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Dear +HostGator: I know service shortages happens occasionally, but this is the 5th time in less than a year that we have to stop our work because our server (hosted with you) becomes inaccessible.
Can you, please, improve this so I, and the rest of the team, can do our jobs?
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Já tô me coçando pra usar o Java 8... Tive o mesmo sentimento quando saiu o Java 5 (cheguei a baixar uma versão demo do compilador de generics na época).
Agora é esperar suporte oficial do Eclipse...
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KDE Frameworks 5 and the future of KSplash:

Love it or hate it, Unity has set a new standard for boot up experience: The display manager shows your background, you type in your credentials and the contents warps into your desktop, with the same background.

In KDE, besides the boot process, we have the display manager, KSplash and the desktop. It is 3 things to hack if you want to match a theme. The problem is that KSplash, as it is now, lives in its own world, and has its own themes. Everything is fine as long as you stick with your distro's default themes. However, changing your background / theme results in a poor login experience, by showing something different on each boot step. If you want to customize, it involves editing the theme to point to the correct background. Nothing really friendly.

Are there any plans to improve KSplash, or, at least have an option which works like the old which allowed a seamless boot to the desktop? I think such a thing should be the default...

Is it planned? Or possible?
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"As for the too complex:  you have to change 3 settings: ksplash, kdm (or whatever you use) and lock screen. For most common themes  (e.g. air) there are themes for all 3"
That is EXACTLY the problem: for the default themes, ok. However, if you change the wallpaper, or plasma theme, the good old default wallpaper / theme are back on those....
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I didn't know this... Microsoft has finally realized they've screwed everything up with Internet Explorer and IE11 now reports itself as Firefox!!! Don't believe me? See
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Thanks +Aleix Pol and +Harald Sitter for being so effective in the bug fix I've reported in #Muon, at .
That's what I love in free software: a bug was bothering me for days, just took me a few minutes to report it and soon it was handled.
Congratulations, guys!
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Just curious: Is there some effort in KDE applications to improve support for multi-touch laptop screens? For example, proper gestures recognition in applications and in the workspace itself.
Are there plans?
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+Ty John Plasma active is aimed at tablets.
I was asking about a laptop with touch capabilities, i.e, I want the same desktop plasma, but with gesture support.
I understand this is not only related to plasma, but to applications as well...
I also hope kf5 will help, but was just asking if there are concrete plans.
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Acabei de testar o GNOME 3.10 no openSUSE (em uma VM) e... não gostei...
E é impressionante como tem gente que acha que vamos conseguir chegar a um único ambiente gráfico no mundo do Linux!!!
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Found a very nice command-line tool to run a command whenever some files changes: entr -

This example is nice:
ls *.md | entr +notify &
while read F; do
    markdown2html $F
done < notify

There's a debian package which works on Ubuntu:
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