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I keep getting Unfortunately, OneNote has stopped on 5.1.1 Xperia Z Ultra. I tried the BETA with the same results. Any ideas?

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Any chance to add Altitude option and adjust the Dim mode brightness. I find it a bit too dim for my taste. Thanks

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Tamron 70-200mm with LAEA3 adapter on Sony A7ii go to the Zoo!

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Testing my new Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 (A009) with LAEA3

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Not the greatest quality but many friends like this one I just took at the zoo after fighting with the crowd and kids smearing the glass...its the best I could do. :D
He was really close to the glass and I was using the FD100mm F2.0 without a polarizer so considering all that, I think it turned out good enough.
Love my A7ii!

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I am really liking how this face looks with my strap. 
I edited some things (and still need to tinker with it a bit more) from the original kindly provided by Brad Sando!
LG R Dragon Face
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Is there ANY sports watch with a countdown timer like for Gym work outs? I see a lot of stopwatches but never a countdown option.

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Well I am going to forget about Wifi until it comes out to see how LG plays for now, my new face..interesting look and more updates to come according to the dev:

The new Android Wear update killed my watch!
I keep getting Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped. 
I cannot get the watch to Reset either.
Any ideas? :/
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