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Not enough words to explain what I feel looking at this.

h/t: +Vishnu Suresh 
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I think it is Sunset captured by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2005.
LOL, you guys keep astounding me...

First Vishnu manages to find the source with a simple google search. Now Jakob tells us it's actually a sunset.

I was just overwhelmed that we puny humans managed to create a device capable to go to another planet take this picture and send it back. That was the reason I couldn't find the words to describe my feelings.

Thanks +Vishnu Suresh & +Jakob Wester for making much more sense out of this. :)
I didn't want to nit-pick. The picture is amazing because it is taken in another world and sent here. It gives me chills every time i see pictures from the surface of Mars. :)
I wasn't criticizing you. I am amazed how you managed to find out that it's a sunset rather than a sunrise. But you did, and it gives more value to the image. That's all. :)
Not many people actually stop to think about this picture.
But that is another planet's sunset.
Really cool, and soon there will be humans looking at it in person.
Who knows, maybe one day some of us will actually move there.
but how come there's a man standing on the right side on the horizon!!!

FOOLED YOU !!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy :-D
Watch.sun rise on mars. Hahahaaaaa
Its look very nice...
As long as we know that this was from another rover a long time ago and not Curiosity.
There will soon be better ones from curiosity.
More breathtaking than this one. In HD.
This is actually a sunset not sunrise.
tin laa
nature is more exquisite than HD..
Ok. Good, BUT.... what is the temperature looks like. HOT, VERY HOT, or Extremely HOT.
I think u r r8 @ john porter
+Michael JH there's not theirs.....if you are going to be a smart ass about things at least know how to write lol
hey w8 how can a man stand on the horizon?
i watched the sun go down like every 1 of us .i hopping that the dawn will bring a shine........!
Lou Lu
What the hell
When u find their fuel then its become heaven.
The sun looks so small compared to on Earth. I never gave it much thought that Mars' distance would impact the size this much.

Beautiful nonetheless.
Sunset, actually :-) still awesome though :-)
i'm very very exited to see  this sunrise
pretty :o unlike any other sunset ive ever seen
In fact, the NASA site describes the picture as "Sunset on Mars" (not sunrise)
now that is right out of this world.
nice we see slot of that light exposure n the southern hemiphere i.e kiwi land
So if Superman was living on Mars, he won't be as powerful as he is on Earth since he draws his from Sun. Right? 

Just a thought.
it is actually unbelievable wen u know its not special effects we're talking here
Cal vin
I feel like I'm looking a Nevada...
Wow, This is Mars? Might be habitable by man afterall...
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
This image is not new hotness from Curiosity--it was taken 7 years ago. NASA's description: "On May 19, 2005, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars." Which makes it  even more amazing, IMHO.
Humans will live there, inshallah
Thank you for this picture, I feel the same, maybe one day we can see in real
Just wondering but the NASA site says it was a "Sunset"?
To see the sunrise...on another world. Breathtaking.
Isn't this a scene from Star Wars: A New Hope?
lovely. soon i will buy a peace of land there. But who sells!
amazing shot, this little Rover is going to be causing some real excitement for us earthlings, loved the shots of the NASA guys celebrating a successful landing, now the fun begins :)
Roly V
One day we will be there, one day..
so how is the sunrise in earth?
the final picture of sunrise from Mars! :)
the is so cool the sun it so small then earth
so beautiful this is original beauti of nature
 It's just incredible that the Mars sunrise looks so different to what I and countless other science fiction TV and film producers thought it would. Without this we would have continued to believe the sunrise on Mars would be a baron orange rocky landscape with not much going on with the sun in the background. Money well spent!
that is before humans get their hands on the planet, no doubt :O
the  are  you  k now  that  hit  know that  be  now are you  and are you that  now that  love you
imagine you offer your dear life to such gamble game, what if the aliens are on that planet are cannibals
////is that really Planet Mars/// ((((wow)))
Sorry but is an sunset, not a sunrise, Martian atmosphere is tricky about colors. This image was captured on May 19, 2005, by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit.
Reminds me of Star Wars. Just need the 2nd sun
That's truly beautiful and is it just me or does the sun seem WAY farther away...............
Something's missing? Hmm... An ocean. :-)
'Not enough words to explain what I feel looking at this.' <-- thats what she said!
I can't belive it this is real sunrise on mars
Cool. Looks like Arizona/Nevada/New Mexico 
When I go to the website, and highlight the picture, it says Sunset on Mars
+Colen Thomas ... if we still rely on our planet by the time we should need a new one....... then we've failed as species.... not being able to move from type 0 to type 1 and then 2 civilizations will be the downfall 
Big fucking deal !! I swear you all idiots 
wow! Never thought I would see that. Keep exploring NASA!
What fuck you all saying wow for !! 
Great NIOD! The Sun is so small. Kinda makes one feel lucky to be only 93M miles from it.
If you want to get technical, every sunset is also a sunrise. It just depends on whether your perspective is self centered or not. I'm gonna go ahead and say "look, it's sunrise on the other side of Mars" cuz I'm just really that awesome :-P 
like a torch pointed upwards on white sheet.. neat..
At first glance, I thought I was looking at an image from the southwest somewhere. Unbelievable!!
That's really so beutiful. They should make it so people can go there on vacation or something that would be cool. 
Fuck NASA wasting and burning money in sky !! For what to see sand !! Sad 
it will be a nice warm -100 at mars today, better and our usual -130 
One small step for robots; one smaller step for the terraforming smog factories to come!
Oh yes, this planet WILL be mine (err...humans)! Muhahaha! 
What's that a picture of?
Total Recall Feelings
Its hard to imagine this picture is coming from a different planet! Amazing.
Contrary to the text overlay, this is a sunset on Mars, captured photographically, by the Spirit rover, on 2005.05.19.
The Earth is 150 million kilometers from the sun. Mars is 228 million kilometers. Very noticeable size difference!
Awesome, many thanks for sharing with us, have a wonderful day all. 
great photo, but on nasa site it's called Sunset on Mars!
Wait...this isn't new...its from spirit in March...
If you follow the link, and scroll down to read the text, this is a sunset, not a sunrise, taken by Spirit on May 19, 2005. I miss that rover, but she worked a lot longer than planned, and her sister rover Opportunity continues to work years past her planned mission.
+Samer Dawod  and anyone else who believes this project is such a ridiculous waste of money--

Funding for Curiosity: $2.5bn 
Estimated amount spent on political campaigns this year: $6bn.

The former has power to last over a decade. The latter will be repeated again in another four years.

Compared to other allocations of funding, I'd say the rover is a pretty good deal.
Sorry to sound dumb but is that the sun?
This picture is from 2005 . . . .people read.
i think it is not a sunset
Süper bir görüntü tebrikler...
as pretty as the Earth one
its seems something out of this world..oww really is..!!
WOW mean there is No skin Tanning it?
The feeling that is washing over me as I see this is incredible. Thank you my friend.
You can hear John Williams and London Symphony. Dune sea of Tatooine. Exciting times!!
The sun is so distant!
Jimmy B
I got tired of that other 'major news event' know, the 'O' word....almost immediately. Don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing pictures of an alien planet.
so precious,but it looks like a neuclere bomb frm far
That aint shit you need too look around you there's so much more right here
Amazing, I'm so excited, yet it also makes me so sad that I won't be around to see the full advances and discoveries we will make in the future:( Wish I could live forever!
The just seem a little bit more far than usual... !
Am I the only one that sees a scene from Star Wars?

It is the Sunset in 2005 from the Spirit Rover . . . the SECOND rover on Mars from the US.
This would be great as a .gif where a scary head pops up and scares the living daylights out of you.
Very few people are going to appreciate what this image means for us. I just wish I could say that in Morgan Freeman's voice...
so charming bt lit bit farful..........
WOW....Really superb.....n awesome...
How beautiful it is.... no words to explain the galaxy wonders... 
Sunset, sun's still an awesome view. What makes it incredible, is that it was taken thousands of miles away. Thanks for bringing it right to my Nexus 7...
hahaha Thats Arizona ! lolz
Its Sunset  NASA  says   anyways  thanks for sharing
Money could have been spent better on the earth... To help build infrastructure for poor countries to fend for themselves... Jus sayin
Human Being at its best.....Who will predict future?.......Above all is the humanity.
That's amazing! Do not show this to the double rainbow guy. 
that is just out of this world!!    ..oh. wait..           ha :P 
no its north pole this foto fucks
Is it possible for someone to see such beauty... wooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm... pretty cloudy, isn't it?
Its not the friking North Pole so shut it
woooooowwwwww,i cant believe my eyes...awesome
So beautiful!
I tell you what...this new rover on Mars is a bad ass! Great pic, keep'em coming!
Amaze! These word couldn't express how beautiful this is!
love it i feel warm-happy-drowsy when i look at it
As if we really have no other problems here on OUR little earth.
nice..snap.its really great for me to see it,thanks
wow i want one day to visit mars planet.
Just imagine if there was life on mars or something it would be scary to know we are not alone in the universe.
Astro=onishing. This must be the most beautiful view available to mankind.
When are they gonna check out that face on mars? To bad we couldnt send a satellite to sense whats under the ground there like they do here for oil exploration.
this showing the initial frame of earth ....there must be something same that attracting us to know it but life chances r not so much
add mars to earth's circle
Too bad it's not from Curiosity, could be HD.
it is peaceful picture , love it
Sunset captured by Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2005.
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