself but for many other online entrepreneurs. You can read some of my Internet marketing on my main blog or my tips for beginners blog, where I provide for free on one of my blogs.

My mantra: Positive thinking is my way to anything!

My interests are:

- Web marketing.
- Business tips and news.
- Local SEO.
- Photography.
- Art.
- Inspirational posts.
- Music.
- Dancing.
- Technology.
- Everything Social Media.
- Humor, I like to laugh :o)

I been listed in the following lists of top Google+ Influencers:


To help you to best use Google Plus I created the following list of post where I share tips and tricks for users and small businesses to effectively use this amazing platform. I will be adding them soon:

In the News:

To your success,
Luis Galarza, Local Search Marketing and Social Media Strategist

For Consultations or Done-For-You Social Media, Local SEO and Digital Marketing Services Call: 978-425-1422

Get a Free Website Analysis and let we tell you how good you are doing online.

Or watch one of our 100 Customers in 100 Days Webinars to learn easy to implement strategies to increase your client base.

Local Marketing Voice
Social - Mobile - Web
507 Lancaster St..
Leominster, MA. 01453

Bragging rights
Have 6 beautiful kids, Local Marketing Strategy for Rent-a-Center , behind the marketing of Multi-million dollar companies and personalities like David Freeman, John Weisenberger, Alison Maslan, Business Rockstars, Akon, And many more!
  • Boston College
    Small Business Administration, 1997 - 2000
  • Mount Wachusett Community College
    Business & Marketing, 1996 - 1998
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I have to admit that I never thought on using a detailing service for my car, but with many kids, and such a busy life as a business consultant, sometime can become almost impossible to keep my car and the family car clean. This is why I'm so happy that I call the guys at American Mobile Detailing.. they are really masters on what they do, they turn my dirty ride into a brand new automobile again. Yep, they were that good. Also Jaime and everyone there are very nice and friendly, I couldn't recommend anyone else. Two thumbs!
• • •
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It was a pleasure to hire Steve and his team, they really know their stuff, and I safe a bunch because they didn't over price me!.... Well recommended!
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My kids love this place! You get to eat awesome home ice cream, do family activities, see farm animals, and even ride a hot air balloon!
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First you need to know that this is the only real full side Mexican restaurant in the area, which is excellent, the food is great, they serve a lot and the prices are fair, compare to others. Also don't forget to go on Sundays for a free mariachi show which is great for celebrations!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago